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We recently took a trip to Rome. We went through the Ciampino airport. This is the airport
most people will land at when they fly from within Europe and with budget airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet.
This airport is located about a 30 minute drive outside the center of Rome.
There are three common ways to reach the city
center (aka termini station)
The first is the shuttle bus, which was what
we used and what you see in this video. The price of our bus at the time was 3 euros and 90
however some of the other buses cost more. Expect to pay about five euros a person.
Be mindful that lines for the shuttle buses can be hectic and not all of the people line up
in queues so you may be cut in line a lot, therefore you may have to push your way onto the bus.
The second way you can reach the city center
is through subway. There is a station nearby called Casabianca. The subway costs 1 euro
50 and there are shuttle buses you can take to the subway station for about 1 euro.
This station is about two kilometers away from the airport, it is not recommended that you walk there.
The third way you can reach city center is
through taxi cab. There will be cab stands outside the airport. The set price from the airport
the city center is 30 euros, however when we tried to take the taxi back from
Rome to the airport, it cost us 45 euros. So be aware of cab drivers trying to scam you.
One last tip to note is that traffic in Rome
can be very busy, our bus ride that should have taken 30 minutes ended up taking 50 minutes
due to traffic. Please be aware of this when you travel.
We hope you enjoy Rome.
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Ciampino Airport to Rome City Center Guide - Travel Italy

332 Folder Collection
happinessfr published on September 26, 2016
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