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[Love O2O]
[Episode 12]
[Zhi Yi Technologies]
Is this your office?
Nobody is here today because it's Sunday.
Come on in.
Isn't this Yan Shi from "A Chinese Ghost Story"?
Come here.
- So this... - is my office.
Can you study in here?
Then I'll get started.
I've got some work to do as well.
It's so quiet in here.
A little too quiet for me to concentrate on my studies.
Master and I are the only people in here.
Wei Wei.
I want to show you something.
What is this?
These are the basic characters of our web game.
Your very own online game?
Feel free.
I really like this game.
But you've only seen the characters.
I know, but characters can tell you a lot about a game.
In order to attract more male players
the majority of online games
use female characters with extremely sexy costumes.
Some of them are unbearably revealing.
The reason I chose Heroine in Red
was because of her skills
as well as the fact that her costume was the least revealing.
But your game is different.
All of your female characters are dressed properly.
That means the game developer is fully confident in his game
and has a lot of respect for the game.
That's why he doesn't need to use cheap gimmicks to sell it.
Thanks for the compliment, the work is my pleasure.
He seems to be in a good mood.
Maybe he's flattered by my compliment.
So when is the trial run?
At the end of this year, at the very earliest.
I want a trial login.
Can I?
It will depend on our affection level at the time.
What did he just say?
I can't believe how strict he is.
No, the cat cannot have my tongue.
So how will you measure our affection level, then?
I'll develop a model for calculating it.
Oh, about Feng Teng's offer to buy the rights to our game story...
Why did you say that it's a little complicated?
Chances are that we're going to work with them to develop this online game.
At the same time, we'll also try to develop "New Ghost Story" with them.
"New Ghost Story"?
We haven't made any public announcements yet.
Since you already know them
why don't you take care of the game story project for me?
Wouldn't that be better?
Even though the story was posted in my name
you were the one who set it up for me.
Then let's not sell it to them.
If it doesn't work out with them, then we can keep it for ourselves.
Don't worry about it too much.
Just go ahead and sign it.
Okay, then I'll sign it.
The five of us can share the copyrighting money.
You don't have to share with Old Man Yu and the other guys.
But they're part of it too.
Just keep it for yourself.
Consider it their gift for meeting you for the first time.
I was going to ask him about his share too.
Just forget it.
What if he says consider it to be our wedding gift?
I was wondering why he kept standing there.
Because I took his seat.
This is from the "Chinese Ghost Story" limited edition mug set.
That's yours.
Are there other ones?
There are twenty characters in the game, so there should be twenty total, right?
Feng Teng gave me a complete set, but I only took these two.
Old Man Yu has the other ones.
Does that mean that he prepared this mug for me?
Did he know that I would come to his office one day?
Xiao Nai.
That day... how did you know it was me?
Xiao Nai?
Back in March, at Ji Zhi.
That internet cafe?
As I was leaving
I saw you battling someone.
So he actually knew who I was such a long time ago...
You played very well. You had really quick fingers.
I guess I got plenty of practice playing QC last year during the summer.
When I was a senior in high school.
Actually, my APM isn't that high.
I haven't even reached 150.
APM is only a frame of reference.
True, I guess that compared to APM, level of skill is more important.
What's your APM?
I never measured it.
The concept of APM didn't exist when I began to play online games.
APM didn't exist?
That must have been a long time ago.
I bet he'll look really hot while he's playing.
Let's have a one-on-one battle sometime.
But, my dear...
Please go easy on me.
If I didn't hear him wrong
he was about to call me "dear wife" just now.
I think I'm getting too carried away.
I better keep studying.
Since he already knew who I was
why didn't he say anything about it during the game?
We even bumped into one another in Archaeology.
Hang on.
I've been to his class as well, so you don't have to stick up for him.
That's right.
I actually sat next to you one time.
I know.
So that's what he meant when he said, "I know."
Wei Wei.
If you keep staring at me like this
I'm going to get embarrassed.
Good shot.
You have to be tough to survive in this world.
- I will stab you three times. - I will stab you five times.
Ball me!
Okay, okay, my turn!
Hao Mei will now take his place, come on.
- I got it. - Great shot.
- I'll get it myself. - Another shot.
- Give it to me... - Good shot!
What kind of friends are you?
First he dumped me to go on a date
and now you're ignoring me!
Is this your way of thanking me
for boosting our dorm's appearance points?
Catch and shoot.
Fine. I'll never give up.
Just wait!
Dear audience... Dear audience...
You're now watching the hottest soccer match in the world!
There is not one empty seat in sight.
The audience's passion has already drowned out Hao Mei!
Now Hao Mei's got the ball...
left foot, right foot
then, he suddenly slows down but goes past the opposition!
Look at his agility and quick footwork!
In the blink of an eye, he has already gone past eight other opposing players.
As he faces the goalkeeper
he takes his shot!
- Please enjoy. - Thank you.
I haven't made much progress at all this afternoon.
I better go back to the dorm as soon as I finish my lunch.
You want to take me on in a battle?
Do you feel any better now?
I can't believe you have the flu and gastroenteritis too.
If you want to get better, you'll have to medicate.
Here you go.
Thank goodness you're here.
The other two always go out on dates over the weekends.
I never see them around anymore.
Obviously you're my best friend...
Si Si, we'll just have to stick together from now on.
Exactly, you should still be happy, even when you're feeling sick.
Keep smiling, stay healthy.
Er Xi... a guy actually asked me to study with him...
So you'll have to stick together with the computer.
I have to go now.
Si Si!
You're so cruel!
Now I'm the only one left here.
Hang on.
I should find myself a soulmate too.
I'm sick.
I feel so uncomfortable and sad.
Hey, where are you? I'll come over.
I'm at the Lake of Joy in Jinling City.
Wait for me.
What a beautiful horse.
It's for you.
Really? That's great!
But you must have spent a fortune on this horse.
This gift is far too expensive.
This horse is very good at doing splits.
It has very long legs so it runs very fast.
I think it really suits you.
I love it.
Whether it runs fast or not
the most important thing is that you gave it to me.
You're such an actress.
Keep acting if you want to.
I'll never fall for your lies.
- Want to take a boat ride? - In here?
I didn't know we can take boat rides in the game.
I saw a few boats over there just now, so I think we can.
- I want two boats. - Sure, sir.
Do we need two boats? Can't we just go in one?
It'll be more fun with two boats.
I think you'd prefer it that way.
In other words, keeping a foot in both camps. Get it?
I know, we can have a boat race.
I don't think I'll be able to beat you...
Just kidding! Let's just go in one boat.
What kind of flower is that? It's beautiful.
I think it's called
a poplar blossom.
Why is it called that?
Do you... see the willows by the lake?
Their flowers already fell into the lake before they could blossom.
But they still didn't give up
and managed to blossom in the lake.
That's why they're called poplar blossoms.
That's so poetic.
Based on what you said
I feel like these must actually be some very tough flowers.
Flowers that have blossomed in the lake...
Somehow it has quite a flirtatious connotation to it too.
You're finally admitting it.
I used to think that the word "flirtatious" had a negative connotation.
But now I find it warm and encouraging.
Wei Guang.
You're always full of surprises.
I want to give you a gift too.
One that is very unique and precious
worthy to give you in return for your thoughtfulness.
Wei Wei, you're back just in time.
What's wrong?
Your face is really red. Do you have a fever?
No, I don't, I don't.
It's just the flu, but I already took some medicine for it.
Tell me.
If I want to give my friend a gift in the game...
something that's both unique and meaningful
what should I give him?
I was thinking the same exact thing.
You want to give Master a gift too?
Er Xi.
- Did you meet a guy-- - No, no, no! I'm not like you!
It's just that a friend has helped me out in the game
so I want to pay him back for it, that's all.
So what are you going to give to Master?
I want to make him something.
Make him something? Like what?
Didn't you know that you can make your own items in the game
and give those items your very own unique name?
I want to make him an item.
But I'm still missing two rare materials.
- You can do that? - Yeah.
But it takes a long time to make your own items.
So if you don't have the time, you may want to think of something else.
I'm going to go wash up.
Make your own item?
Men love revenge.
But I guess that's okay.
Yi Ran, where should we go for coffee?
- The same place? - Okay.
Yi Ran, why didn't you come back to the dorm last night?
You didn't drink the juice I bought you.
I won't be going back to the dorm for the time being.
Why not? I was under the impression that we've always gotten along quite well.
It's nothing.
Let's go.
Let me show you something.
It's about Xiao Nai and Bei Wei Wei.
I don't care about them! Let's go.
Fine, then. You'll regret it.
Here's my card.
- Hello, Mr. Liu. - Hello.
I understand our staff has already been in touch with you.
"The Musician and The Bandit", we want to use it as our official promo game story.
In addition, we want to incorporate your story into the existing online game.
I took a look at your video before I came here.
I really like it. Your work is very creative.
No wonder you got first place in the game story competition.
Thank you, Mr. Liu.
- What would you like, sir? - I'll have a coffee, please.
So how much would you like us to pay you, Ms. Bei?
How much are you willing to pay?
We would like to offer 20,000 yuan for three years of usage rights
which will also include the use of your originality.
I know that some rare guardian beasts have appeared in the game recently.
Is it okay to use guardian beasts
to replace the cash payment?
That's not a problem.
Can you tell me the quantity and quality of guardian beasts that you're after?
I'd like to have five top-grade rare guardian beasts.
Top-grade rare guardian beasts?
Please enjoy.
Ms. Bei. Five top-grade rare guardian beasts
will cost you a lot more than 20,000 yuan.
But it's nothing more than a number to you guys.
It's too much. I really don't think my boss would agree to it.
Then what should I do?
I really want to give them to my friend as a gift.
As you know, my friends and I...
we've already achieved very high levels in the game.
It's only a matter of time before we get those top-grade beasts anyway.
So... it's not really that big a deal, is it?
But if I give you five beasts in one shot
how can I explain that to the other players?
How about this?
I can give you some young guardian beasts.
Okay, I'll take them.
But I also want two other types of materials.
Wild white jade and nine-day quencher.
I don't think these two materials can be very easily-obtained.
Since you're so easygoing, let's just call it a deal.
Let me amend the contract and let you read through it.
Ms. Bei. If you're happy with the contract
let's just sign it.
I think it looks fine.
Thank you, Ms. Bei.
You'll have the items in your account at 8:00 p.m., the night after tomorrow.
I look forward to working with you. Goodbye.
- Look at all these people. - Let's make the most of it.
This is our last recruitment event before we graduate.
They're all huge corporations.
This will definitely be our last chance.
Yeah, we'll be leaving very soon.
That means all of these college couples will be breaking up too.
Luckily we'll be working close to one another after graduation.
I'm such a genius.
I started with an impossible offer
so that he would offer me an alternative.
I'll be able to give Master his graduation gift the day after tomorrow.
He's not online...
Neither is Old Man Yu or Drunk Monkey Hou.
But Mozarta is.
Wei Wei, hello.
Hi, Mr. Beauty.
Who told you my nickname? I'm 5'9".
I'm a tall and dark man.
Don't call me, "Beauty"!
Hao Mei didn't see you at the basketball the other day
so he's dying to meet you.
Hao Mei?
Hao Mei?
What a graceful name...
His mom dreamed about him being a girl at E-Mei Mountain
so she named him Hao Mei before he was born.
So Old Man Yu always calls him Mr. Beauty when he makes fun of him.
I can't say that Master was the one who told me.
But, I shouldn't lie either.
I know.
I saw Old Man Yu and Drunk Monkey Hou at a basketball game the other day.
How could you betray me?
How dare you spread rumors about me?
I just finished a real-life battle.
With Old Man Yu and Drunk Monkey Hou?
I beat them so badly that they were begging me to stop.
Don't worry, I didn't say it was you.
Senior, I actually think you're very lucky.
Since your name originated from E-Mei Mountain
if you weren't named Hao Mei
you could have been named Hao E instead.
Hao E...
That would sound so weird.
Would you really rather be called Hao Mei than Hao E?
After thinking about it for twenty years
I'd rather be called Hao Mountain.
Hao Mountain?
The only two materials missing
for the hairpin that I want to make, are wild white jade and nine-day quencher.
Once I receive them, I'll be able to get started on it.
Here you are, Wei Wei.
I thought you quit playing like Sleeping Butterfly did.
No, I've just been really busy with my exams.
Wei Wei, are you free now?
- What's up? - Help me kill Crone of the Netherworld.
I've failed twice already. Did you get past that stage?
I wonder when the game manager will send me the guardian beasts.
What if I'm in the middle of a game when he sends them?
How about after eight o'clock? I'm a little busy right now.
Okay, I'll wait for you.
Here you are, guardian beasts.
After I give them to Master and his friends
we'll be able to stand in one line with our beasts by our sides.
That will be quite a scene.
Mr. Beauty, quick.
I found a rare guardian beast.
Third Sister-in-law, how did you know this guardian beast suited my occupation?
I've always wanted it, but was never able to get it.
I'm so glad that I can share these with them.
Third Sister-in-law, where did you get this?
You're absolutely amazing.
The company that bought my game story gave it to me.
Every one of the characters in our story gets one.
They can't possibly be so generous that they give everyone a guardian beast.
You must have asked for it, right?
Just keep it to yourself and thank me in your heart.
I'm so touched.
Well done, Third Bro... well done, Third Bro!
He married you and we all benefit from it.
Third Sister-in-law, I need to report something to you.
Someone called our dorm today and told Third Bro that she likes him.
It's true.
I took the call, it was a girl.
But Third Bro rejected her already.
A confession of love?
Don't worry, Third Sister-in-law.
I'll never let Third Bro cheat on you.
Senior, don't worry.
It doesn't mean anything.
I can't remember the number of guys who have told me that they like me.
Mr. Beauty, why would you cause such a big fuss?
How can you put up with Old Man Yu when you're so vulnerable?
Third Sister-in-law...
Third Bro just walked past me.
Just when you said that lots of guys have told you that they like you.
You're lying. He said he was busy tonight so he wouldn't be logging on.
He just came home.
He's turning on his computer now.
Luckily, I logged off in time.
Hang on, why did I have to log off?
It was just a joke, wasn't it?
It's not like I did anything wrong.
I shouldn't lie.
I should be totally honest with him.
I lost internet for a second.
Third Bro, your wife is such a genius.
Thank you.
The campus internet connection can be pretty terrible at times.
Master's not going to remember what I just said forever, is he?
Wait, as the old saying goes
attack is the best form of defense.
I heard that someone called and told you that she likes you today.
Someone called and invited me to play the guzheng at the graduation ceremony.
Old Man Yu wants me to scratch his back for him, bye.
Mr. Beauty, how dare you give me false information?
Now what am I supposed to do?
Don't worry, my dear.
No girl has ever told me that she likes me.
It's okay if nobody has ever said that to you.
You don't really have to make it so clear to me.
He must be doing it on purpose.
Hang on.
Did he actually say that no girl has ever told him that she likes him?
I don't believe him.
I've seen it with my own two eyes.
When I was walking past our dorm earlier this semester
I saw a girl giving you a love letter.
That sort of rings a bell.
See? How could you say it never happened before?
That girl was just handing me a flyer.
You're kidding.
Would you give someone give me a love letter in the street?
Perhaps it's happened to you before.
You're certainly very popular.
No, it's actually quite annoying to have too many guys...
No, I mean it's the quality, not the quantity, that matters.
All you need is me.
Third Bro, are you leaving to call our Second Place School Beauty?
Did you see that?
He actually didn't deny it.
I can completely read his mind now.
- Don't you think I'm so smart? - Oh, please.
Third Bro's got the word "love" written all over his face.
That's what's weird about it.
Third Bro is usually cold as ice.
He never shows any emotion on his face.
Second Bro's right.
I shouldn't have said that.
I shouldn't have gotten smart with him like his friends do.
What do I say to him tomorrow?
Before Master comes to meet me tomorrow
I need to leave first.
- Hello? - It's me.
So you've... logged off as well?
The internet connection is very poor today
so I got disconnected too.
Master, do you really have to make fun of me all the time?
Wei Wei.
I'm very happy.
Is he happy because of what I said?
As for the game story contract...
I asked the game company to give me some guardian beasts.
Hao Mei already told me.
I asked for five beasts. I'll give you one later.
I chose a little tiger for myself.
Yours is also a little tiger.
But it'll be a different gender.
So we'll have to raise them and let them reproduce.
Maybe they'll give birth to more baby guardian beasts.
I'll ask my tiger and see if he wants to do that.
Mine will be the only female tiger in the entire game.
Why would he say no?
That makes sense.
I'm sure that he'll say yes.
Are you free now?
Can you log on and help my friend kill a monster?
All right, bye, bye.
Wei Wei, why did you log off?
I think I got disconnected.
I thought you stood me up.
Of course not, of course not, of course not.
Do you have room for my friend over there?
I haven't invited anyone, yet so you and your friend can come now.
I'm here, I just got rid of a group of spectators.
You mean Yi Xiao Nai He is going to help me kill the monster?
Playing with him is so much fun. Just let him tell you what to do.
I've never fought Crone of the Netherworld. Have you, Nai He?
- No. - Then let me check the website.
It's okay, just use a distant attack.
Come on, let's attack.
Okay, I'll gather some people from my guild.
Anyone want to kill Crone of the Netherworld?
Two spaces left, shooters welcome.
Two spaces? I'll come with Enchantress, wait for us.
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