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One, two, three...
What's up guys, it's Jeffrey, how you guys doing?
So, I don't know about you guys, but I'm the type of person that falls in love really easily.
I could be having a simple conversation with a girl, and then next thing you know, I look into her eyes and then...
Yeah you get the point.
I will be the worst within school years, I would fall in love with that girl cause she's beautiful, another girl cause she has a nice personality, another girl cause she has a nice personality, and she's beautiful, and then I get all confused.
But the main problem that I would have is that I will never feel secure enough, and have the guts to approach a special someone and express my feelings.
So before the school year starts, and before a lot of hearts are going to be broken again I'm gonna list out ten things that I personally wish my crush would knew about me, and guys in general because my friends would come over and we would cry about it...together.
Numer one. We guys tend to be really jealous .
If the girl I like compliments another guy or seems to have interest for another guy, I would probably think that I had no chance of getting her ever.
Number two. We really hated when our crushes start feeling insecure about their imperfections, all the little details like hair, nose, birthmarks, or teeth that girls can be insecure about.
We guys would actually categorize those things as the main things on why we actually like you.
Speaking of little details, there's nothing better than seeing our crushes smile back at us.
As mainly of you girls think we are... we are very sensitive.
When it doesn't work out with a girl who's just somebody we really care about , we guys could cry.
Oh finally, she replied!
I should have known.
Love you so much!
Guys really like it when a girl call us cute.
I once had a lot of pride that whenever a girl calls me cute, I think I'd be automatically friend zone.
I think it's because I would watch a lot of movies and whenever a girl is attracted to a guy I'd expect her to say...Oh my God! He is so hot!
And through time I understood that it's a way of saying that we guys are okay physically, and you guys like her personality in that moment.
After that whenever I talk to my crush, every ten seconds I would stare at your lips.
Because for the most parts I just wanna grab you and make out.
Not wrong.
Something about lips are very attractive.
Yay!Okay sorry.
After that, guys will feel very insecure when they don't have a lot of money.
We have this big ego that whenever we take a girl on a date we have to pay for their meal.
We feel very unconfident when we are not able to provide that to a girl.
Here's the receipt.
Thanks, hey I got you!
No no no, it's fine.
No no no, I got this ...
It's only four dollars.
I don't ...
Worse part in high school is that you didn't even have a car, let alone a driver's license, so I'm gonna have to ask my dad to drive me to our date.
Yep, those were the days.
Number seven. Guys constantly think of if you guys would like us for who we are.
It's not like all my friends change their personality for a girl.
Alright, so douchebag didn't really work yesterday.
You're my last hope, Beyonce.
Nice guys finish last.
Number eight. When my crush text me I never know what to say.
I usually have one or two friends in the background helping me out.
Guys I don't know she hasn't answer in five minutes.
Ding Ding Ding!
Don't know what to say.
Oh did you put a smiley face in the last text?
No I didn't.
Sent her a smiley face!
Oh!!!!!! - So smart - Sent - Someone's going on a date!
Oh My God she answered!
What did she say?
She said to never text her again.
Yeah we tried.
Oh who am I kidding you girls do that, too.
Speaking of texting, it's much easier when a girl texts us first.
Now I'm not gonna lie, I sometimes need to grow some balls and start the conversation first.
But between a chance of falling in love, a chance of rejection and losing this friendship, or avoiding all of this.
We guys just tend to just avoid everything.
We kinda leave that to point eight. If the girl shows interest to us first, it'd be so mush easier.
And last but not least, we guys just wish that you knew that we love you.
All we want to do is take care of you and make you happy.
So these are ten things that I personally wish my crushes knew when I had feelings for them...
Oh hey baby... just kidding I'm as single as it gets.
So that is it for this video. If you like it gives us a thumb up, name me one thing that you wish you are questioning about yourself, and if you wanna whine with me about being single, follow me on twitter,
I'm always complaining about my desperation.
Thank you so much for watching, this is JeffeyFever, and pressing the record botton.
Now, peace.
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10 Things Guys Wish Their Crush Knew

89933 Folder Collection
Angel Cheng published on July 12, 2017    Angel Cheng translated    Angel Cheng reviewed
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