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I'm speaking
about dreams.
I want to ask you about when
you were 17, what did your life
look like when you were 17?
What was your dream
at the age of 17?
Were you encouraged to dream,
or were you in an environment
where you'd be frowned upon
if you dared to stand out
and dream and live a big dream?
I want to encourage you to
dream and to dream big dreams.
I want to speak into your dream,
whatever it is
and in whatever area it is.
I want to speak into God's
purpose in your life, and I want
to encourage you to dream.
Joseph was 17 years old and God
gave him this incredible dream,
just 17 years old.
It was an outrageous dream.
His brothers didn't like it
at all.
The Scripture says they were
angry with him then it goes on
says he dreamed another dream
and they were even more angry
with him.
And a third time it says they
were angry with him even more.
In other words,
they didn't like his dream.
"Now Jacob dwelt," Genesis 37,
"in the land where his father
was a stranger,
in the land of Canaan.
This is the story
or the history of Jacob.
Joseph, being seventeen
years old, was feeding the flock
with his brothers.
And the lad was with the sons of
Bilhah and the sons of Zilpah,
his father's wives; and Joseph
brought a bad report of them
to his father.
Now Israel loved Joseph more
than all his children, because
he was the son of his old age.
Also he made him a," Technicolor
dream coat, the Scripture says.
But when his brothers," verse 4,
"saw that their father
loved Joseph more than all
his brothers, they hated him
and could not speak peaceably
to him.
Now Joseph had a dream,
and he told it to his brothers;
and here it is,
they hated him even more.
So he said to them, 'Please hear
this dream which I have dreamed:
There we were, binding sheaves
in the field.
Then behold, my sheaf arose,
stood upright; and indeed
your sheaves stood all around
and bowed down to my sheaf.'
And his brothers said to him,
'Shall you indeed reign over us?
Or shall you indeed
have dominion over us?'
So they hated him even more for
his dreams and for his words.
Then he dreamed still another
dream and told it to his
brothers, and said, 'Look,
I have dreamed another dream.
And this time, the sun, the
moon, and the eleven stars
bowed down to me.'
So he told it to his father
and his brothers; and his father
rebuked him and said to him,
'What is this dream
that you have dreamed?
Shall your mother and I and your
brothers indeed come to bow down
to the earth before you?'
And his brothers were filled
with envy, but his father
kept the matter in mind."
Joseph dared to dream.
I encourage everyone here to
dream a dream.
Do you know Proverbs 29,
verse 18 says that where there
is no vision, people perish?
So much God-given potential
perishes because of a lack
of a dream.
Other translations of the same
verse says, "Where there is
no vision, people cast off
restraint, they break out."
In the New Living Translation,
it talks about those who have
no vision and it says
the people run wild.
You build a family around
God-given vision and you watch
how, with vision in young
people's heart, it will keep
them on course with purpose,
it will give them the motivation
to make the sacrifices and
count the costs if you can just
instill vision, if you can just
instill dreams inside of them.
In Acts chapter 2, verse 17, it
actually quotes the Prophet Joel
from the Old Testament and it
talks about visions and dreams.
It talks about prophecy and
then it says "Your young men
shall see vision, your old men
shall dream dreams."
Young men see vision,
old men dream dreams.
I'm a visionary myself but can I
tell ya this seriously, fathers,
think about this for a moment,
when fathers lose sight of their
dream, they no longer will
instill vision in their sons
and their daughters.
If a father knows how to dream,
and to pursue that dream, and to
live out that dream, he will see
that he surrounds himself
with visionaries.
I would encourage every father
everywhere to live your life
no matter age you are, not just
settling down, drawing back,
going down the golf course and
hitting a million balls, you can
play golf if you want, but live
your life with a God-given dream
and watch how you will inspire
vision in the people
around and about you.
Well, three things about
dreamers, the first thing
is your dream will threaten
some people, and Joseph's
dream threatened a few people.
It seems that people
that threatened the most
were the ones who were
closest to him.
His father rebuked him
for dreaming but at least
the Scripture says his father
kept the matter of mind,
but his brothers hated him and
then increased that hate for him
and then finally more
increased that hate for him.
And the Bible says they were
filled with envy and your dream
may cause envy in people who
you love, people closest to you.
And to me, it's the saddest
thing that sometimes
the greatest opposition to your
dream doesn't come from people
on the periphery of your life,
it can come from your own
siblings, your own brothers and
sisters, the ones who you love
the most, the ones you would
love to see encouragement
from the most.
It can come from your peers,
those you grew up with, those
that you've done life with.
And you dare to stand up and
live your life with a dream,
something God's birthed in
your spirit and not everybody
is going to like it.
Your dream is gonna
threaten some people.
Second thing about dreamers is
dreamers never stop dreaming.
They keep dreaming new dreams.
You know, if you look at these
verses it says in Genesis
chapter 37, verse 9,
"Then Joseph dreamed still
another dream and told it to
his brothers, and said, 'Look,
I have dreamed another dream.
And this time, the sun,
moon, and the stars
have bowed down to me.'"
But firstly, it was like
he saw there was a crop
on the field
all bowing down to him.
It was a dream of leadership,
now he's gonna a step further
and he says, "I can see the sun,
the moon, and the eleven stars
all bowing down."
And you see,
he never stopped dreaming.
I want to encourage you
never stop dreaming.
Dreamers keep on dreaming.
When our church was 10 years
old, we're now 32 years old,
I sat at a desk 1 day
and I was inspired.
I felt, you know, I felt like I
wanted to write down what was in
me in terms of the dream for
our church, and it's the kind
of dream when you dream with
your eyes closed, not open.
I started to think about
the church that I see and slowly
I began to write it down,
the church that I see.
It talked about a church where
buildings would struggle
to contain the increase.
It talked a church where
the city and the nation
could not ignore it.
I talked about many other
things that relate to our church
now including television,
the influence of the worship,
the Hillsong International
Leadership College, and all
sorts of other things were there
but I have to tell you,
it was audacious.
It was almost embarrassing to
show people because the church
that we had right then, it was
a good church, it was a medium
church, it was kind of growing,
it was a healthy church, but it
looked nothing like what
I put on that paper
but I dared to dream.
And, you know, by God's grace
anyone who knows that church
that I see, would be able to see
in many ways today it's more
like a description of the church
than we have than a church that
is a dream for the future,
and I tell you that only by
the grace of God.
But dreamers keep dreaming
new dreams so when our church
reached 30 years old,
went through exactly the same
exercise and wrote at the top of
the paper the church that
I now see.
And it took time again and began
to be just as audacious, just as
outrageous, just as stretching,
just as almost embarrassing
to show people as I wrote down
the church that I now see.
And I have to tell you, it's
grand, and it's big, and it's
a long way from the church that
we actually have, but I have
learned in life that God causes
dreams to come true, and I have
learned in life the importance
of never stop dreaming.
Anyone, anyone who loses
their vision for the future will
always return to their past
and that's why you should
never stop dreaming.
Listen, you can't have
a dream too big.
Of course, people will tell you
it's stupid, of course, it's
almost embarrassing, of course,
circumstances will discourage
you and life itself will say you
can't do that, and you will feel
like you haven't got the gift,
or the talent, or the resource,
or people who've come against
you, or perhaps
the circumstances themselves
are conspiring against you.
But I've learned never ever
to discourage people
in their dreams because I know
what God can do with a dream.
So, your dream will threaten
some people.
Dreamers keep dreaming,
not new dreams,
keep dreaming new dreams.
And the third thing is dreamers
understand other dreamers,
that's why it's good to come
along to a church that's filled
with vision, that's why it's
good to come to a church where
you are encouraged to dream, and
encouraged in your vision for
your own life because dreamers
understand other dreamers.
You get in an environment where
people don't dream and you'll
get lots of discouragement.
If you live in a family where
there's no vision, where there's
no dream, you'll get a whole lot
of discouragement.
But dreamers understand
other dreamers.
In Genesis chapter 40, verse 8,
Joseph, now, is in prison
and some of the other prisoners,
a butcher, a baker,
and a candlestick maker,
more or less, said to him,
"'We each have had a dream,
and there is
no interpreter of it.'
So Joseph said to them, 'Do not
interpretations belong to God?
Tell them to me, please.'"
You see, he was able,
through the Lord,
to interpret their dreams.
Dreamers understand
other dreamers.
Ultimately, it led
to the Pharaoh 'cause Pharaoh
had a dream
and he was vexed by it.
He didn't know
the interpretation, and those
who had already come in contact
with Joseph and seen how
he could interpret dreams
told the whole Pharaoh of Egypt,
and he was summonds,
and he was able to interpret
the Pharaoh's dream.
The end result was he was
launched into his own dream
because he became prime minister
over all of Egypt, the second
most prominent man in the nation
under the Pharaoh.
And what happened?
He had his brothers,
and his family, and everybody
else bowing down to him.
His dream came true.
Dreamers understand
other dreamers.
I'd encourage every young person
to build into your life young
people who dare to have dream,
who dare to have vision
in their lives because
you will understand each other.
You'll have people who won't
laugh at your dream.
You'll have people who won't try
to discourage you, and try
to put you down, and try to
tell you that you're too big
for yourself, and you need
to just come back down to size.
You'll have people who'll say,
"I think you can do it.
I just got a feeling
you can do it."
Well, three things you're gonna
need, three things Joseph needed
to see your dream come true.
You ready for them?
First thing you're gonna need
is the will to live.
Joseph needed the will to live
because there were plenty of
things trying to kill him,
and there were plenty of things
trying to kill his dream.
And if you want to live your
life a dreamer, you will need
the will to live because
there'll be many things lining
up to try to kill your dream.
And then secondly, dreamers need
the will to succeed and I'll
tell you why you need the will
to succeed, 'cause God's not
gonna give you a dream
of mediocrity.
He's not gonna give you a dream
to fail.
Listen to what the Scripture
says about Joseph.
Pharaoh said to him in
Genesis 41 verse, 40 to 43,
"'You shall be over my house,
and all my people shall
be ruled according to your word;
only in regard to the throne
will I be greater than you.'
And Pharaoh said to Joseph,
'See, I have set you over
all the land of Egypt.'
Then Pharaoh took his signet
ring off his hand and put it on
Joseph's hand; and he clothed
him in garments of fine linen
and put a gold chain
around his neck."
God gave a dream to succeed.
And the third thing that Joseph
needed was the will to serve,
the will to live, the will
to succeed, the will to serve.
And why'd he need the will
to serve?
Because every step of the way,
he was actually serving his
father when he went out to meet
his brothers and his brothers
beat him and left him in a pit.
He was serving when he became
a slave in Potiphar's house,
and he served faithfully
in that household.
He ended up serving in prison
by interpreting the dreams
of others.
Finally, when he became prime
minister over all of Egypt,
he served in a time of famine
because through good
stewardship, he had saved up in
the good years so that he had
provision in the difficult
years, and so he was serving his
city and his nation
even as a prime minister
over all the land.
Well, do you know the will
to live, most people have
the will to live,
it's just natural survival?
Most people have the will to
live and you're gonna need it
because, as I said,
there's always things lining up
to try to kill your dream
and discourage you in it.
Most people have the will to
live, I think a few less people
have the will to succeed,
and why would that be?
I think it's because many
people, they want success, what
want what someone else has, they
just don't want to know anything
about the price they paid
or the cost they have counted,
the sacrifices they have made.
A lot of people want success
until they find what success
actually costs,
then suddenly they don't
quite want it as much.
Now, you live to succeed
and you succeed to serve.
And if you have a dream and it's
a dream that's an audacious
dream, and you have the will
to live no matter what comes
against that dream and you have
the commitment to succeed,
'cause God will give you a dream
of success.
Success is a Bible word.
You can define success however
you like.
Maybe you define it different
than the world does but I can
tell you that about Joshua,
the Lord said first they're
giving him a massive dream
of all the land
that would come his way
and the Lord said to him, "You
will make your way prosperous,"
Joshua chapter 1, verse 8, "and
you will have good success."
Success is a Bible word and
if it's possible to have
good success, it must be
possible to have bad success.
And what do I think
bad success is?
I think bad success is when
it's all about me,
it's my dream.
But when you have the will
to live, the will to succeed,
and the will to serve, and you
understand that you are alive to
succeed and you're gonna succeed
to serve, I believe at that
point you become part of the 1%,
in other words a once in
a generation type person,
a person who has a story to tell
and a testimony to tell
that will cause other people
to sit up and take notice.
No matter what limitation you
have, no matter what inhibitions
you have, no matter what it is
that perhaps right now would
seem to impede your dream,
if God's put something deep down
in your spirit, if God's put
something deep down in here
about your life and about what
you would love do with your
life, or what you would like to
begin, what you would like to
start, for some maybe you dream
of being a professional athlete,
and do you know even that you're
gonna have to pay the price
as you know to be successful?
But if you allow that to be in
the service of King Jesus and
you live your life to the glory
of God and you use your gift and
your talent to glorify him,
then I believe you can be
part of the 1%.
Hey friends, the greatest gift
you have comes in the form of
God when it comes to your dream
and seeing your dream come true.
The greatest gift you have,
his name is the Holy Spirit.
And I'll tell you why he is your
best friend when he comes to
your dream is because
that's exactly the language
the Holy Spirit speaks.
Listen to it, in John
chapter 16, verse 13, the end
of the verse, speaking to
the Holy Spirit, "And he
will tell you things to come."
In Acts chapter 2, verse 17,
"And it shall come to pass in
the last days, says God, that
I will pour out of My Spirit
on all flesh; Your sons and
your daughters shall prophesy."
Prophecy is things not yet done.
It's all about the future.
"Your young men shall see
visions," visions, it's
all about what's not yet there.
"Your old men
shall dream dreams."
It's all about something
that doesn't exist yet.
The Holy Spirit, he understands,
that's why I would encourage you
to be a person of the spirit
when it comes to dreams.
Firstly, in terms of your
dreams, the Holy Spirit will
guide you and the Bible said he
will guide you into all truth.
John 16, it's a chapter
where Jesus is speaking about
the Holy Spirit
and in John 16, verse 13
Jesus said, "However, when He,
the Spirit of truth, has come,
He will guide you into all
truth; for He will not speak of
His own authority, but whatever
He hears He will speak; and He
will tell you things to come."
He will tell you things to come.
How do I know this isn't
just a big distraction?
How do I know this dream
is of God?
Listen to what Jesus said
'cause it's beautiful.
He said, "If a natural father,
his son asks him for bread,
an earthly father's not
gonna give him a stone.
How much more will your heavenly
Father give good things
to those who ask him?"
If you trust the Holy Spirit
and you ask for bread,
he's not gonna give you a stone.
He will guide you into all truth
and when we are unaware of it,
I believe the Holy Spirit
is guiding us.
I can see in 32 years of
pastoring the same church,
there's times when I thought
things should have been done one
way, but the Holy Spirit gently
was guiding, and pressing, and
pushing things in another way
and I can look back and say,
thank God for the Holy Spirit
'cause I would have gone that
way and it would have been
a completely mistake but
the Holy Spirit kept guiding me
into all truth.
So, stay close to
the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit will guide you
and I'll tell you what
the Holy Spirit does,
he convicts you
of what's right and wrong.
And so, another way he keeps you
on course with your dream
is he convicts you.
The Scripture is John 16,
verse 8 and it says here,
"When he," the Holy Spirit,
"has come, he will convict
the world of sin and of
righteousness, and of judgment."
In other words, he will show you
what is right and what is wrong.
He'll help you to make
the right judgments.
He'll keep you living
by your conviction because
the Holy Spirit convicts you.
He will convict you of what?
Of sin, of righteousness,
and judgment.
He will give you good judgment
and he will help give you, with
the right convictions, he will
guide you from right and wrong.
You will understand who
the right people to be around.
You'll understand the wrong
people because the Holy Spirit
will guide you.
And your dream is far too
precious, it is far too precious
to try to see it come true
without the power of
the Holy Spirit.
He will guide you,
he will convict you.
And look, I love this one,
the Holy Spirit is helping you.
He's called a helper.
I don't know how I can--
how could I ever, how could God
could ever do this?
"I mean how, how could it
ever--I got turned down by them.
I got turned down by these
people, and I'm not making any
I'm gonna have to go back to
my own state.
I'm gonna have to go back
because, you know, how could--"
And to just think the helper
he's called the helper, that
the helper is on your side.
In the Amplified Bible,
the actual Greek word for
helper is paraclete but it uses
all these other words.
It uses comforter, counselor,
helper, advocate, intercessor,
strengthener, standby.
Think about that.
Why would the Holy Spirit
be a comforter?
Why do you need a comforter
when it comes to your dream?
Because the life of a dreamer
can be a very lonely road.
I'll tell ya what else, you
wonder where you could ever find
the resource, find the power.
You shall receive power
when the Holy Ghost has
come upon you.
Acts chapter 1, verse 8,
"And you'll be witnessed unto me
in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria,
and to the uttermost parts
of the earth."
How powerful.
You shall receive what?
The Greek word's "dunamis."
An English example
would be dynamite.
We're talking about
explosive power.
The Holy Spirit literally
can explode
when it comes to your dream.
He can explode
when it comes to your dream.
He can cause it to become
your reality in Jesus' name.
And one of the most wonderful
things about the Holy Spirit
is he'll keep you relatable.
What's the point of having
a big dream that is totally
disconnected and unrelatable to
the world around and about you?
And I love this thought 'cause
a lot of people, they think
the Holy Spirit makes you weird
and some people, sadly,
the Holy Spirit
seems to make them weird,
but I think the Holy Spirit
actually makes you more
connected and more relatable.
And this is how I know it; in
Acts chapter 2, when in an upper
room 120 people were filled with
the Holy Spirit and they began
to speak other tongues.
It tells us in Acts chapter 2,
verse 11 that there were people
like Cretans and Arabs, and they
said, "We hear them speaking
in our own tongues the wonderful
works of God," not the miserable
works of God.
In other words, through
the Holy Spirit, they were able
to speak languages that could be
understood and what
they pointed to was
the marvelous works of God.
God will give you a dream and
your dream, it will point to
the marvelous works of God
and through the power
of the Holy Spirit,
and in that dream,
he can cause you to be relate
and connect to the world around
and about you so that you are
the right people, at the right
place, at the right time for God
to do all that he has put in
your heart to do in Jesus' name.
That's the power of
the Holy Spirit right there.
That is the power of
the Holy Spirit.
I'm gonna take a moment now, I'm
gonna pray over people's dreams.
If you've got a dream deep down
in your heart and maybe it's
been a little squashed by life,
a little diminished, a little
discouraged by others, but
you're gonna believe to see your
dream, a dream to see it live,
you can dream to see it succeed
and ultimately so that you
can serve, so you can make
a difference to the world
around and about you.
If that's you, stand
to your feet right now.
I want to pray over
that dream in Jesus' name.
Would you lift both hands
in the air?
Would you just close your eyes
for one moment?
Would you just think about maybe
that 17-year-old's dream.
Maybe now your dream's a little
more sophisticated, perhaps,
your dream has kind of changed
through now a relationship
with God.
But just think about what
God's birthed in your spirit.
Don't think of the obstacle.
Don't think of the difficulty.
Don't think of
the discouragement.
Don't think of the reasons why
not, just focus on the dream.
Focus on the dream.
Focus on the dream.
Lord, I just thank you, Lord,
for what you've done in Joseph's
life and the great example
it is to us.
And Lord, I speak in the dreams
all over this audience.
Father, wherever people can hear
my voice, I speak into their
dream, their God-given dream
and, Lord, even there on
television, I believe as people
dream, that you're the God
who can enable these dreams
to come true.
Lord, no matter what
has stood against it.
Father, no matter how audacious
the dream seems to be.
Lord, no matter what obstacles
may stand in the way, no matter
how weak, and vulnerable, and
incapable we feel, we thank
you for the Holy Spirit who is
our helper, our comforter,
our standby, our intercessor,
our strengthener, Lord,
who convicts us,
who gives us power, Lord,
who guides us, who helps us.
Father, we just thank you
for the Holy Spirit.
I speak into the dream of every
person here and I believe, Lord,
your will be done,
your kingdom come, on earth
as it already is in heaven.
We give you the praise.
We give you the glory.
In Jesus' name, amen.
Thanks so much
for joining me, Brian Houston
on "Hillsong Television."
Your support means so much to
us, and I believe this program
for God to have spoken to people
through it, and I pray
that you really receive
all that's been spoken.
I've been talking a lot
about "Live, Love, Lead,"
because I believe
passionately in this book.
I want to see it changing
the lives of people.
And I love the testimonies,
I love the stories.
Maybe send us an Instagram
of you in a situation reading
the book of tweet me about
how the book has impacted you
because I read those mentions
and you truly do encourage me
and maybe it can be used
to encourage other people.
Be blessed.
Don't forget it:
The best is yet to come.
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Hillsong TV // Your Dream Is Your Destiny with Brian Houston

618 Folder Collection
Ping Huang published on September 18, 2016
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