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- Congratulations after-- finally, eight nominations,
you finally win a Golden Globe.
It's about time.
[cheers and applause]
- Yeah.
- Now...
was it something that you just go,
"I'm going, but I'm not gonna win" or...?
- Well, you know, the first time you're nominated,
it's really rather incredible and kind of extraordinary,
and you go to the events.
And then the sixth time...
- [laughs]
- You go to the event and you get really, really drunk
at the bar backstage.
And that happened for the seventh one, as well.
- Uh-huh. - And I was beginning to think
that maybe the only way to win was to not show up.
- You were jinxing it? - Yeah, I was jinxing it.
- Yeah. - So, I actually thought
maybe I shouldn't show up,
but then everyone said, "No, you gotta go."
- Right. - So I went
and I was very surprised,
because I thought I was gonna be, I would be the Susan Lucci of Netflix.
- And yet you were not. You were not.
And it was about time. I mean, you're so good.
And, so, congratulations. - Thank you very much.
- So, Frank Underwood, this is a character that--
you know "House of Cards," right?
I assume everybody knows it.
[cheers and applause]
So, you play Frank Underwood--
- Not "underwear." "Underwood."
- I said "Underwood." - Sounded like "underwear."
- No, no, no. I--"Underwood," I know your--
- Okay, I'm just checking. - I'm a big fan.
But I loved that the initials were FU,
and I loved that you had cufflinks that say "FU."
- I do, yes, I do have cufflinks that say "FU," yes.
- They're the initials of the guy, so--
- Well, the original British series,
and in fact Michael Dobbs's books,
he was called Francis Urquhart.
- Mm-hmm. - Which we didn't think
translated well for the US,
so we chose Francis Underwood
specifically so we could keep the initials.
- Right. It's fantastic.
But now-- - And I get to, like,
write people letters on "FU" stationery.
That's really fun.
- Do you really have stationery?
That's great. - Yeah, I have stationery.
- So, do you-- is he based on someone?
'Cause everyone thinks there's someone he's based on.
- No, he's really actually based on Richard III--
Shakespeare's Richard III--
and Shakespeare's Iago.
He's kind of a combination.
Which is why he talks directly into the camera,
because Shakespeare invented what we call direct address.
- Mm-hmm, yeah, it's fantastic.
I love listening to Frank Underwear talk.
Um, so...
- So, you're just trying to sell your underwear, is that it?
- That's exactly what I'm doing.
- That's what I thought you were doing.
- It's subliminal.
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Kevin Spacey Talks 'House of Cards'

13669 Folder Collection
Mandy Lin published on September 26, 2016    Mandy Lin translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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