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In this experiment,
we're going to test just how absorbed these kids are with their devices.
I'm talking about that kid,
those kids there,
that kid,
and definitely him.
And, well, not her.
She's his mom.
So we're going to swap things about a bit.
Flowers first!
That's a safe starting point.
A family photo here is exchanged for a rubbish painting right behind him.
He still hasn't noticed.
Over to the other house now.
Who's coming in here wear as a viking?
And he puts a picture of a zebra on the wall.
Now this is a classic "mom swap", look at this, look at this!
Here's another one!
How long has she been crouched under there I wonder?
What do you think is gonna happen next?
Ohhh the sister's off.
Man comes in with a rubber tree.
He doesn't notice any of these things.
A new sister's arrived behind the football helmet.
This sister has legged it.
And here comes a little fella with a tiny tree.
The brother leaves,
and in comes a massive new brother!
We need something more radical to get this dinner back on track.
Let's disconnect the wifi with the Dolmio Pepper Hacker.
Hang on. Who's that?
Who's that fella?
Who are you!
Who are these people in my house?
I'll be back.
Yep. He's seen enough. And he's off.
I don't blame you, fella.
He's off as well. Sensible.
There you go.
Everyone's having a good old chuckle about it.
And now with the help of Dolmio,
the family can get around the table and enjoy dinner together.
And here's something these kids will never forget.
Family time is important.
Let's don't ruin it with tech!
The Dolmio Pepper Hacker.
Turns tech off and family dinnertime on.
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36188 Folder Collection
Colleen Jao published on October 14, 2016    Colleen Jao translated    Kiara reviewed
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