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"I haven't played a tournament yet, so it's a bit of a different preparation for the Australian
Open this year. But I'm confident if mentally I'm fresh, which I feel I am, and physically
I am fine, which I am too, that I will play a good Australian Open. I think it's an exciting
one. We had four different Grand Slam champions this last year and everybody seems in great
shape. There's not one you good say he's not playing so well except Rafa, who's obviously
not playing. But the rest all from five down to ten seem to playing well so I think it's
going to be an exciting one. Personally I hope I can play well there. I've never played
a poor Australian Open, so of course I'm hoping for a similar result down there."
"I do believe that Novak goes in as the favourite for this year's Australian Open after...did
he win the last couple of years or just the last year? I'm not sure, but he's won it maybe
two or three times already, plus he's won the World Tour Finals and he's played really
well on the hard courts this last year again. So he's probably been the best hard court
player over the last couple of years, even though Murray won the US Open. So I would
think it's fair to say, you would think if maybe he's playing his best, but then again,
the tournament is two weeks long, there's a lot things that could happpen."
"With Rafa not around, it's unfortunate, we would love to see him back you know, we were
all hoping he would come back, but it creates opportunities for other players. Especially
for five all the way down to thirty, we can say, even further down you know. because there
is one less guy who normally would run through ninety-percent of the guys. So it's an interesting
Australian Open and for me personally, if I'm second favourite or fourth favourite or
eighth or whatever it might be, it doesn't change much for me. I know if I am playing
well I can win tournaments and I want to put myself in contention at the biggest, most
important events that count, the once I've entered and I want to do well there. So that's
the case obviously now with the Australian Open."
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Roger Federer looks ahead to the Australian Open

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VoiceTube published on January 13, 2013
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