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all right vegetables inspection time.
as on it potatoes.
are you ears of corn listening mmmm!
Ready rabbishes!
i you're not rabbish ahh your an egg!
stay right here i'm going find your mother!
ohh dear! why do ly do!
okay Tigger start running!
ohh hi there is an really bustery day today.
Perfect for kite flying!
the Sleuthers siariny!
time to Quick flying and get Sleutherflying!
the oupher us already to opher us
say the Super-Sleuth ouph with us.
The Super-Sleuth are on the Case.
now let's find out what the proublem is?
Which one?
two flagger this That's a extra helper the mysterious with the sound of us stound the rythm.
you're right tigger?
there's a picture of Rabbit's Garden
and of the big Tree?
they must be two mystery to solved
But there's only one team of Super-Sleuth?
unless with split up somebody will have to solve the mystery all by them selves.
oohh ooh pick me pick me i can solverate on my long sem the mysteryfying is what tigger do best you know!
T.T of them
See you later Tigger!
chick! chick! oh dear cockadoodledoo emmmm chirp! chirp! a chirp! chirp!
why is Rabbit making bird noises?
pherharps for the same reason his sitting on her bird's nest?
Go ahead!
left all you want but I not moving no matter how redyciousless I look this Egg need's me!
What egg is that Rabbit?
why when i'm sitting on of course
it is about to hatch into a baby bird and is all alone
ohh noo!
why whatever is his mother?
that is precisely while i call you i can't look for him while i'm trying to keep this little egg warm!
don't worry Rabbit will find us egg's mama for yaa
come on Pooh
Hurry Pleaase!
that's very same tree it was flag on the flag
hellooo! did somebody call the Super-Sleuthers!
i got you sister don't worry this tigger delivers
up! up! and a Up some more!
alright now what seems to be the
ohh noo!
you're missing an egg!
ahh good thing reegg find nest is was tigger do best.
Back Soooon!
i know was find some egg your bird feeder Pooh I just hope one of them egg's mama?
okay now!
where eggxactly where I be looking for replacement to egg?
in an eastery basket!
hi there Pigleleeto!
ohh d d dear!
do suppose you gotta extra one of those a eastery eggs perchance?
of course tigger you can have a tribbleone you like
Good Answer!
whould you look at that ohh stripedy handsome just like me!
that chippers is gonna love this new one if is an better than egg she already has thanks and please youuu!
ohh d deeear!
here you go mama bird one great egg plus Super Duplex brand new egg
is emm?
emm you mean you want a to be like all another sisters?
ahh oooohh!
ohh that's the mystery is gonna be tuff until crack!
ohh no unfensen just exper sorry
there's no birds peck in the feeder today?
perharps there not feeling very peckish?
I wish we new around Rabbit's egg came from if you knew that we don't right where the find the mama bird?
we on to think on it on to we
now the time to Think-Think-Think
when you have a proublem Think-Think-Think
looking every cluth like a Super-Sleuth's do
as just Think-Think-Think
ohh bother is the wind again
exactly Pooh bear the wind its so strong today they must the blowing rabbit's egg out of mama bird's nest.
or of the very blustery thing to do.
Thanks Buster
so if you look for bird's nest and our missing eggs maybe will found the one Rabbit's egg came from?
come on!
here eggy eggy eggy here egg!
ehhh! so they heard something?
ohh dear already hhhit can't be?
my eeegg ahahhh is hatching ahahh!
Why Hello Tigger dear i'm bake the cookies are'nt Quide ready Yet?
That's okay i'm here the official Sleuthin Business I don't suppose to find a seen any eggs around have'nt you?
well I think I use amond the cookies
to picka I found it!
I mean a can I borrow this?
of course
but tigger his that's not a real egg is an egg Timer?
ta daaaa!
what do you mean is the egggies Than a ever thought
can you answer That?
alright back to the drawing board!
while you know this sleutherin stuff is a lot hard without darbody and Pooh boy?
ohooo why do i doo what do ly do! i never hatch today before? ahahh!
you'll see in nest yet pooh?
ahh nooo!
you'll see any bees?
silly ohh bear! we are on the case remember!
heey Tigger hows you're case going!
ohh why do you know darbodies grow on trees.
Rabbit's found the bird egg and were looking for his mama?
hahh wea're Quikiding i found the birdy mama and i'm looking for an egg?
its sounds like we have two diferent halphs of the same mystery
we just gotta bring Rabbit's egg to your bird?
or bring your bird to Rabbit's egg?
or even betterer do both!
meet you Long ears is T.T of them TA.TA. for now.
where's Rabbit?
and where is Rabbit's egg?
ohh hello Super Sleuth! you're just in time to meet Rabbit Junior!
ohhh its so cute!
ohh it looks just like you Rabbit
or without the ears or the whiskers or the flayling arms.
Thank You Pooh
lookout is a bird is a Plane or well is a bird.
of her here mama bird!
wowowowoo wait a minute!
is suppose of our mysteries were about missing egg then where is it and where to look paper come from?
from the egg of course as you see i am expert in hatching them.
well of course you are Rabbit.
ohh they grow up so fast Good-Bye Rabbit Junior!
ohh dear i'm sure going to miss the little feather face
ohh that do'nt turn on the waterwords Long ears I gotta another egg for your hatching of gate.
you do!
well of course it might be trickery it take care of thow is gonna of army?
ohh non-sense well I know all of about how to care bird eggs is just a is explany of patients and love
you can say play later Rabbit!
i'm not sure Tigger you're understand everything about the bird eggs yet?
well there is a good thing this mystery his history.
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My Friends Tigger and Pooh (Rabbit's Eggcellent Adventure) full

1661 Folder Collection
邱瑀庭 published on September 2, 2016
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