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The question is asked, how to throw a gyroball? The gyroball was invented basically in Japan
by the Japanese pitchers and brought to America in the major leagues. And basically it's a
combination of using your body at the same time that you use the throwing motion. The
ball is basically gripped in a fastball manner, but as you start your throwing motion, the
hips and the lower half of your body along with the core section of your body rotates
simultaneously with your arm, creating a gyro motion. And then the ball is thrown and released
much that way. Now the hand needs to be held back with the wrist in a cocked position during
the throwing of this ball, and then it is snapped down as the body rotates through.
Also the head needs to drop significantly at just at - just slightly after the point
of release. But you're using your body and perfecting the turning of the hips, the core
section, and the arm simultaneously as you've got your wrist in a cocked motion, it's very
difficult. And I would not recommend this for any players fourteen or under to even
try this pitch, because it can be very harmful to your arm, trying to learn this pitch. But
if you're older, you want to pick it up, that's some heads on how to throw a gyroball and
basically that's how the Japanese brought to the American game the gyro pitch.
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Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Throw a Gyroball

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葉大 谷翔平 published on September 2, 2016
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