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  • Hello, everyone! I am Vivian, today I'd like to tell you about my Grandpa, 大家好! 我是 Vivian, 我今天要演講的主題是: 我的爺爺

  • My Grandpa: 我的爺爺

  • My Grandpa was a very healthy man even when he was already 80 years old. 我的爺爺到80歲時身體還是很硬朗

  • I always felt very lucky to have the best grandpa in the world! 我總覺得我好幸運能有這麼棒的爺爺!

  • When we were small, he played with us and tought us to sing many songs. 爺爺在我小時候總陪我們一起玩, 還教我唱許多歌

  • I remember our favorite song was Night Life in Shaighai 我記得我們最愛的一首歌曲是: 夜上海

  • And my brother & I always begged Granda to play Hula Hoops with us. 我和我哥哥總是央求爺爺跟我們一起玩呼拉圈

  • It was soooo much fun! We had lots of good time together, 那可真好玩! 我們一起共渡了許多歡樂時光

  • and most of all 還有, 最重要的,

  • Whenever I saw him, he always have me a big heary smile. 每回我見著爺爺, 他總給我一個溫暖的大微笑!

  • On one cold evening, 在一個寒冷的冬夜

  • As usual, he took a walk after dinner to grap the evening newspaper. 如往常般, 飯後他散步去買份晚報,

  • As he crossed the street, 當他穿過馬路時,

  • a car rushed out of no where and hit my grandpa. 不知從哪衝出一輛車, 撞上了爺爺

  • He was in a very critical condition when he was sent to the hospital. 當他送到醫院時, 狀況相當危急

  • He was in a coma and he couldn't breathe on his own. 他陷入昏迷而且必須靠呼吸器呼吸

  • We didn't know the accident unil 事發後

  • few hours later 幾個小時

  • when a policemen came to my grandma 警察通知了奶奶

  • We were so shocked when we heard this horribe news! No one in my family believed 我們才震驚地得知這個慘痛的消息, 家中沒有人能置信

  • This would really happen to Grandpa! 這樣的事竟會發生在爺爺身上!

  • Everybody was so worried and we all rushed to the hospital. 大家憂心不已的匆忙趕到醫院,

  • I told myself that Granpa would be OK 我告訴自己爺爺會沒事的

  • Because he was a strong man! 因為他是個如此強壯的人!

  • Few days later, and let me tell you, I would never forget about that day 幾天後, 讓我告訴你, 我絕對忘不了那天的情景:

  • when my father told us about that our beloved grandpa didn't make it! 爸爸告訴我們爺爺沒能撐過, 走了 ~

  • My brother and I cried out sadly for days. 我跟我哥傷心的哭了好幾天

  • We were so heartbroken. 我們的心都碎了

  • It was very hard for me to accept that someone I knew and loved so much was no longer there! 一個深愛的至親就從此消失, 這對我太難接受了!

  • Isn't that so that people only died when they are getting super old? 不是要到很老很老人才會死嗎?

  • But Grandpa wasn't that old yet. 但爺爺還沒那麼老阿 ~

  • How could he possibly die? 他怎可能就這樣死了?

  • Where did he go? 他又去了哪裡?

  • If I had a chance to speak to my grandpa again 如果我有機會能跟爺爺再說上話

  • I would tell him how much I miss him, 我會告訴他我有多想他

  • How much Ilove him 還有我有多愛他

  • and I want him to come back 我希望他能再回來陪我們

  • to paly and sing with us, 一起玩, 一起唱歌....

  • Just like in the old time! 就像回到以前 ~

  • After this tragedy, I realized that many things 經歷過這次悲劇後, 我明白我以前

  • I have taken granted for are actually blessing from God. 覺得理所當然的事, 其實都是上帝的恩賜

  • I should cherish every moment I spent with my family and my friends 我應珍惜與家人朋友相處的時光

  • because no one and nothing are going to last forever. 因為所有的人跟事都不能天長地久

  • I would seize today and always feel grateful for all I have now. Thank you. 我應該保握每一天, 並永保持感恩的心, 謝謝 ~

Hello, everyone! I am Vivian, today I'd like to tell you about my Grandpa, 大家好! 我是 Vivian, 我今天要演講的主題是: 我的爺爺

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My Grandpa - Vivian's speech in 2012 - 小三英文演講比賽 - 賽前練習

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