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Hey guys! How's it going? It's Jeffrey. So umm...
I'm Chinese. Thank you. Thank you so much. Stop. Thank you so much. I'll see you next
week. Okay, bye bye!
Hey guys, so last week I met somebody new and a few moments later during our
conversation he asked me, -So Jeff, What are you? -I'm sorry? -Like, what's your people?
-I'm human? -I'm sorry I mean like, what's your...? -I'm Chinese.
-Oh ok. -Unfortunately, when I tell people that I'm Chinese, not many people are
that impressed because, I mean, let's face it. We're, I don't know, 1.4 billion on this planet?
It's not as if you said you were Italian. Buongiorno Bernadina pizza. Or Japanese.
or Korean.
However, I do respect people's curiosity towards my culture. As
soon as my friends learned that I could speak Cantonese, which is a Chinese
dialect, they asked me to teach them a few words.
The problem is, I don't know what their intentions are because every time they
asked me to teach them Cantonese, all they want to learn are words that are inappropriate.
-Okay what do you want to learn? -Ok. Teach me how to say penis. -No, I'm not going to teach you that.
Oh come on, Jeff! It's for educational purposes, don't be so immature!
Fine. You pronounce it *bleep*
Dude, you have a small *bleep*
-What does that mean? -It means you have a small weiner. -Hahaha is that how you say it in Chinese?
-Yeah, you have a small *bleep* -Who taught you that?
Oh come on, dad, I can explain. If you didn't know, my dad is from Hong Kong, China, and
I'm from Canada. Yes, I'm Canadian. One thing I don't understand is when people
tell me, -Oh, so, you're like, not a real Chinese person. -Oh no, I'm pretty real I'm
just Canadian, made in Canada. More expensive, I guess.
Oh there's my fake replica from China. -Hey, fake Jeff, come here. -What's up, Jeff.
Oh he doesn't believe me when I say I'm the real Chinese person from Canada. Tell him.
Oh yeah! I'm the fake one I'm I made in China. See?
Oh and this purse, too. Chanel. It's fake, I can't afford it.
-Yeah he's the real one. -I told you. -Also, my last name is Chang. It's spelled
C-H-A-N-G. I always feel the need to spell out my last name because even though
it's only five letters and it sounds really simple, people still managed to
spell it wrong
-Hi, I have an appointment at five. -What's your last name? -Chang.
Oh, it's spelled with an "a". No, it's C-H-A-N-G.
-No that's not how you spell it. Can you change the "i" to an "a"? ..."G" There you go!
Yeah you should change your last name to Wong, much easier, I already registered
a dozen earlier, see? But I did come up with a trick. Thank God there's this very
well-known celebrity called Jackie Chan, who has a very similar last name as I do,
so now all I have to say is, -What's your last name? -Chang. Just like Jackie Chan
but with a "g" at the end for "gangster". -You mean, more like for
"geek"? -Yeah yeah, I guess, I guess that works too...
Now that I'm growing up, I realize how culture is really important because it
makes you,
well, you. You know, it makes you different. Now I understand why my dad always used
to tell me "Speak more Chinese or else people will think you're not as smart."
Tell me I'm not the only one whose parent wants us to learn our native
language. I think being different is what makes this world so beautiful, so don't
ever feel ashamed of who you are. If we were all the same, that'll be really
boring. So leave me in the comments down below what's your nationality. If you can
somewhat relate to this video, give it a thumbs up, so I know I'm not the only one.
Thank you guys so much for watching, I'll see you next week. This is Jeffrey Fever
and I'm pressing the record button now. Peace!
-Dinner's ready! -Okay, what are we eating? -Well, rice duh -Okay, coming!
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Chinese People Aren't Cool

56247 Folder Collection
楊雅筑 published on July 13, 2017    Darya kao translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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