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Bane voice: Ah, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark, I was
born in it… (coughing and spluttering)
Tom Hardy: Sorry it’s hard for me to break character. That’s not strictly true, I was
born just outside of London on September 15th 1977. It might have been dark, I don’t remember.
Bane: But no one cared who I was until I put on the mask.
Tom Hardy: Sorry! I can’t stop myself. Hi, I’m Tom Hardy, thanks for inviting me to
draw my life.
I grew up in London, the only child of an artist and a comedy writer my real name is
Edward but I go by my middle name Tom. Edward doesn’t exactly scream leading man, sorry
Ed Norton. It’s not been your typical road to Hollywood stardom. Modelling, crime, rehab…
well maybe it’s not that unique a story in tinseltown but I did all that before I
arrived in la la land. I was something of a troubled teen, alcohol abuse etcetera, almost
sent to prison for stealing a car etcetera, possession of a gun etcetera etcetera. I don’t
like to talk about it, It’s the only cliche role I’ve ever played and I promised myself
I’d never do that again, well except to do the rom-com This Means War, what can I
say they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
I got my break into showbiz when I was 21 and I won a modelling competition on the British
TV show, the Big Breakfast, but they had forgotten me by lunch time. So I attended drama school
in London, but I dropped out to take a small role in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers.
That gamble paid off! Steven Spielberg’s World War Two drama launched my career, and
the careers of loads of other british actors too. Me, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy
and some bloke called Ross from Friends. From there I landed my film debut in Ridley Scott’s
Black Hawk Down and played the baddie in a Star Trek movie. But in 2003 I cracked, and
hit rock bottom after I hit the bottom of my crack rocks. My addictions got the better
of me, and my first marriage. I checked into rehab and I’ve been clean and sober ever
since. Now I’m only addicted to dubsmash.
I made my comeback acting on stage and the small screen but it was my performance in
the independent movie Bronson which brought me back to the attention of the big Hollywood
studios. Next thing I knew I was stealing scenes within scenes from Leo in Inception,
acting alongside my hero Gary Oldman in the spy thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and
breaking hearts and snapping necks in the emotional MMA drama Warrior. I played Heathcliff
in the TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights and I fell in love on the misty moors for
real. I married my Cathy - Charlotte Riley in 2014. But people are always speculating
about my sexual ambiguity, why? Anyway, it’s like I always say you don’t know what's
going to float your boat until you send it out to sea. Recently I’ve been sent into
the movie stratosphere with my roles in the Dark Knight Rises and Mad Max, and you can
get double your Hardy on with my latest film Legend, a bio-pic where I play both the Kray
Twins. That was my Draw My Life thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and
click here to watch Tom Hardy’s never before seen acting debut with our friends at Screenrant.
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Tom Hardy | Draw My Life

247 Folder Collection
happinessfr published on August 1, 2016
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