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God dammit Elizabeth! Hurry up!
I'm trying. It won't fit.
Oh, big surprise, Willy Wonka.
You spend your whole life eating freaking chocolate. Come here.
Okay, you need to suck in this food baby.
Come on. I can't. Yes, you can.
Listen, I'm gonna count to three. You are gonna jump and suck.
One, two, three.
Look at that. That's a flipping puzzle.
Why would you pick the most difficult shoes?
I'm not helping you with that, Elizabeth.
Oh my gosh, Elizabeth. Just get in the car,
No, I wanna take an Uber.
Why? Because they have candies.
What? Elizabeth, that's so rare. Get in!
You're sick.
Give me the chips. You are not gonna put it up there
Elizabeth! Give me that! Do not put the chips up there, Elizabeth.
They are gonna see it.
Elizabeth, stop! You are walking like a penguin.
Elizabeth! This is so awkward.
Oh my god. Give me it Elizabeth.
I told you! Sorry it's just the policy.
Don't flim here. My bad, my bad. Elizabeth!
Elizabeth, stop! Elizabeth, that's the beer pong cups!
I'm so sorry. I'm so ...
Elizabeth! Give me that! You literally just drank a sport.
Elizabeth! Elizabeth!
Elizabeth, get down. This isn't Coyote Ugly. Let's go.
Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Elizabeth! What are you doing?
I broke my nail.
You are in the guys's bathroom! Let's go!
Elizabeth, what are you doing?
They have a Mario Kart? What is going on here?
Are you winning?
Elizabeth! Don't do it! Elizabeth, don't do it! Elizabeth!
Oh my god, Elizabeth! This isn't Chuck E. Cheese, Michael phelps! Get out!
Elizabeth, what the ...! I'm so sorry.
Elizabeth, take out your twenties!
Is that a penny? Are you kidding me?
Come on, Elizabeth! GO! GO!
DON'T LOSE TO THIS..! Don't lose to this guy!
Elizabeth, you are not on the yellow-brick road.
What are you gonna do? Walk your way to McDonalds?
I need food.
You need to get your shoes on, Dorothy! Come on.
Elizabeth! Elizabeth! What the heck are you doing?
Are you kidding me?
It's a hard knock life.
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14607 Folder Collection
Vivi Lee published on July 29, 2016    Vivi Lee translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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