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And here's a thing
You look at Kate Beckinsale you kind of think, you know, a model of a sophisticated woman
You know, I imagine you just traveling with a, you know a small little holdall
But you travel with something, and I didn’t believe this, but I now do believe it
You travel with something.. and is it to cheer you up if you travel with this item?
Okay. Tell the people what you travel with.
A pantomime horse costume.
Now, she's not making this up.
You've said this but you actually.. so this..
Me too.
Is it both halves?
Yes, it’s a two-man suit.
So you find a friend? You always have to find a friend?
Yeah. You have to. You can't do it on your own, that’s bleak.
So, on what occasions do you kinda go: okay, time for the horse?
Well, I mean, if you're in a film, and you’re like in Eastern Europe, and you thought your friend was gonna come and visit you.
And they're like "Oh, sorry I can’t, my kids got tonsillitis" or whatever it is.
and you think “shit, what am I gonna do?”
I could have a pop into the horse and a bit of a canter up and down the hotel corridor.
Which end do you prefer?
Well, it’s height dependent, there's horse rules.
So, the tallest person has to be at the back so that they can kind of...
I would have thought the other way round.
No, because then you could have a long horse’s back.
Oh, long back.
So it won’t look stunted
You don’t want to lumpy short person in the back.
Look, and now you've sent us some pictures.
Is this your earliest horse?
That was my first horse, yes.
But that was a rental. That was my first time I ever rented one.
You paid for that?
It looks like you made it out of some car seat covers.
Well, they’re not very realistic. They’re not the most realistic, but yes I paid for that.
And you had to have it for three days. It was a bit oppressive, we had to keep getting in it.
So then did you purchase this next one?
No, that was also a rental.
That's my daughter looking terrified. Look at her.
And is mommy front or back of that horse?
I think that’s back.
You’re back?
I think I’m back, yeah.
Are they good fun to be in?
I've got one. I've got it in the hotel.
I must have a go.
Do you want to?
Yes, I'd love to.
I have actually got it here.
I think we’ve then got your latest. Is this the one you've brought with you?
No, that’s actually me and Michael Sheen. He’s in the rabbit suit.
I can’t remember why we were doing that at a bus stop, but..
Or indeed anywhere.
It sounds so crazy. Am I the only one that think that's crazy?
No, I love it, but it’s crazy. Are you a crazy person?
Do you want to have a go in it?
I can make that happen.
Let's go.
I have to say it, you’re so smiley. You do look like an ad for panto horse therapy.
Feeling blue?
It does really work. Most people haven’t tried it, so they don’t know.
You know....
If you were at your hotel, walking down the hall.
And you see a horse costume coming the other way.
In what world would you say, “I bet that’s Kate Beckinsale.”
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The Graham Norton Show: Kate Beckinsale and her Pantomime Horse Habbit

35880 Folder Collection
Jerry published on August 17, 2016
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