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  • And here's a thing

  • You look at Kate Beckinsale you kind of think, you know, a model of a sophisticated woman

  • You know, I imagine you just traveling with a, you know a small little holdall

  • But you travel with something, and I didn’t believe this, but I now do believe it

  • You travel with something.. and is it to cheer you up if you travel with this item?

  • Yes.

  • Okay. Tell the people what you travel with.

  • A pantomime horse costume.

  • Now, she's not making this up.

  • You've said this but you actually.. so this..

  • Me too.

  • (laughter)

  • Is it both halves?

  • Yes, it’s a two-man suit.

  • So you find a friend? You always have to find a friend?

  • Yeah. You have to. You can't do it on your own, that’s bleak.

  • (laughter)

  • So, on what occasions do you kinda go: okay, time for the horse?

  • Well, I mean, if you're in a film, and youre like in Eastern Europe, and you thought your friend was gonna come and visit you.

  • And they're like "Oh, sorry I can’t, my kids got tonsillitis" or whatever it is.

  • and you thinkshit, what am I gonna do?”

  • I could have a pop into the horse and a bit of a canter up and down the hotel corridor.

  • Which end do you prefer?

  • Well, it’s height dependent, there's horse rules.

  • So, the tallest person has to be at the back so that they can kind of...

  • I would have thought the other way round.

  • No, because then you could have a long horse’s back.

  • Oh, long back.

  • So it won’t look stunted

  • You don’t want to lumpy short person in the back.

  • Look, and now you've sent us some pictures.

  • Is this your earliest horse?

  • That was my first horse, yes.

  • But that was a rental. That was my first time I ever rented one.

  • You paid for that?

  • Yes.

  • It looks like you made it out of some car seat covers.

  • Well, theyre not very realistic. Theyre not the most realistic, but yes I paid for that.

  • And you had to have it for three days. It was a bit oppressive, we had to keep getting in it.

  • So then did you purchase this next one?

  • No, that was also a rental.

  • That's my daughter looking terrified. Look at her.

  • And is mommy front or back of that horse?

  • I think that’s back.

  • Youre back?

  • I think I’m back, yeah.

  • Are they good fun to be in?

  • I've got one. I've got it in the hotel.

  • I must have a go.

  • Do you want to?

  • Yes, I'd love to.

  • I have actually got it here.

  • I think weve then got your latest. Is this the one you've brought with you?

  • No, that’s actually me and Michael Sheen. He’s in the rabbit suit.

  • I can’t remember why we were doing that at a bus stop, but..

  • Or indeed anywhere.

  • (laughters)

  • It sounds so crazy. Am I the only one that think that's crazy?

  • No, I love it, but it’s crazy. Are you a crazy person?

  • Do you want to have a go in it?

  • Yeah.

  • I can make that happen.

  • Let's go.

  • I have to say it, youre so smiley. You do look like an ad for panto horse therapy.

  • Feeling blue?

  • It does really work. Most people haven’t tried it, so they don’t know.

  • You know....

  • If you were at your hotel, walking down the hall.

  • And you see a horse costume coming the other way.

  • In what world would you say, “I bet that’s Kate Beckinsale.”

And here's a thing

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The Graham Norton Show: Kate Beckinsale and her Pantomime Horse Habbit

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    Jerry posted on 2016/08/16
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