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Ready? Ready? Ready?
Watch this watch this ready?
Mike ready?
What was that?
What was that
was that the play of Sej...
Oh nononono
Save me Mike
it's my time to shine
Yo Check this out watch this watch this watch this
Here's the play. Play of the game. Play of the game
Play of the game
Check this out. Watch this Watch this Watch this
Here's the play
Play of the game. Play of the game
He's not here? Oh he's there
wow it's OK cause I haven't cornerize.
I just jump from two can camp all the way to here
You think I did that for no reason?
You think I did that just because I’m boosted?
Maybe but look at this
That's right the plays
Ezreal finish him
Oh okokok
I respect that I respect it
Oh not even close
Yo chill chill chill
I'm so...
Poor Teemo
Poor Teemo
She flashed behind him
Poor teemo
Look at him
Here we go Here we go
Haha that wasn't even me
That wasn't even me
Get him kog I gave you a heal
Oh that burst damage
Pog... Champ
And the protobelt
And another spear
Oh pogchamp
Oh baby a triple.Is this the penta dream
Hold on Hold on Hold on
Where's the quadra dude
That was a quadra
Oh never lucky with the quadras man
Never lucky with the penta
Never lucky
Skip song?
Dude this is a great song about...
Great... Stuff
Oh Pogchamp
Damage boys
Did we just ace them?
Whatever dude I'm just gonna be happy with that I don’t wanna get Caitlyn ulti
Did you just spread it to me?
Did you just spread it to me?
you... are you...
Oh look at my clone just did to me dude
Look at my clone did to me
Mike:Eh... I see that
Holy Fish Moly
Come here you're donzo you're donzo
I just messed them up dude
Dude is Ap Sejuani broken?
Mike: It is pretty stupid
"Mid is not for everyone"
Listen man I'm praticing. I'm praticing Ok?
Like were you born learning...
Did you know how to ride a bike when you're first born?
Let's go then Let's go
Let's go then
Let's go then
"Mid is not for everyone" Huh?
Well you know what? We just did it.
Killing people is a bad habit... but I can't seem to quit
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「Nightblue3 」提摩最可憐的死法 薩科分身害死主人(中文字幕)

854 Folder Collection
李洋昊 published on July 17, 2016
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