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  • fifty shades of gray has in many ways bro and the world and set high

  • expectations for what sex is supposed to be like for men and it's even gotten

  • into the ivy leagues now harvard isn't going to give official status to that

  • that much for the beating us and club

  • i don't really understand that may maybe somebody goes to harvard can explain it

  • for me

  • but it is a be a a bsn

  • kinky club

  • where they're going to be doing bondage and stuff like that or

  • military in the the organization

  • abut talking about supporting each other inning ideas i guess

  • we've got some information here

  • uh... it's expected to get to go ahead by the committee on student life

  • uh... and after this they'll be able to meet for lunch and dinner on campus

  • promote gatherings on school grounds in applied for grants from the schools drug

  • and alcohol peer advisors organization

  • uh... we've got a little bit of information one member

  • i've talked to the observer

  • and said that during one of their private get togethers

  • out she was hit with a riding crop abella and canes

  • insists loggers are my favorite

  • so look this is silly and it's kind of why we're talking about it but

  • for some people this isn't just completely optional like i guess i'll do

  • it

  • but some people feel some need to engage in this behavior some of those people

  • are college students and so it's good that there's a an area where they can

  • they can get together with people understanding and for whom it's not just

  • a joke like this for me and receive support like emotional support

  • hannah and this also brings up that some people feel they need to any engage not

  • for sexual behavior after they've been scarred by sexual abuse and other

  • promises not to be a good outlet for them they are

  • uh... you know and i'm all for people of all different

  • groups being able to find like-minded people as long as you're not

  • injuring other people in this case you are but they wanna be injured so but you

  • you get what i'm saying is long as you're not

  • hurting other people i'm all for you finding like-minded people however

  • let's go back to what i said about singing groups

  • several times this week and i think a couple times and some of the stories

  • that we did last week which is that

  • i am only in favor of these if they're not using listing fees because by

  • writing us trying to use it my money to pay for your window free sex fantasies

  • if you doubt that if you're not that's fine and i don't think any day like

  • today is my money that and i'm like i said i do think it's good that people

  • can find like-minded people

  • but his isn't really an

  • educational group

  • so i don't think i haven't seen stance about any sort of religious group i got

  • i don't think that they should be using such indore but since i'm out of student

  • fees

  • so i do think that student fees are needed to bring

  • educational experiences to campus knocking the alternate educational

  • experience it doesn't have to be educational in the typical way of

  • lectures and professors and things like that

  • eyecandy saxena c is not an educational liking you can i get me and i'm sure

  • that funny india well but

  • in mind i and now i don't want to give

  • okay madeleine is in that

  • uh... and i thought first of all point out that uh... it's harvard is is that

  • uh... getting this organization columbia tops and mighty and yale already have

  • ideas and thoughts and so i think i'm talking about fifty six brain everything

  • uh... and what we think we can do it without stigma funds go towards it but

  • uh... while ideal engaged in the sort of play i'm joking about fifty shades of

  • gray i understand that fifty six gray is an extremely poor representation of this

  • lifestyle and for people who who do actually take part in considered a

  • serious thing like it means something to that it's an emotional and psychological

  • thing as much as it is a sexual thing and but they're probably happen

  • appreciate the fact that i was making jokes and they don't think that it was

  • represented well fifty shades uh... so looking for the time when we get past

  • natural g_m_ extremely poorly written books

  • and it can be the lifestyle that it was before for these people without being

  • parity optical

fifty shades of gray has in many ways bro and the world and set high

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BDSM Sex Club Opens at Harvard University?

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