B2 High-Intermediate US 2111 Folder Collection
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♪ There's a point where it tips ♪
♪ There's a point where it breaks ♪
♪ There's a point where it bends ♪
♪ And a point we just can't take, anymore ♪
♪ There's a line that we'll cross and there's no return ♪
♪ There's a time and a place no bridges left to burn ♪
♪ Anymore ♪
♪ We can't just wait with lives at stake ♪
♪ Until they think we're ready ♪
♪ Our enemies are gathering ♪
♪ The storm is growing deadly ♪
♪ Now it's time to say goodbye ♪
♪ To the things we loved, and the innocence of youth ♪
♪ How the time seemed to fly ♪
♪ From our carefree lives ♪
♪ And the solitude and peace we always knew ♪♪♪
(Weiss) Professor Oobleck?
(Oobleck) Yes I'm afraid those bags won't be necessary girls.
(Oobleck) Seeing as you've opted to shadow a huntsman
(Oobleck) on what is now essentially a reconnaissance mission.
(Oobleck) I can assure you we will not be establishing a single base of operations.
(Oobleck) Rather we will traversing several miles of hazardous wasteland,
(Oobleck) and making camp in any inhabitable locations we may stumble upon.
(Oobleck) I've packed all our essentials myself provided the air course and readied the airship.
(Oobleck) And! It's Dr. Oobleck. I didn't earn a PhD for fun thank you very much.
(Weiss) Uhh...
(Oobleck) Come now children, according to my schedule we are already 3 minutes behind, schedule.
(Ruby) Well alright then looks like we're going to save the world with,
(Ruby) Dr. Oo-bleck okay yeah when you say it out loud it sounds worse.
(Nora) Save the world??
(Nora) You're going on world-saving missions without us??
(Nora) I'm hurt and sad! Maybe a little hungry? That last one's not my fault, though, Ren!
(Jaune) Sounds exciting, where are ya going?
(Ruby) Oh just outside the kingdom.
(Nora) Hey! So are we.
(Pyrrha) Ren and Nora wanted to shadow the sheriff of a nearby village.
(Ren) We set out tomorrow.
(Neptune) Then you can party with us tonight.
(Neptune) We're shadowing a crime specialist.
(Neptune) All inner-city detective stuff.
(Neptune) We get junior badges.
(Jaune) Ooohhooohh!
(Sun) We normally go to the city with you guys, which means stuff's always exploding and junk.
(Sun) So we thought this might be a better way to
(Sun) check out the kingdom when it's, y'know, normal.
(Ruby) Well- (Oobleck) *in distance* Four minutes ladies!
(Ruby) Well, uh, wish us luck.
*ship engines whirring*
(Yang) I guess I just never saw you as much of a fighter.
(Oobleck) I admit I fancy myself more of an, intellectual
(Oobleck) but I can assure you, as a huntsman,
(Oobleck) I've had my fair share of tussels.
(Ruby) Like the mushroom? (Blake) Those are truffles.
(Ruby) Like the sprout? (Yang) Those are brussels.
(Oobleck) Besides, given my expertise in the field of history, as well as my
(Oobleck) dabblings in the art of archaeological surveys, our dear headmaster
(Oobleck) saw it fit to assign me to this particular, assignment.
(Weiss) What does history have to do with this?
(Oobleck) My, what a preposterous question you silly girl!
(Oobleck) Why, history is the backbone of our very society.
(Oobleck) And the liver!
(Oobleck) And probably the kidneys if I were to wager.
(Weiss) And that means...?
(Oobleck) The southeast quadrant outside of Vale is home to wild forests and deep caves.
(Oobleck) But, it is also the location to one of the kingdoms greatest failures.
(Ruby) Mountain Glenn.
(Yang) That's right, it was an expansion of Vale.
(Yang) But in the end it was overrun by Grimm and fenced off from the rest of the city.
(Oobleck) Correct! And now it stands abandoned,
(Oobleck) as a dark reminder.
(Blake) And a likely place for a hideout.
(Oobleck) Precisely.
*airship engines whirring in descent*
*wind howls*
(Oobleck) Ladies, you still may be students, but as of this moment your first mission as a huntress has begun.
(Oobleck) From this point forward you need to do exactly as I say. Do you understand?
(Oobleck) Ruby! (Ruby) *thud*
(Oobleck) I thought I told you to leave all your bags back at school.
(Ruby) But, uh you hadn't told us to listen to you yet...
(Ruby) So I didn't.
(Oobleck) She's not wrong.
(Oobleck) Very well Ruby leave your bag here we can pick it up upon our return.
(Ruby) But I-whaa
(Oobleck) Young lady what in the world could you possibly have in that bag
(Oobleck) that could be so important for you to bring it-
*bag rustles*
*Zwei panting*
(Ruby) *whispers* Get back in the bag.
(Zwei) Woof!
(Oobleck) We're here to investigate an abandoned urban jungle teeming with death and hostility
(Oobleck) and you brought, a dog?
(Ruby) I-uhh...!
(Oobleck) Genius!
(Ruby) *thud*
(Oobleck) Canines are historically known for their perceptive nose and heightened sense of sound.
(Oobleck) Making them excellent companions for hunts such as ours!
(Zwei) Ruff!
(Ruby) I'm a genius.
(Blake) So, what are your orders doctor?
(Oobleck) Ah! Yes! Straight to the chase, I like it!
(Oobleck) As you have been informed the Southeast area has been marked
(Oobleck) as a recent hotspot for Grimm activity.
(Oobleck) Now there are several possible explanations for this behavior.
(Oobleck) One of which being, Grimm.
(Ruby) Uhh, what?
(Oobleck) Grimm, a creature of Grimm approximately 100 yards from us at this very moment.
(Yang) What?!
*weapons unsheath*
(Oobleck) Stop.
(Blake) Huh?
(Oobleck) There are a number of reasons why Grimm would congregate in this particular area.
(Oobleck) The most likely of which would be their attraction to negativity.
(Oobleck) Sadness, envy, loneliness, hatred, all qualities
(Oobleck) that are likely held by our hidden group harboring ill intent.
(Ruby) So, what now?
(Oobleck) We wait, we track, if the specimen leads us to its pack, that pack may subsequently lead us to our prey.
(Yang) How long do we wait?
(Oobleck) It's uncertain, hours, days, weeks, why lone Grimm have been known to stand isolated
(Oobleck) from the pack for months- and there's the whole pack.
*Grimm growling*
(Weiss) What?
(Oobleck) And now they've seen us.
(Weiss) What?!
(Oobleck) And now they've seen us!!
(Ruby) I take it tracking is out of the question.
(Oobleck) An accurate assumption, yes.
(Yang) What's the plan then?
*Grimm snarls*
(Oobleck) Show me what you're capable of.
(Ruby) Cover your ears Zwei!
(Zwei) *whimpers*
*Grimm snarl*
*Grimm grunts*
(Yang) Hyah! Yuh! Hyuh! *Ember Celica fires*
(Blake) *Gambol Shroud unsheaths*
(Blake) Huh!
*Grimm grunts*
(Blake) Huah! Hah!
(Blake) Hah! *Grimm yelps*
*Myrtenaster clings against Grimm*
*Grimm grunt*
*Crescent Rose fires*
(Zwei) *panting*
(Ruby) Uuh! *fires*
(Ruby) Heh, piece of cake.
(Oobleck) Do not celebrate yet, for I am certain this is the first bout of many.
(Oobleck) Shall we continue?
*thud, rustling of bush*
(Oobleck) Excellent work girls!
(Oobleck) Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any signs of criminal operations in this sector.
(Oobleck) Oh well, moving on!
(Zwei) *barks*
(Yang) Hey doc you know I was actually looking forward to seeing a pro huntsman in action.
(Yang) Like fighting or at least helping us fight?
(Oobleck) Ah, but I am in action, scouring the ruins of this once great city for any signs of irregularity.
(Oobleck) Not every mission is filled with terror and herosim girls.
(Oobleck) Sometimes it's just a heightened form of extermination.
(Oobleck) Remember, this is a job, and you all signed up for it.
(Oobleck) I do hope you understand that.
(Yang) Well, yeah.
(Yang) O-of course!
(Oobleck) Mmm.
*weapons fire off*
(Oobleck) Tell me Yang, why did you choose this line of work?
(Yang) Huh?
(Yang) Well, to fight monsters and sav-
(Oobleck) No, that is what you do, I want to know why you do it.
(Oobleck) The honest reason as to why you want to be a huntress.
(Yang) The honest reason?
(Yang) I'm a thrill seeker.
(Yang) I wanna travel around the world and get wrapped up in as many crazy adventures as I can.
(Yang) And if I help people along the way then that's even better.
(Yang) It's a win-win y'know?
(Oobleck) I see.
*Grimm growls*
(Oobleck) And you Miss Schnee, a girl born into fame and fortune such as yourself
(Oobleck) certainly doesn't need the extra work.
(Oobleck) So, why choose this over a cushy job in Atlas?
(Weiss) It's exactly as you said, I'm a Schnee.
(Weiss) I have a legacy of honor to uphold.
(Weiss) Once I realized I was capable of fighting,
(Weiss) there was no longer a question of what I would do with my life.
(Weiss) It was my duty.
(Oobleck) Interesting.
*Grimm nevermores caw*
(Blake) Ah!
*shots fire at Grimm birds*
*Grimm nevermores caw*
(Oobleck) And what about you Blake?
(Oobleck) You seem to carry yourself with a sense of purpose.
(Blake) There's too much wrong in this world to just stand by and do nothing.
(Blake) Inequality, corruption, someone has to stop it.
(Oobleck) Very well, how?
(Blake) I... uh.
(Oobleck) Hmm.
(Zwei) *barks*
(Ruby) Sorry! Uhh, are we ready to keep going?
(Oobleck) No, I believe that will have to do for today.
(Oobleck) It's going to be dark soon.
(Yang) *offscreen* Uuf!
(Oobleck) You three, set up camp in that building.
(Oobleck) Oh and please do make sure that there are no more of those, creatures.
(Oobleck) Your leader and I are going to secure the perimeter. Come, Ruby.
*Grimm goliaths howl in distance*
(Ruby) *whispered* Whoaaa!
(Ruby) What is that?
(Ruby) It looks awesome!
(Oobleck) That my dear girl, is a Grimm.
*Grimm goliaths roar in distance*
(Ruby) Let's kill it. *readies Crescent Rose*
(Oobleck) I'm afraid your sniper rifle will do nothing more than agitate a Grimm of that size.
(Ruby) But, what if it attacks us?
(Oobleck) Fret not Ruby those goliaths are not concerned with us.
(Oobleck) Ruby, not every Grimm is mindless.
(Oobleck) Or rather not every Grimm is still mindless.
(Oobleck) You see the Grimm you see before you are so powerful, so superior to the Grimm you fought,
(Oobleck) that they've undoubtedly lived hundreds of years.
(Oobleck) And in that time between killing humans, and attacking our borders, they've done one important thing,
(Oobleck) they've learned.
(Oobleck) They've learned that when they attack our borders, they're likely to die.
(Oobleck) And what we lack in strength, we make up for in will.
(Oobleck) And that killing one human, will only bring more.
(Ruby) Then, why are they still so close to the city?
(Ruby) What are they doing?
(Oobleck) Waiting.
(Ruby) Doctor Oobleck?
(Oobleck) Mmhm?
(Ruby) I was wondering-
(Oobleck) Wondering why I've been interrogating your teammates all day?
(Ruby) A-actually, I was wondering...
(Ruby) Why did you want to become a huntsman?
(Oobleck) Look around and tell me what you see.
(Ruby) Lots of old buildings, uhh, empty streets...
(Oobleck) I see lives that could've been saved.
(Oobleck) As a huntsman it is my job to protect the people.
(Oobleck) And although I am capable of doing it traditional weaponry,
(Oobleck) I believe I can make a much larger impact if I do it with my mind.
(Oobleck) As a teacher I am able to take knowledge, the most powerful weapon of them all,
(Oobleck) and place it into the hands of every student that passes through my classroom.
(Oobleck) I look at this wasteland and I see lives that could've been saved.
(Oobleck) But I also see an opportunity.
(Oobleck) An opportunity to study these ruins and learn from this tragedy.
(Oobleck) And therefore become stronger.
(Oobleck) I am a huntsman Ruby, because there is nothing else in this world I would rather be.
*firepit crackles*
(Yang) I can't believe we didn't find anything.
(Blake) We've always been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time.
(Blake) I guess we can't always have luck on our side.
(Weiss) That's not what I meant.
(Blake) Huh?
(Weiss) Earlier, about, upholding the legacy.
(Weiss) There's more to it than that.
(Yang) Yeah, no me too.
(Yang) I mean, I don't know.
(Blake) I don't know either.
(Blake) I know what I want to do but,
(Blake) I figured I'd always take things one step at a time.
(Yang) Well, it doesn't matter, we know why we're here.
(Yang) Right?
(Oobleck) Ah wonderful!
(Oobleck) A textbook campfire.
(Ruby) *gasps* Fire!
(Ruby) Sssooo...warm....
(Oobleck) Very good, eat your dinners and hurry to bed.
(Oobleck) We have a lot of ground to cover tomorrow and we'll need you to take turns
(Oobleck) keeping watch over our temporary abode, any volunteers for first watch?
(Ruby) Yo.
(Yang) Hey, did Oobleck ask you why you wanted to be a huntress?
(Yang) I mean, what did you tell him?
(Ruby) Hm, no he didn't, weird. Oh well, goodnight guys.
*Grimm howling in distance*
(Ruby) Don't worry, things'll be better tomorrow.
*suspenseful outro music*
(Vav) We're here to help you, we're super heroes!
(Vav) Boot! *stretch, smack!*
(Xray) Glove! *stretch, smack!*
(Vav) *stretch, slosh* Ooh that's nice.
(Xray) Awesome xray vision!
(Hilda) Super heroes, really?
♪ X-ray and Vav! ♪
(Xray) Ooohh!
(Cat) Reeeooww!
(Xray) Boooosh!
(Xray and Vav) Awesome! *clap!*
♪ Xray and Vav ♪
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RWBY Volume 2, Chapter 9: Search and Destroy

2111 Folder Collection
. published on July 11, 2016
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