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Hi i'm Joe and here is the 31DOVER.COM guide to Sake.
Sake is a traditional Japanese drink made from fermented rice
and is the perfect accompaniment for any Asian food,
but especially sushi.
It is not much stronger than wine and can be served warm or cold.
Sake is often drunk from small cups called choko and is served in a
ceramic flask called tokkuri,
which can be heated in hot water.
The tokkuri's narrow neck prevents the heat from escaping.
When warming Sake be sure to keep it below forty degrees celsius.
You shouldn't be able to smell alcohol rising out of the sake. Premium Sake though should
be chilled so as not to harm any the flavours. Sake should be clear with no
head on the pour.
And the nose should have a similar aroma to the flavour on the palate.
The Japanese have been drinking Sake for thousands of years and while most Sake is
still produced in Japan it can now be made in far-flung places such as Oregon
or Australia.
Give it a try next time you're eating Asian food.
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All you need to know about Sake

337 Folder Collection
NNN published on July 9, 2016
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