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Now for the last part 3
Part 3 is a little bit different with part 1 and 2
It's with steps only
Seriously only steps
Ok, we are here What to you mean
Now the reason why I told you to stand up with heels only is
Stand with heels and move the flow to the back
you spread your legs and move together. From front to the back
That's right. Ready go
Careful or you might fall down
Ready go
And then step
And another circle. Place your left leg and then make a circle
with the other leg
We also turned our body to make a balance before, but
this time move your leg only
Grab your leg here and spin
Like this. You got it
Start with count 1
Ready go
And then place your leg down
and spread them right away
The step starts with count 1
Then just
get together here and then spread
Ready go
Let's do this one more time and move on
Ready go
Next, lift the left leg again
Then push your hands like this
Just think that push your knee with your hands
And make fists like you grab something and get your body into the rhythm
Do this shortly
Like this Tick-
the flow is
from the back and the body moves to this
Ready go
Ready go
But the beat here is very hard
Ready go
Let's go with one count
Ready go
At this point, the balance should go down to the heel perfectly
That makes you easy to get into the balance
Then, your hands should drop like this and make fists
Get into the rhythm
Just like this
Yes, when you push it with your hands, they go like this
Then grab your knee and push it again
That's why it goes like this
Let's do this one more time and move one to the next step
Ready go
The next part might be difficult to the ladies
Just kick your leg to the front
and then kick to the back
Kick again and Back like this
Ready go
We should do this while we jump
Just watch this
Kick your right leg
You should keep jumping
Now, jump when you kick
Ok, there you go
I can do this
Ready go
That's fast
Kick and another kick as soon as you landed
then jump and kick
Ready go
This is fun
I know. This is really fun
So excited
Ready go
We are going to slide as soon as we place our leg on the ground
That's right. Ready go
You can do this, right?
Now, one more time. Ready go
Do we have to move our hands too?
Spread them because our next move is
making a circle and hit like this
Also with your chest. Boom
Now, let's do this again
Spin your hands
and Boom like this
At this point, you do the step
Step with your slided leg
Listen to the beat here carefully
After you slide with your leg
Move to the side and then step
Ready go
Slide and Go
After this, move your right leg to the back
place it and Get your hand to the ground
Let's do this with hands
After this, with your arm like this one
two and three
Just make big circles with your arms
Let's do the steps first
Spin That's right. Touch the ground and stand up
The next move starts very quickly so we can't stand up straight cuz the next move comes right away
So just touch the ground and stand up like this
ok you got it. Again
Let's do this one more time and Start the part 3 from the beginning
So we are up to here
Let's start with the kick
That's right one more time. Ready
Slide and then step
Okay that's right. Like this from the beginning
Start with the kick Ready go
Start with What do you mean
Ready go
Go and touch ok There you go
Now we are half way through
And for the next move
We do this part 3 like enjoying at the party
Just like playing at the party
Now we stand up from here
Then hop like this and face to the left
Just move like this lovely
Just do this twice and then
Left leg twice
Ready go
Ready go
Place your heel like this
And now for the jump rope
Jump rope. Okay. That's right
After move your heel
Kick your right leg and do like a jump rope
Jump rope. Ok
Almost like hopping. except this part
Except this part
So the count is exactly same as the previous one. Like
Ok Let's do this slowly
Ready go
As soon as you turn, do like this
Not kick but just as soon as you turn
Jump rope Jump rope. There you go
One more
Ready go
Try to act like that you are excited
Now we have only a few moves left
Only a few moves
Really just a few more moves. I alreay heard that before
Now we are here, Count 4. And move your hands like this
Spin the wrists inward and touch your knee with thumbs
And then push it
Push your knee and get the rebound so that your body goes down
Now the Jump rope
Move Okay. After that we are getting into the rhythm wiht the rebound
Yes. Rhythm with the rebound
Ready go. Rhythm with the rebound
Ready go
Rhythm with the rebound. That's right. Let's start with the jump rope
Ready go
Go and Rhythm. That's right
Now.. not from the beginning, but from here
Kick one two and then
Step forward
and kick
So just relax here
and think like you kick a ball. Like playing a soccer
Just imagine there is a ball in front of us and like playing a soccer
Let's do this once again
Ready go
Spin Ok
Don't act like a pretty girl
I looked so stupid right now
Don't do this awkwardly
Just kick and jump
That's right
Jump like this
Here is an exact step. Do this with turn
Ok, let's do this one more
When do we do this.. well
First, kick once
and then hop
and kick
Ready go
Step, hop and kick. That's right
Now let's do this smoothly
The key point here is
you have to make a rebound when you place your leg down
so it's not this.. but you have to make a rebound
for jumping right here. That's right
Ready go
That's hard
After this. It's end really
But the difficult here is that
It's not just this but check the beat
Look at my step
Jump and then land like
Start with your right leg. one two
This part is quite difficult so if you are really hard to do this. Just go like this
Ok? It's fine with just go like this
Because this beat is so short that you don't have to care about it
Next, as soon as you finish your move, you'll hear a word Go
Go. So you should just go like this
with your legs spread
Now the last part really
We are going to make a turn
Use your right leg as an axis and Turn
Then down like this
Down. Okay. That's right. And this could make your knee hurt so
Be careful when you get down. Ok?
Now.. Go
Move your foot here and make a rebound
Turn to the left a little bit and then to the right
and then down
Oh, is this a pose for ending
Yes, this is the end. The Last pose
I think I can do this well again. Sure you do
Ready go
So let's start from the beginning slowly
Try to remember the steps and Ready go
and then step
Leg down
Kick forward
Turn and Jump rope
That's right. What a perfect ending
Now just one last time faster and
Let's finish the part 3. ok?
Ready go
Go backward
Ok. This is it
The part 3 is done here
Now let's start from the very beginning
From the very beginning to the end
You might get lost but.. Try to remember the moves. And Let's go from 1 to 3 count
Ready from the beginning
Ok. This is it
Thank you for your effort. Thank you.
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What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber / 1MILLION Dance TUTORIAL (3/3)

610 Folder Collection
周方宇 published on July 2, 2016
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