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How many of you have ever texted your ex?
Texted your ex? Anybody?
Alright, usually it involves a little bit of a...
You know.
A whole lot of that.
Someone on Instagram had a great idea.
They have collected text conversations and put together an account called "Texts from your ex."
And they're hilarious.
They make me very, very happy that I'm married.
Um, here...
This is, uh—these are real.
So here's a few that they've posted.
"I got us a kitten."
"I was hoping you'd come back to me and help me take care of her."
"I named her Delilah."
"That's a picture from Google."
"I'm not saying it's that exact kitten."
"It just looks like that. I haven't gotten it yet."
"But I picked it out already."
Here's another one.
"I ruined the best thing in my life."
"I ran away from my best friend and I'm paying for it dearly."
"I feel like I will never find someone like you, and this is entirely based on my insane mind."
"I feel empty and now you're gone."
"Maybe forever, I'm freaking an idiot."
"I don't know how to feel okay."
"You can always try Tinder."
Here's another one: "Peace."
"I want the final word. Stop responding."
Here's the last one.
"I still want you."
"I know."
"I love you."
"It's your wedding day. You're drunk."
To see more, go check out "Texts from my ex" on Instagram.
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Texts from Your Ex

639716 Folder Collection
李宣億 published on July 3, 2016    李宣億 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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