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  • How many of you have ever texted your ex?

  • Texted your ex? Anybody?

  • Alright, usually it involves a little bit of a...

  • You know.

  • A whole lot of that.

  • Someone on Instagram had a great idea.

  • They have collected text conversations and put together an account called "Texts from Your Ex".

  • And they're hilarious.

  • They make me very, very happy that I'm married.

  • Um, here...

  • This is, uhthese are real.

  • So here's a few that they've posted.

  • I got us a kitten.

  • I was hoping you'd come back to me and help me take care of her.

  • I named her Delilah.

  • That's a picture from Google.

  • I'm not saying it's that exact kitten.

  • It just looks like that. I haven't gotten it yet.

  • But I picked it out already.

  • Here's another one.

  • I ruined the best thing in my life.

  • I ran away from my best friend and I'm paying for it dearly.

  • I feel like I will never find someone like you, and this is entirely based on my insane mind.

  • I feel empty and now you're gone.

  • Maybe forever, I'm freaking an idiot.

  • I don't know how to feel okay.

  • You can always try Tinder.

  • Here's another one: Peace.

  • Peace.

  • Bye.

  • Peace.

  • I want the final word. Stop responding.

  • Here's the last one.

  • I still want you.

  • I know.

  • I love you.

  • It's your wedding day. You're drunk.

  • To see more, go check out "Texts from My Ex" on Instagram.

How many of you have ever texted your ex?

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Texts from Your Ex

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