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♪ There's a point where it tips ♪
♪ There's a point where it breaks ♪
♪ There's a point where it bends ♪
♪ And a point we just can't take ♪
♪ Anymore ♪
♪ There's a line that we'll cross ♪
♪ And there's no return ♪
♪ There's a time and a place ♪
♪ No bridges left to burn ♪
♪ Anymore ♪
♪ We can't just wait with lives at stake ♪
♪ Until they think we're ready ♪
♪ Our enemies are gathering ♪
♪ The storm is growing deadly ♪
♪ Now it's time to say goodbye ♪
♪ To the things we loved and the innocence of youth ♪
♪ How the time seemed to fly ♪
♪ From our carefree lives ♪
♪ And the solitude and peace we always knew ♪
(Weiss) I need you to pick a tablecloth.
(Ruby) Aren't they both the same?
(Weiss) I don't even know why I asked.
(Yang) So, have you picked out a dress yet?
(Ruby) What's the point?
(Ruby) Who cares about the dance if Blake isn't going?
(Yang) Oh, don't worry. She's going.
(Yang) Weiss!
(Yang) I though we agreed!
(Yang) No doilies!
(Weiss) If I don't get doilies, you don't
(Weiss) get fog machines.
*door opening*
(Neptune) Your dance is gonna have fog machines?
(Weiss) We were thinking about it.
(Neptune) That's pretty cool.
(Sun) You ladies all excited for dress up?
(Ruby) Pfft, yeah right.
(Yang) Laugh all you want.
(Yang) I'll be turning heads tomorrow night.
(Weiss) What are you two wearing?
(Sun) Uh, this.
(Neptune) Ignore him, for he knows not what he says.
(Sun) Hey, I may have moved to Mistral,
(Sun) but I grew up in Vacuo.
(Sun) It's not exactly a shirt-and-tie kinda place.
(Yang) Yeah, we've noticed.
(Sun) So, uh... what does Blake think of all this?
(Sun) She still being all, ya know...
(Sun) Blake-y?
(Weiss) Obviously.
(Ruby) I still can't think of a way to change her mind.
(Yang) Guys.
(Yang) Trust me.
(Yang) Blake will be at the dance tomorrow.
(Yang) ♪ Hellooooo! ♪
(Blake) What are you - ?!
(Yang) We need to talk.
(Blake) Yah!
(Ren) Huh?
(Jaune) We need to talk.
(Ren) Ah!
(Jaune) Ren...
(Jaune) I'm just gonna come out and say it.
(Jaune) You are one of my best friends.
(Jaune) These past few months,
(Jaune) I feel like we've really bonded.
(Jaune) Even though you don't say much.
(Jaune) I mean, you're really quiet.
(Jaune) To be perfectly honest, I don't know
(Jaune) that much about you personally,
(Jaune) But darn it - I consider you to be the brother I never had!
(Ren) And I you...
(Jaune) Which is why I wanted to get your advice on...
(Jaune) girls.
(Ren) Girls?
(Jaune) I just... don't know... how to...
(Jaune) girls.
(Jaune) Um, I guess what I'm asking is...
(Jaune) Well... how did you and Nora...?
(Jaune) You know...
(Ren) Uh...
(Nora) Ahem.
*embarrassed laughing*
(Nora) We're not actually together, together.
(Jaune) Nora, I said headphones on!
(Nora) Oop!
(Ren) Jaune...
(Ren) what is this all about?
(Jaune) *sigh*
(Jaune) It's Weiss.
(Jaune) I'm completely head over heels for her,
(Jaune) and she won't even give me a chance.
(Jaune) She's cold.
(Jaune) But... she's also incredible.
(Jaune) She's smart, and graceful, and talented,
(Jaune) I mean, have you heard her sing?!
(Jaune) I just wish she'd take me seriously, y'know?
(Jaune) I wish I could tell her
(Jaune) how I feel.
(Jaune) Without messing it all up.
(Pyrrha) Then do it.
(Jaune) Uh, wha-?
(Pyrrha) Tell her exactly what you've just said.
(Pyrrha) No ridiculous schemes,
(Jaune) No pick-up lines.
(Pyrrha) Just... be honest.
(Jaune) But, wh-
(Pyrrha) Jaune.
(Pyrrha) You can't get it wrong if it's the truth.
(Jaune) You're right.
(Jaune) Thanks Pyrrha.
(Jaune) Good talk Ren!
*door closing*
(Nora) *sad sigh* Practice what you preach, Pyrrha.
(Blake) Yang, if you're going to tell me to stop,
(Blake) you may as well just save your breath.
(Yang) I don't want you to stop.
(Yang) I want you to slow down.
(Blake) We don't have the luxury to slow down.
(Yang) It's not a luxury. It's a necessity.
(Blake) The necessity is stopping Torchwick.
(Yang) And we're going to.
(Yang) But first, you have to sit down and listen to
(Yang) what I have to say.
(Blake) Fine.
(Yang) Ruby and I grew up in Patch.
(Yang) An island just off the coast of Vale.
(Yang) Our parents were Huntsmen.
(Yang) Our dad taught at Signal,
(Yang) and our mom would take on missions
(Yang) around the Kingdom.
(Yang) Her name was Summer Rose.
(Yang) And she was, like
(Yang) super-mom
(Yang) Baker of cookies and slayer of giant monsters.
(Yang) And then, one day she left for a mission
(Yang) and never came back.
(Yang) It was tough.
(Yang) Ruby was really torn up, but
(Yang) I think she was still too young to really
(Yang) get what was going on, ya know?
(Yang) And my dad just kinda...
(Yang) shut down.
(Yang) It wasn't long before I learned why.
(Yang) Summer wasn't the first love he'd lost.
(Yang) She was the second.
(Yang) The first...
(Yang) was my mom.
(Yang) He wouldn't tell me everything.
(Yang) But I learned that the two of them had been on
(Yang) a team with Summer and Qrow.
(Yang) And that she'd left me with him just
(Yang) after I was born.
(Yang) No one had seen her since.
(Blake) Why did she leave you?
(Yang) *sigh* That question...
(Yang) Why?
(Yang) I didn't know the answer, but I was
(Yang) determined to find out.
(Yang) It was all I thought about.
(Yang) I would ask anybody I could what
(Yang) they knew about her.
(Yang) Then...
(Yang) one day...
(Yang) I found something.
(Yang) What I thought was a clue
(Yang) that could lead me to answers.
(Yang) Or maybe even my mother.
(Yang) I waited for dad to leave the house,
(Yang) put Ruby in a wagon and headed out.
*trees groaning, wagon rolling*
(Yang) I must've walked for hours.
(Yang) I had cuts and bruises,
(Yang) was totally exhausted.
(Yang) But I wasn't going to let anything stop me.
(Yang) When we finally got there,
(Yang) I could barely stand.
(Yang) But I didn't care.
(Yang) I had made it.
(Yang) And then I saw them.
(Yang) Those burning red eyes.
(Yang) There we were, a toddler asleep
(Yang) in the back of a wagon and a stupid
(Yang) girl too exhausted to even cry for help.
(Yang) We might as well have been served
(Yang) on a silver platter.
(Yang) But, as luck would have it,
(Yang) our Uncle showed up just in time.
(Yang) My stubborness should've gotten us
(Yang) killed that night.
(Blake) Yang...
(Blake) I'm sorry that happened to you...
(Blake) and I understand what you're trying to tell me,
(Blake) but this is different!
(Blake) I'm not a child, and this isn't just a search
(Blake) for answers, I can't just-!
(Yang) I TOLD you, I'm not telling you to stop.
(Yang) I haven't.
(Yang) To this day I still want to know what happened
(Yang) to my mother, and why she left me.
(Yang) But I will never let that search control me.
(Yang) We're going to find the answers we're
(Yang) looking for, Blake.
(Yang) But if we destroy ourselves in the process
(Yang) then what good are we?
(Blake) You don't understand!
(Blake) I'm the only one who can do this!
(Yang) No, you don't understand!
(Yang) If Roman Torchwick walked through that door,
(Yang) what would you do?!
(Blake) I'd fight him!
(Yang) You'd lose!
(Blake) I can stop him!
(Yang) You can't even stop me!
(Yang) *quietly* I'm not asking you to stop.
(Yang) Just please...
(Yang) get some rest.
(Yang) Not just for you.
(Yang) But for the people you care about.
(Yang) And if you feel like coming out tomorrow,
(Yang) I'll save you a dance.
(Blake) *sigh*
(Weiss) *off screen* Neptune!
(Neptune) Oh, uh, hey. What's up?
(Weiss) I know this is a little...
(Weiss) unorthodox, but...
(Weiss) I wanted to ask you something.
(Weiss) Would you... like to accompany
(Weiss) me to the dance tomorrow?
*door opening*
(Yang) Oh, you look beautiful!
(Ruby) Ugh.
(Ruby) Can we have a serious talk
(Ruby) about how Weiss fights in these?
(Ruby) Whoa.
*Yang laughing*
(Sun) Stupid dumb neck trap.
(Blake) I knew you'd look better in a tie.
(Sun) So... does this mean we're going together?
(Blake) Technically.
(Blake) Though, my first dance is spoken for.
*waltz music, background chatter*
*Blake laughing*
(Yang) I told you she would come.
(Weiss) Mission accomplished.
(Ruby) So... what do we do now?
(Yang) Just have fun!
(Ruby) Does that mean I can change out of these
(Ruby) stupid things and into my hood now?
(Ruby) Stupid lady stilts.
(Ozpin) Not enjoying yourself?
(Ruby) Oh!
(Ruby) No.
(Ruby) Everything's fine.
(Ruby) I'm just not much of a dansey, pansey...
(Ruby) dancey girl.
(Ozpin) Well, you can't spend your entire
(Ozpin) life on the battlefield.
(Ozpin) Even if you may want to.
(Ruby) Yeah, that lesson's been floating
(Ruby) around a lot lately.
(Ozpin) If you think about it,
(Ozpin) fighting and dancing aren't so different.
(Ozpin) Two partners interlocked.
(Ozpin) Heh.
(Ozpin) Although,
(Ozpin) one wrong move on the ballroom
(Ozpin) merely leads to a swollen foot.
(Ruby) Or a twisted ankle...
(Ozpin) It's not everyday that friends are able to
(Ozpin) come together like this.
(Ozpin) Time has a way of testing our bonds.
(Ozpin) But it's nights like these that can
(Ozpin) help keep them stronger than ever.
(Ozpin) Nights like these are ones we'll never forget.
*door opening*
(Yang) You guys are just in time
(Mercury) Wouldn't miss it for the world.
♪ Whenever I think of you ♪
♪ How I wish you only knew ♪
♪ That you might be my dream come true, oh ♪
♪ But what do I have to do to make you notice me? ♪
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RWBY Volume 2, Chapter 6: Burning the Candle

1900 Folder Collection
. published on July 1, 2016
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