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Come on, Fly, get up!
Come on, time to go buddy! Wake up, wake up, wake up, let's go!
Let's go! No, no, no...
Hey sweetheart, it's time to wake up.
It's your favorite time of the day!
Favorite time of the day? Brunch?
That's right!
Come on
What do you think?
Do you think she's pretty?
Come on Eden, just say something say something say what she wants to hear
No, you're much prettier.
Thanks sweet!
Phew, that was close
Come on come on
Hector let go
Are you gonna.. are you crying? You're gonna make me cry!
Yo what's up? Yeah, come party with us tonight
Sorry boys I, I can't. I gotta spend time... I gotta look after my girl
Dude, come on. You can't you can't miss this right now
Yeah, o, okay. I will call her and I will tell her "look, not tonight, you are just, you are just gonna deal with it!
Yeah, my man, that's so cool
No you hang up
No you hang up
No you hang up -- Love is an open (door), that's right!
I miss you a lot
Bye. I miss.. I miss you already
I'm hungry
There's nothing to eat
It's all we have
It's pretty good. It's alright
Babe, there's nothing left to eat!
Oh, oh that's too bad
What if I make you something? I can get you the Vietnam Phở, or the Hong Kong fried noodles, or Nasi Padang or I can get you steak or something
Can I have all?
Sure. And sushi!
I just don't...
One two three. No!!!!
Ah that aroma...my goodness there's this texture to it
It's beautiful. Beautiful.
Started from the bottom now we're here. Started from the bottom now my whole team's here
Love is an open door! With you!
With you! With you!
Filming days, guys.
Oh sorry. Okay can we keep that pose?
That's ok
Oh, oh, what is this
Alright, that's a wrap on Jinny. And look at all these awesome people here
So we have a couple more scenes so we're gonna shoot some more, and then we'll be done
Okay then, bye Linda
Pause. Hands over here
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Guy Friends VS. Girlfriend | JunCurryAhn, JinnyBoyTV, Phở Đặc Biệt, Eden Ang, Jrodtwins, GrimFilm

20592 Folder Collection
Ruby Lu published on July 1, 2016    Ruby Lu translated    Dan Waugh reviewed
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