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Just had dinner with some friends
Haven't vlogged all day as I haven't been out
But now, we're heading back to the hotel as it is freezing and we're exhausted
My friends are laughing at me
They have no clue what I'm doing
We've come here today (what is thie place called? Daxue Road
Daxue Road, that's it
There are a bunch of restaurants, a lot of cafes
We had dinner at this Thai restaurant today
Let's go back
Good morning! I'm currently having breakfast
I'm not really hungry though
So I'm probably going to go out to get some food later
So for now I'm just going to have a croissant and an egg
Let me show you
In the mornings I like to have a croissant with butter and strawberry jam
Along with a hard-boiled egg
And a glass of warm water
I'm now sat down at an Indian restaurant for dinner
It's nearby the Bund
It's very quiet here
Not a lot of people, plus my friends are still laughing at me
(Please wave)
My friends in Shanghai
and my boyfriend
It's so cold!
We're now at (behind the Bund?)
behind the Bund and now walking towards the Bund
for some buns
It's super cold
(I should just go home and sleep)
(Are you cold?)
(You're not cold?)
He's not cold, but I am
(How about you?)
Yup so we just had Indian food which was good
Not bad
But the men are still hungry so
We're off to get some Shanghai buns
I want to get some hairy crab takeaway to eat at the hotel
But my boyfriend doesn't allow it
We're now walking down this street
I completely
have no clue where we are
Oops that scared me
We're at The Bund now!
It is seriously so cold
My hair
So cold that my ears hurt
But yeah, this is it!
Just to show you guys
I think someone's mocking me
They're in the front
They're walking so fast, yet my legs are so short
We're now at the Fairmont Peace Hotel
Wonder if we'll get told off
We just came in to see it
Still so cold
It's really pretty in here
Can you feed me one
Is this it?
He just gave me the shell!
Can you get me one. I'm going to be a brat now
No it's only because
I'm wearing gloves, carrying a bag
and holding my camera
My hands are occupied
Is it good?
You're always hogging it
Old Shanghai women like to use this
It's so hard
the chestnuts
Are yours like that too?
Did you give me the shell?
So hard that I can't chew it
We've lost our friends
Now off to eat steam fried buns
We were just walking down this street but
Of course the things were too pricey I didn't buy anything
But now our friends are taking us to eat
After Indian cuisine
We're now having Shanghainese food
Is it this one?
What's this called. Shanghai Snacks
Now we're here at 'Lo Cheng Chang' which was recommended to me by a viewer
So although it's so cold and we're very full, we still have to try it
(Shouldn't you take off your scarf first?)
(How are you going to eat it?)
(Don't get it on the scarf)
(This scarf is mine)
(I told him not to get it dirty)
(Just take it off!)
We're done with Xiao Long Bao
So full, we had so much to eat today
We're now at this plaza
Can you see, over there?
(Why did you bump into me?)
It says that it's 3 degrees celsius
I've only got two, no one top and a jacket
I didn't bring my heat pads with me because
I thought we were going to go back to the hotel first
We're now trying to get a cab back to the hotel
need to rest because
My boyfriend has to get up early to go to his class tomorrow
We're heading back now
I've come back to where we went to last night because
I don't know where to get lunch
It's frickin freezing
Just thought I'd come back for those steam-fried buns
Because I honestly don't know what to get for lunch
plus it's quite late now about 3pm
It's a Saturday today so it's very busy
So I'm going to hunt for some food first
My hair looks weird. Bye!
Our friend took us to a Japanese restaurant tonight
But we've got to quickly hurry and eat then leave
I'll show you when the food comes!
Just done with dinner
I am so full!
We've now come down to a carpark
Our friend is gonna take us to Xintiandi
I have no idea what it is but
Haven't seen this guy all day
So we're just going to explore a bit
We've now arrived Xintiandi
This is mostly food and beverages
But we just had dinner
So we're just going to walk around for a bit and head back
Since he has a class early tomorrow
We've come out for dinner!
Boyfriend just got back
Chilled for a bit at the hotel and came out for crab
Going back to the first restaurant we went to because I miss it
We're near the iapm mall
It's all designer brands - don't think I'll be shopping here
(It's raining can you feel it?)
Gonna head to dinner now
Boyfriend got a room
Just kidding
They gave us a room to eat in so we've got a bit of privacy
This is what it looks like outside
We reserved 3 hairy crabs for tonight
Not sure if it's enough. I wanted 4
Should be enough
See? He says I am fat too so
So he doesn't get hurt if I call him a fatty too
Yeah we don't want high cholestrol
Put on a red lip today because we finally
have some time for a date night just the two of us
These are our crabs, they aren't that big actually
The ones in Hong Kong seem larger
We've come to Daiso
I didn't come here for makeup, I actually want to buy washi tape
but there's a ton of tools here
There's so much to buy
I've come to Yu Garden today
It's so busy!
A bit scared to be honest, as I'm alone
But I'm here looking for food as I haven't had lunch yet
Going to look for Nanxiang Xiaolongbao
I have no idea where it is
Just met up with my boyfriend
We're going back to Yu Garden as he hasn't been
Going to look for some food on the way
It looks prettier at night with all the lights
There's so much to see here
We're queuing for Xiaolongbao again
Nanxiang Xiaolongbao
22 bucks for 16
(Is it good?)
How come the ones I ate for lunch weren't good?
The thing is when I had these today
(Might be too hot, you go first)
So this afternoon I bought some buns here
and brought them back to the hotel to eat
Because it was just too crazy
With a bag, and a big jacket
And there were so many ppl in the afternoon there were no seats
It's not as quiet as it is now
But the night scene is better
(And how come it's so bright now?)
I didn't put any makeup on today
Our friend bought us here tonight for home cuisine
It's so cool here
The room looks like this
This is my friend
(I'm single)
I'm going to teach my friend some Cantonese
(Say... "I'm very hungry")
(Not bad)
(Yeah right)
We're going for drinks now
(This conversation was too complicated to subtitle. Sorry!)
We're now sat down at..
(What you laughing at?)
At a bar with friends for dessert
We're leaving
We've come to Tianzifang today
We're actually flying home tonight so
We don't have much time lelft
But today's weather is fine, it's not super cold
Although my friend says it's going to be -1 degrees celsius today
My boyfriend's helping me with some photos so he's got all the equipment
This is not his handbag
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BETHNI X SHANGHAI 上海旅遊日記 (English Subs)

824 Folder Collection
李侑承 published on June 24, 2016
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