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Happy Christmas Food Tubers, welcome to my Christmas kitchen. Check it out, we've been
decking the halls, we've got lots of Christmas lights up, and now it's time to cook up something
beautiful and festive. What I'm going to make for you today is a really simple, lovely Christmas
alternative to the classic mince pie. Beautiful Christmas doughnuts.
So, to start off, milk goes in, and we're going to let that just kind of come up to
a little bit of temperature just until it's lukewarm. If you can get your finger in there
and it's nice and warm, if it's too warm for your finger it's too warm for the yeast.
Okay, that's just about right, so I'm going to turn off the heat,
let a little bit of butter in here, while the butter is melting away, let's talk about
the dry ingredients in this. I have some plain flour, a little bit of active dry yeast and
this is straight ready to use, so you can mix that straight into the flour. A little
bit of sugar going in here and a teaspoon of cinnamon for that classic Christmas spice.
Now I have two egg yolks and one whole egg here, which I've just whisked together. I'm
going to mix in our egg yolk, while we're, egg yolks and eggs while we're at it and whack
in the butter and the milk at this point. It's not completely melted but it's not the
end of the world. And then, what I'm going to do is just slowly but surely bring those
dry ingredients into the wet ingredients, and what you should be left with is kind of
a rough dough.
Now just tip it out, just a little bit of flour, dust it over, now we're goin0g to start
working this dough. Because there's yeast in there, we need to knead it, and we need
to knead it because we need to. You know that kind of way? Now if you're worried about kneading
dough, leave me a comment below and I'm happy to answer your questions about it. But what
you should be looking for is a smooth and elastic dough, that springs back when you
touch it with your finger, I'll just show you in just one moment. But as you can see,
like it changes from what's a kind of very loose and kind of rough dough when you first
put it together, to something that is really smooth and elastic. And look at that like,
that's exactly what you're after, it's that springiness that you get left with after kneading
the dough.
And now that I'm completely out of breath, I'm going to put this into a bowl, but before
I pop it into a bowl, so many mince pies, it's Christmas, I'm just
not used to it. Okay, get a little bit of oil in there, something like a light olive
oil or just sunflower oil, and this just prevents it from sticking to the sides, so just lightly
oil the sides. Place that straight in there, this is covered in cling film, it's going
to go into a warm, dark place and rise for two hours.
Okay, we've got dough, it's risen, it's doubled in size, it's been rising for a little over
two hours and now I'm just going to punch it down.
That is the best part! So I'm just going to turn it out, a little bit of flour, just
give it a quick knead. Okay. This goes into the bowl now and it's going to rise again
for three hours, and then it's ready to shape.
Right, we have got a beautiful dough which has risen and now it's time to shape it into
those little doughnut shapes. So just roll it out into a nice kind of sausage shape,
so, yeah this is looking pretty good. So, just using one of these babies or a knife
if you have a knife, just run your blade through it, nice little pieces like this. And then
roll up these little doughnuts into nice little balls like this, that's what you should be
left with, looking beautiful. Okay. So just place them aside, and actually I've just been
joined by my Christmas dog on the set. Max! Max! Look over here! Look over here! Can you
see him? Can you see him?
Back to our doughnuts, beautifully, scented, spiced doughnuts, and now they're going to
rise for about fifteen minutes. After all that rising, we have doughnuts that have risen
up and are looking really, really tasty. So now I need to fry them off, I have a big pot
of sunflower oil and I have a little thermometer in here, so I've got this to about 160°C
and that's the temperature you need to do, to kind of get these evenly fried off. So,
I'm going to place into a little kind of, I don't know what you call these, kind of
little slotted spoony, ladle thing. So I get one of these, place one or two of your doughnuts
in, maybe I'll go for three. And then just lower them gently into the oil. They should start frying.
After about two to three minutes, you've got that lovely golden colour, so turn them over,
let them get another golden colour on the other side, and then drain them. Okay. The
last of our doughnuts are ready to come out, and while they're still beautiful and hot,
what I'm going to do is roll them in a cinnamon sugar. Very, very easy to make, I've got some
sugar, some golden caster sugar, and a little bit of cinnamon. So about two teaspoons going
in here and just quickly mix it through, and what you'll get left with is this really beautiful
kind of aromatic spice sugar. And just sprinkle it all the way across the tray; roll those
hot doughnuts in that cinnamon sugar. And look at that. Beautiful and golden, covered
in fantastic cinnamon sugar, that is a proper doughnut to be proud of. So I'm just going
to do the rest of them.
If you're looking for this recipe, it's in Jamie's magazine, issue 43, and it's the big
Christmas one, he has a big smiley face on him, looking very happy and very festive.
And for Food Tubers worldwide, there's 40% discount off subscriptions, you can check
it out in the details below. So a last sprinkle of that Christmas sugar, and in a piping bag
like this, I'm going to up the Christmas ante, I'm going to add a little bit of Cranberry
sauce, straight into the centre of this. Great hit of Christmas beauty. And, just poke this
in, and kind of fill it with this Cranberry sauce until you feel it nice and plump inside.
So err, if you push too hard, on your piping bag, this can happen.
But don't worry, you can just, you can just eat this one, this one is one that I'm going
to eat, okay. So. That is Christmas in
one big mouthful. Properly delicious Christmas food, better than any mince pie you've ever
tasted, this is seriously good.
And, if you want to see more beautiful Christmas recipes or more recipes in general, I want
you to subscribe to Food Tube right in the details below. So check it out!
Throughout December, the Food Tube family are giving you brand new
videos every single day, full of great recipes, tips and festive fun. Subscribe to Food Tube,
it's free! And together, we'll make it the best Christmas ever. Lots of love, Mr. O.
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Donal's Christmas Donuts

599 Folder Collection
江晨光 published on May 16, 2016
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