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Hello guys!
After many requests, I wanted to show you
a few tips on how to improve your handwriting.
Sometimes, changing your handwriting
can be crucial in order to make it less of a burden
to read your own notes,
as well as keeping more organized documents.
Choose a good pen.
You have no idea how the right pen
makes a difference in your handwriting.
the finer the better,
and look for smudge proof pens.
Forget what everyone told you
about the right way to hold a pen.
Experiment with different positions
and find on that is comfortable on the wrist
and doesn't hurt your fingers.
Write down the alphabet.
See what letters you're more unhappy about.
Do you think your "a" and your "o" are too similar?
Try to find a way to make them different
and more readable.。
Circle the letters you want to change
and keep those you are happy with.
Get inspiration online.
There are many pictures of there of people
with fabulous handwriting
get some inspiration and copy down those words
or letters that you wish you could incorporate
into your own handwriting.
Replace them in your written alphabet
and see if they fit.
Understand if you should write in cursive form.
Writing with your letters joined or separated
can be a MAJOR game changer in your handwriting.
Understand what's more comfortable on your hand
and figure out if it actually improves your writing speed
since you don't lift your hand from the paper as much
which results in a more fluid writing.
Experiment with slanting
Slanting is one of the major factors
that can also improve or ruin your handwriting.
Try a slight slant to your sentences
and see if the quality of your handwriting improves
or gets even more illegible.
test how faster or slower
your writing speed becomes
by using slanted letters.
Distinguish your lower case letters from upper case letters.
One of the most confusing things in text
can be to distinguish between upper case and lower case.
Experiment a bit,
and try to find a way to differentiate between them.
Try to increase size
or change the design of the letter altogether.
Write down some paragraphs
with your new, improved handwriting.
If you're struggling with any letters,
repeat the process,
until you find the style that suits you better.
The text should look cohesive and almost typed in.
Chose the spacing between words
Another thing that can really be confusing on a written text
is the space you put between words.
Not enough space can trick your eye into linking two words together
and that detracts from the text.
On the other hand,
having a big space between two words
can also reduce your attention span
and make the text look messy.
Don't be afraid of repeating this process
a few times until you find the right handwriting for you.
If you think your handwriting looks nice
but it takes too much of your time, change it.
Try to find a balance between
neat and practical
and stick with it.
I'll see you on my next video! Bye!
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How to Improve Handwriting in 10 Steps

870 Folder Collection
Serena Wu published on May 14, 2016    Vera translated    Evangeline reviewed
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