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President Obama went out with a bang at his last white house correspondent's dinner
I do apologize. I know I was a little late tonight. I was running on C.P.T.
which stands for "jokes that white people should not make."
Even some foreign leaders, they've been looking ahead, anticipating my departure.
Last week, Prince George showed up to our meeting in his bathrobe.
That was a slap in the face.
Next year at this time, someone else will be standing here in this very spot,
and it's anyone's guess who she will be.
But you know I've got to talk about Trump! Come on!
Is this dinner too tacky for The Donald? What could he possibly be doing instead?
Is he at home, eating a Trump Steak, tweeting out insults to Angela Merkel? What's he doing?
And with that, I just have two more words to say, Obama out.
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'Obama out': President Obama gets last laugh at 'Nerd Prom'

125336 Folder Collection
Shirley Huang published on June 24, 2016    Shirley Huang translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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