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What's up y'all?
This your boy Dwight Howard and this is my 360.
We are here at the Toyota Center,
the place where all the rockets fly.
Every time I walk into the gym I see big Dwight and he like,
let's have a good day.
So I'm fixing to show y'all the locker room,
the practice court, and the weight room.
Let's go have some fun.
Over here is a key pad.
But y'all can't see me put my code in.
Don't be peeking.
I'll see y'all on the inside.
All right y'all, this is our locker room.
This locker room is one of best locker rooms I have ever seen.
This is where all the fun happens.
We got the big screen TV, we watch plays
on one TV, football games, basketball games,
on the other TV.
This is where all the dancing happens.
And over here, my locker.
Hey, my dad sent this to me.
This says, play like there is no tomorrow.
This is my favorite thing in the locker room.
And before I go to the gym I always
come down here, get some of my special kicks,
lace them up, and go have a good night.
I'm going to show y'all the weight room where all
the buffness happens.
Let's go.
97, 98, it's almost summer time, get the guns ready, 99, 100.
This the weight room y'all.
The room that I love the most.
Because I get to show these, baby.
Over here, one of my favorite machines, the pit shark.
If you want some strong legs, if you
want to be able to jump over your opponent,
if you want to be able to get on the block and nobody
can move you but a mack truck, get on the pit shark.
I just showed y'all the locker room.
This is the weight room.
Let's go upstairs to the best place on Earth.
I'll see you up there.
All right y'all, this is my favorite part of the arena,
the practice court.
The place is my sanctuary, my home, my heart, my love.
The gym.
This is where we get our shots up at.
This is where we have all our practices.
This is where we have the most fun.
I love this place.
You know one place I spend a lot of time at?
The spot I'm at right now, the free throw line, baby.
But before I go I want to show y'all something,
my favorite shot, the half court Jimmy.
So I just take myself here, give myself a little dance,
and then I go up with the-- whoa.
Swish baby swish.
I'll holler at y'all later.
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Houston Rockets Locker Room Tour with Dwight Howard (360 video)

11830 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on June 8, 2016    Grace Chen translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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