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  • As humans, most of us experience the world through our eyes. We are experts at

  • instantly interpreting visual information into common language that we

  • can share and understand. Every business today

  • struggles to understand and organize information quickly and accurately.

  • Visual information is even harder.

  • What if a computer could do the same thing? What if a computer could see?

  • Introducing IBM Watson Visual Recognition. Visual Recognition

  • understands visual data. It could turn piles of images into organized

  • information. However as humans we spend our lives learning and some of us become experts

  • in a particular subject matter. If you ask a sportscaster they will tell you

  • that this is a New York team. A car salesman will tell you that this car

  • model is a hybrid.

  • And insurance agents will tell you it's a hybrid with a broken window. As humans

  • we learn. What if we could teach a computer to do the same? Visual recognition can

  • learn any type of visual data. Training is easy, simply send over a set of

  • training images, such as images of car windows broken and unbroken or images

  • of a car model such as a hybrid and images of other cars that are not a

  • hybrid. Visual recognition learns the differences between the two categories.

  • When it comes across a new image it hasn't seen before, it can distinguish

  • which category it falls in. Is this window broken? Which car does my customer prefer? Me to

  • understand and organize piles of images? Me to understand what your customers are

  • posting about on Facebook. Just ask Visual Recognition for the answers. Get

  • started today with Watson Visual Recognition. What will you see in your

  • data? Want to learn more? Contact us today and learn how all of the IBM

  • Watson Vision Services can help your business today. Visit us online.

As humans, most of us experience the world through our eyes. We are experts at

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IBM Watson Visual Recognition

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