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Some people think a closer is just another relief pitcher. Well, those people are wrong.
The closer has to have nerves of steel and an extreme amount of confidence bordering on arrogance and cockiness.
Every time a closer comes into the game the game is literally on the line.
The only time you'll ever see a closer hop out of the bullpen and hop onto
the mound is when his team needs a save. He'll come in the 9th inning. His responsibility
is just to get three outs. Those are the three toughest outs of the entire game.
If the closer is in the game, that means that his team is up by three runs or fewer in the 9th inning
and he's brought in to protect that lead. He is generally expected to strike out every batter that steps to the plate.
batter that steps to the plate. He's viewed, often times, as a failure if a single runner gets on base
because that puts his team in jeopardy of losing the game.
So, the closer has to have an extreme amount of confidence to be able to do that day in and day out.
Sometimes a closer will pitch two and three nights in a row whereas a starting pitcher
will have five days rest between starts. The closer comes into the game anytime the lead is in jeopardy.
Your closers are generally hard throwing, power pitchers with two to three pitches.
Usually, he'll have a fast ball, he'll have a mild change up,
and some sort of breaking pitch like a split finger or a slider. Some of your prominent closers
are Troy Percivel, Mariano Rivera is probably the most famous. These guys really, really
get the wins when it's necessary. The closer is a modern invention of baseball.
It really didn't exist 20 years ago. The save was just a throw away category. But, as the game has evolved
and pitchers and players become more specialized, the closer becomes more important to the game.
He's always in the game when the game is on the line.
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Baseball Positions & Roles : How to be a Closer in Baseball

458 Folder Collection
Pedroli Li published on April 14, 2016    Jerry Liu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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