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- [Voiceover] We Bare Bears is the new
cartoon kid on the block, but it's already amassed
a huge and loyal following.
Fans love watching the trio of brother bears master
the art of the selfie and more while trying to find
their place in the San Francisco Bay area.
My name is Tim and today on Channel Frederator,
we're counting down 107 facts about We Bare Bears.
Let's get started.
Hashtag Ice bear for president.
Number one, the series was originally a web comic titled
The Three Bare Bears.
Each comic featured the bears in their
signature stack formation, except when they're babies,
then they're in their box. Aw.
Number two, the series and comic were created by
Danial Chong, an animator and storyboard artist whose
previous film credits include Inside Out,
The Lorax, Cars Two, and Bolt.
Which is weird because those are all CG movies,
and We Bare Bears looks very traditional.
Number three, Chong got his degree at
the prestigious California Institute of Arts,
and he was certainly part of an impressive crew.
Pendleton Ward, J.G. Quintel, and Patrick McHale,
were all attending CalArts around the same time.
Number four, in 2014, Chong won an Annie Award
for outstanding achievement in storyboarding
for the TV special, Toy Story of Terror.
The Annie Awards are essentially the Oscars of animation,
so this is a pretty big deal because we all know
that animation is snubbed at the Oscars. They're movies too.
Number five, the concept first arose when Chong was in
a library trying to make his girlfriend's niece laugh.
I wish my attempts to impress my girlfriend
resulted in successful cartoon shows.
Number six, Chong's appreciation for bears began
during his time living in the Bay area.
Specifically, he lived near UC Berkeley,
whose school mascot is, you guessed it, a bear.
It doesn't tell us what kind of bear, though.
Is it a grizzly? Or is it a panda or an ice bear?
Number seven, this influence also lead Chong
to set the show in San Francisco.
The city's skyline is prevalent throughout.
Even the forest the bears live in share many characteristics
with the areas outside San Francisco.
Number eight, We Bare Bears was pitched
while Chong was still working at Pixar.
There were several years of hiatus between
the end of the web comic and Chong's
adaptation of the concept into a TV series.
Number nine, Chong created the pilot short
of We Bare Bears with the support of
the Cartoon Network Studios Global Artists Program.
Number 10, the pilot premiered
at the Annecy International Animation Festival in June 2015.
While the series sticks to an 11 minute format,
the pilot was a seven minute long short,
which I'm pretty sure is actually long for a short.
Number 11, the bears personalities
were not very refined in the comic.
Their main differences are slight nuances in their speech.
For example, Ice bear has just
always talked in the third person.
- Ice bear wants justice.
- [Voiceover] Number 12, once he started shaping the show,
Chong saw the bears as brothers and used
that dynamic to shape their personalities.
Grizz, the oldest, is super outgoing.
Panda, the middle child, is more introverted and emotional.
Ice bear is the youngest child that no one understands,
but is still the best character.
Like, I get it, I'm definitely seeing more of myself
in Panda, but Ice Bear is the best character.
Number 13, their status as brothers was a bi-product
of the stack Chong has always drawn them in.
Grizz on top, Ice Bear on bottom,
with Panda logically in the middle.
Except in the episode, Up Top.
Number 14, while Chong has based the personalities
of all three bears on different aspects of
his own personality, he says Panda is
the closest to himself in real life.
He can't choose a favorite bear, though.
Number 15, Chong's comedic and artistic style
was influenced by The Wrong Trousers,
and Peanut shorts, the comic strips
Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, and Garfield,
and the Winnie the Pooh book series.
That's a lot of influences.
I definitely see the Peanuts, though.
Number 16, for the show's aesthetic,
Chong wanted it to feel natural, as if real media
was being used even though it was created digitally.
As a result, many of the lines are soft and rounded
and the background are colored with a watercolor appearance.
Number 17, the theme song is sung by
Grammy Award winning singer Estelle,
who also coincidentally voices Garnet on Steven Universe.
Number 18, if you look closely at the intro,
the gold phone Grizz uses to take the selfie is different
from the black one which shows up in the series title card.
But if we're taking this literally, I guess the title
wouldn't have been photographed either.
Number 19, during the show's intro, Ice Bear can be
seen waving and wearing a crown, lipstick,
and a sash that says, "HONORABLE MENTION".
However, Steve Harvey accidentally
said that he was the winner.
Number 20, ever wondered who makes those catchy songs?
The lyrics are written by Chong and the music is composed
by Brad Breeck who also composes for Gravity Falls.
Most of the songs from the show are also available
for blissful listening on Breech's SoundCloud.
If you're listening Brad, I'd really like
an version of Fury Heart because
I am a sucker for 80s montage music.
Number 21, the music of We Bare Bears
frequently parodies popular music, especially rap and pop.
Who can forget the resulting hits
such as Step Off Playa and Fro-Yo Song.
Again, I'm a fan of Fury Hearts and will not be dissuaded.
Number 22, Grizz is voiced by Eric Edelstein,
who also voices Chad in Clarence,
and he's played an ill-fated padlock supervisor
in Jurassic World who gets eaten by a dinosaur.
Number 23, Edelstein practiced his voice acting skills
when he was a preteen by prank calling
a radio station in Portland.
Some people have a voice for radio,
and some people have a voice for pranking radio.
Number 24, Edelstein has admitted that
his personality is incredibly similar to Grizz's.
He once joked, "Look at me, I'm a bear in real life
"and now I'm finally getting paid for it."
Number 25, Edelstein has an actual jean jacket
with a tiger on the back.
No word if it brings him super luck, though.
Number 26, Sam Lavagnino, the voice of Baby Grizz,
is also the voice of Catbug from Bravest Warriors.
Number 27, the voice behind the adorable
Panda is Bobby Moynihan, who is also
a comedian on Saturday Night Live.
Number 28, Moynihan loves how both kids
and adults can enjoy We Bare Bears,
and his mother also approves.
Number 29, Moynihan has remarked that
his personality is similar to his character's,
except he's not quite as sensitive
and technologically inclined.
Does that mean he can draw like Panda can draw?
I want to see a drawing by Bobby Moynihan.
Number 30, Baby Panda is played
by the adorable Duncan Joiner.
Number 31, Ice Bear is voiced
by stand-up comedian Demetri Martin.
Martin is famous for being an endearingly awkward comedian,
so we feel this is the perfect casting.
Number 32, baby Ice Bear never speaks.
He communicates through action,
and also a mechanical talking fish.
Number 33, this show is one of
Cartoon Network's most recent additions.
The first episode aired on July 27th, 2015,
and people were basically asking for
107 facts July 28th, 2015.
Number 34, Chong is a huge basketball fan.
That's why the very first scene in the first episode
is of the bears playing in the park and losing horribly.
They get one basket, though.
Number 35, Panda's phone is his most prized possession
and it makes an appearance in almost every episode.
He says, "It's his life and soul in rectangular form."
Panda speaks for most of the millennials on this one.
- Be careful with this, please?
It is my life and soul in rectangular form.
- [Voiceover] Number 36, Chong thinks one of the most
relateable moments in the shows still early history
is in Viral Video, where Grizz makes a video
and spends the night in front of the computer
desperately clicking and re-clicking refresh.
I certainly know the feeling. I also know the feeling
of the first comment you see being a negative one.
Number 37, YouTube in the We Bare Bear's
universe is called Everyone's Tube.
Number 38, one of the most famous internet celebrities
in We Bare Bear is Nom Nom, the koala.
Nom Nom's video, "Koala eats Leaf, Wow"
has 50,000,000 views.
While impressive, this may be slightly unrealistic
because the real life adorable video of a baby koala
eating leaves has only 155,000 views.
Hey everyone, taking a quick break from We Bare Bear facts
to let you know what's coming up next week.
So on Tuesday on Cartoon Hangover,
we have 107 facts about the Spiderman animated series.
Then on Thursday on channel Frederator we have
107 more facts about Steven Universe, because it turns out
that you people really love Steven Universe.
And with that, back to We Bare Bears.
Number 39, Nom Nom is voiced by Patton Oswalt.
Number 40, Grizzly loves salmon bagels more
than almost any other food and actual salmon
is a major part of a grizzly bear's diet,
which might just be because salmon tastes really good.
I don't know if that's a bear thing
or just a salmon is really good thing.
Number 41, the bears find a good friend in Chloe,
a prodigy attending college, but who feels more comfortable
with the bears than with her classmates,
which is fair because if you're not in college,
relating to college students is actually pretty difficult.
Number 42, in the show Chloe's age is never defined.
The show's staff has explained that she doesn't have a
specific age, but is between 10 and 12 years old.
Number 43, Charlyne Ye, the voice of Chloe,
is also Ruby from Steven Universe.
Number 44, after observing the bears habits,
she recognizes that Panda's diet
mainly consists of ramen and more ramen,
but that could be different kinds of ramen to be fair.
Number 45, when slowed down, the error screen that appears
at the end of Chloe's presentation says the following,
"Something is messed up, too many flame GIF's,
"way too many, overload, really don't know what to do here.
"This program is like for nine year olds.
"Whatever you did, you should not have done that."
Number 46, Yo Date, the dating app
that Panda uses is a parody of Tinder.
Number 47, at the end of the episode Chloe,
the bears and Chloe watch a TV show
that is a reference to the Peanuts.
Like we mentioned earlier, Peanuts was
a huge influence for Chong.
Number 48, the song Girl Be Sellin' Sunshine
featured in the episode, Panda's Date,
is the first song in the series sung by one of the bears.
Number 49, Lucy from the farmers market
is voiced by the very funny Ellie Kemper.
Number 50, who says that bears don't need corrected vision?
Panda has terrible eyesight and wears contact lenses.
Number 51, on Panda's Facebook, he has 256 friends
at the beginning of the episode Everyday Bears.
By the end of the mouse's escapades,
his friend count is at 44.
People take social media posts very seriously in this world.
Number 52, the song "I Have Time" from
the heartbreaking episode Burrito, is sung by Dia Frampton,
who was the runner up for The Voice, season one.
Dia Frampton is now the lead singer of the band Archis.
Number 53, in order to complete
The Purrito Burrito challenge,
a customer must eat 19 burritos in one hour.
Some of the flavors include fajita steak burrito,
crazy meat, baja halibut, and jalapeno chicken burrito.
With the exception of crazy meat, which could be fine,
all of those sound actually amazing.
Number 54, the bear stack contains a powerful force.
If the brothers fall while stacked,
they'll stay in formation.
Number 55, when super hungry, the bears
may slip into a primal mode.
They basically start acting like
real ferocious bears in search of food
but they won't remember anything about the experience.
From their perspective, it looks like they're getting froyo.
Number 56, the decision machine which
Grizz uses to determine who gets the jean jacket,
the probability of marker landing on one of
the bears spots correlates with their ages.
Grizz takes up the most space because he's the oldest,
then Pan Pan and Ice Bear last.
Number 57, Marie, the host of Mornings with Marie
wears a shirt that references
the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda.
Number 58, in the movie theater that the bears visit
in Shush Bears, there are several movie posters
on the walls that parody classic films.
All the Feels is a reference to Beauty and the Beast,
Really Really Fast is Fast and Furious,
Here Comes the Popo is Starsky and Hutch,
and Space Conflict is Star Wars.
Number 59, it's also revealed in Shush Bears
that the brothers take an interpretive dance class,
which is why Panda has the black body suits in his backpack.
Number 60, the film Solar Eclipse of the Night
featured in Shush Bears is also
a parody of the Twilight series.
Each time Solar Eclipse is shown,
the actresses facial expression is
exactly the same in all of the scenes,
similar to a certain actresses performance in Twilight.
The release date on the movie poster for the film
also says 12/25, so it's a Christmas release.
Number 61, you would assume Panda would be
the brothers' resident poet, right? Wrong.
Though we have yet to see his work,
Grizzly has implied that he writes poetry,
and Ice Bear has out and said that he did in Panda's Match.
Ice Bear writes poetry in French.
Number 62, in the episode My Clique,
when Chloe goes back home to do homework
and her parents talk to the bears,
she can be seen watching Adventure Time.
She has some pretty cool homework.
Number 63, Chong has emphasized that
at it's heart, the show is really just about
outcasts trying to find a place to belong,
which makes Grizzly's desperation for friends even sadder.
Number 64, Chloe's mother is played by Niki Yang who does
the voices of Beemo and Lady Rainicorn in Adventure Time.
Ice Bear therefore has the right idea
when he meets her for the first time.
- Hello! - Hi! - (speaking Korean)
- [Voiceover] Number 65, as Ice Bear's greeting hinted,
Chloe and her family are Korean American.
Park is a popular Korean surname.
Number 66, Ice Bear is multilingual to an impressive degree.
In addition to speaking Korean, he also knows
some Japanese, Russian, and French,
even if he jumbles them somewhat.
Number 67, Charlie is the first episode
to only take place in one location, the cave.
I imagine the background artist really liked that episode.
Number 68, Chong describes Charlie
as the Kramer of We Bare Bears.
The joke being humanity can never find him
or prove he exists, but the bears can't get rid of him.
As if they weren't feeling
isolated enough from human society.
Number 69, Charlie is voiced by Jason Lee,
who also voiced Syndrome from The Incredibles.
Number 70, in early concept drawings Chong made of Charlie,
he looks like an elongated version of The Lorax,
which Chong also worked on.
He probably was changed up somewhat because
you don't want to mess with Dr. Suess' lawyers I'm sure.
Number 71, the only recurring characters
that are nonhumans who speak are Nom Nom and Charlie.
Number 72, Chong has admitted the toughest
episode to make was Brother Up.
Number 73, Grizz, Pan Pan, and Ice Bear
have been living in their cave for over five years.
Number 74, "Ice Bear likes turtles"
is a reference to the viral video of
Timothy the zombie kid on the channel eight news.
Number 75, the episode Panda Sneeze
is a reference to the viral video of a panda sneezing.
Number 76, the scene where the cubs fight against
a hitchhiker for their turf in the episode The Road
follows Chong's webcomic Backpack and the Three Baby Bears.
The scene is almost identical to the comic strip.
Number 77, storyboard artist Madeline Sharafian initially
storyboarded the musical number sequence in the episode
The Road to a Michael Bolton song as temp music.
Number 78, over 43 different tote designs can be found
in the episode Tote Life when the bears hoard totes.
Number 79, Celine, the woman who the bears
have a video date with claims to be from Paramus,
yet she mispronounces it, which must mean she's
also lying about being from New Jersey.
Number 80, as babies, the brothers were very briefly
separated when they were adopted to different homes.
Their owners gave them some pretty excellent names though.
Grizzly became Spike, Ice Bear became Fabio,
and Panda became Mr. Sprinkles.
Number 81, in the episode Chloe and Ice Bear,
a few of the chores Ice Bear wants to get done
include picking up foot cream for Grizz,
getting Panda's scarves from the dry cleaners,
and buying new running shoes for Grizz.
Wait, Grizz is on top of the stack,
why would he need running shoes?
Number 82, the bears prefer to drink diet soda,
as seen on the pilot episode and
on the bears' to do list on Chloe and Ice Bear.
Number 83, in concept art for the episode
Chloe and Ice Bear, both of Chloe's parents
are seen picking Chloe and Ice Bear
up from the museum, but in the episode
only Chloe's mom picks them up.
Number 84, the albino alligator Ice Bear is so drawn to
is a reference to Claude the albino alligator,
who you can see at The California Academy of Sciences.
Don't feed him a sandwich though.
Number 85, there are real life cupcake ATMs
like the ones the bears have to operate
in the episode Cupcake Job.
Number 86, when the bears try to get a job,
in their resume, they list the following skills:
Grizz: firm handshaking, touching nose with tongue,
high fives low fives, too slow.
Panda: artist. Ice Bear: Ninja, commanding army.
Number 87, the first We Bare Bears short to be released
on Cartoon Network's YouTube channel was Bear Cleaning.
Number 88, in the short Nom Nom vs. The Hamster,
Nom Nom parodies this popular koala meme.
Number 89, a young version of Hamster from
Nom Nom vs. Hamster can be seen
in one of the displays at the pet shop.
Number 90, two of the dancers in the short Panda's Dream
are based on two artists who work on
We Bare Bears, Sarah Sobole and Solby Park.
Number 91, on August 13th 2015, Newsrama.com released
an interview they conducted with
Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear. In the interview,
they dished out several interesting secrets.
Number 92, Grizz is a huge fan of people food.
Some of his favorites are hamburgers, mac and cheese pizza,
bacon wrapped hot dogs, onion flavored chips,
chip flavored onions, and peanut butter smoothies.
Number 93, Panda has a severe peanut allergy
and will not be coerced into drinking a peanut butter
smoothie no matter how much Grizz tempts him.
Number 94, when asked during the interview what he likes
about humans, Ice Bear responded, "Ice Bear admires
"the human spirit, mostly in ghost form."
Number 95, when in bear stack mode,
Grizz sees himself as captain of the ship,
which is why he's at the top of the bear stack.
Panda is confused as to which part of the boat he is.
Ice Bear believes he is the boat.
Number 96, Grizz's greatest role models
are Auguste and Louis Lumiere,
the inventors of cinematography.
Grizz is also in denial about them being humans
and believes they were actually bears.
Number 97, Ice Bear is his own role model.
Number 98, in five years, Panda sees himself living
in the country with his future wife,
living in a cobblestone cottage next to a creek.
Number 99, bear fun fact from official Instagram:
Pan Pan can send over 50 Snapchats in under an hour.
Number 100, another bear fun fact
from the official Instagram: Grizz can run
as fast as 35 miles per hour to the farmers market
when trying to get there before it closes.
Number 101, and another bear fun fact
from the official Instagram: Ice Bear will always
win staring contests he competes in.
Number 102, all the bears are ambidextrous.
None of the bears have an established dominant paw.
Usually it depends on the shot and what looks best for it,
otherwise they're super skilled using all paws.
Especially Ice Bear. He can wield an axe in either hand.
Number 103, when coming up for the plot lines
of We Bare Bears, Chong and the writers are primarily
inspired by technology and current fads.
That's how you get episodes about internet stars,
food trucks, and jean jackets I guess.
Number 104, the shows crew has a Tumblr called
We Draw Bears, that features backgrounds, sketches,
prop mockups, and original paintings
from artists of the show.
If you're into art you should totally check it out.
Number 105, many of Chong's miscellaneous comics
including a pretty great series about hipster pasta people
can be found on his Tumblr, which to our delight
is called TheIceBearJudgesYou.
Number 106, We Bare Bears has teamed up
with MIT Media Lab to create a game
that teaches players how to code.
And finally number 107, just two weeks after its debut
We Bare Bears was renewed for a second season.
Thank you for watching ToonedUp 107's
where we cover everything you've ever wanted to know
about your favorite cartoons.
If you like this video, you might also enjoy
107 Facts About the Amazing World of Gumball
or 107 Facts About Steven Universe.
In case you want to prep for next week when we do 107 more.
Also, if you haven't heard, we have
a phone number you can call to let us know
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Our phone number is 917-408-3733.
That's 917-408-FRED.
So go ahead, give us a call, let us know your name
and where you're from, and if we really like your voicemail
you might even get it featured in an episode.
Send us a message and remember, Frederator loves you.
Yes, hello Channel Frederator, this is Tim from Los Angeles,
this time it wasn't a real call, they'll probably take
my phone privileges away if I keep calling the hotline.
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107 Facts About We Bare Bears - (ToonedUp #82) @ChannelFred

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