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Welcome to How To Cook That, I'm Ann Reardon and today after many, many, many requests
we are making an EOS lip balm cake. And the top is filled with candy.
For the cake part you will need a double quantity of my sponge cake recipe baked in a big heat
proof bowl. And I'll put all of the recipe quantities
on the howtocookthat.net website and I'll put the bowl size there too.
Lots of people ask why are the quantities on the website not in the video, it's because
people all over the world use different ways of measuring, some use cups, some use grams,
some use ounces and if I give you all of those quantities it's going to make a really boring
For the cake filling wash your strawberries and then cut off the hull and quarter them.
And I'm making a strawberry EOS so we have to have strawberries in it.
Put the jam in a saucepan and then heat it until it just starts to steam, then add in
those strawberries. Stir it just for a minute to heat them through, but we don't want them
really soft. Remove it from the heat and let them cool completely before you use it in
the cake.
Slice the cake into three layers. Put the bottom one on a small round cake board and
spread white chocolate ganache over the top. Pipe a border of ganache around the edge and
this is just to stop the filling from spilling out.
And then scoop on a generous amount of those strawberries and repeat that all the way up
to the top.
Then smooth a thin layer of ganache over the whole cake and refrigerate that until it firms
Once it is firm cover the whole thing in a coat of buttercream. That first coat we gave
it with the ganache just helps to catch all of the crumbs so when we put this second coat
of butter cream on it's easier to get it nice and smooth.
To smooth the edges just take a piece of acetate or flexible plastic and run it up the sides.
Just curving it and running it up gently up the sides. And once you've got that all smooth
you can it back in the fridge again for about an hour.
And then cover the whole thing with pink fondant. Lift up the edges and smooth it down. Fondant
is a bit strange in that it looks like it's not going to fit, it looks like there's too
much there but if you just keep lifting and lowering and smoothing it down, it all just
seems to fit and it all just comes together.
Once you've got it smooth all the way down to the base just use a knife to trim off the
excess around where the cake board is.
For the lip balm part you're going to need a hemi-sphere baking tin. Add some acetate
around the top so it can make it a bit higher. And just make sure that you've lightly greased
the inside of that tin.
Now we want to pour in the white chocolate and then place that whole thing in a sink
of cold water and this is just going to make it set faster so that we can work with the
chocolate there. Just spread it up the sides and all the way up to the top around the acetate.
And then place that in the fridge for at least an hour so that it's set nice and hard. Then
tip it over and tip it out of the tin and remove the acetate. Using the mould just gives
us that perfect smooth sphere just like the EOS lip balms.
If the bottom edge is uneven just use a hot knife to cut it so that the top of it is sitting
Cover a wooden board in wrapping paper, I'm using bright purple, you can use whatever
you want and then add the base into place towards the back.
Fill the chocolate top with lollies or candy or if you had a big budget you could fill
it with EOS lip balms!
And place a cake board over the top of that and then flip the whole thing over.
Bring it over the cake and then lower one side gently down there... and then slide out
the board out. Move it over so that it is in the centre of the cake.
Wrap a strip of fondant around the base of the chocolate just smooth it on.
Then wrap some smaller strips around that area to make it look like the screw threads.
For the lid cover another bowl with plastic wrap, pulling tightly and then rub a little
oil all over it.
Roll out some pink fondant and drape it over the bowl. And then just like we did with the
base, lift and smooth, lift and smooth, smoothing that fondant all the way down to the counter.
Use a knife to trim off the excess ... and then just rub it gently with your finger to
smooth it off.
Using the back of your knife draw a line for where that flat bit on the side of the lid
is, where your thumb sits.
Place the EOS letters on top and trace around them using your knife and this will just leave
a gentle indent on the fondant so that you can see where to draw your letters.
Use a little piece of food safe plastic tubing and use it to press and make indents for each
of the letters.
For the S, use the end of the tube to draw it on. If you can make this a few days ahead
I'd suggest adding tylose powder to the fondant which makes it dry out faster, then you can
remove the bowl underneath the fondant. But if you are making it the day before or the
day of the party then you'll need to leave it on the bowl for support.
Place the lid next to the cake and there you have your giant EOS cake.
And now you can cut into it using a hot knife to gently cut neat slices or you can let the
birthday girl or boy smash the top like a pinata, that is much more fun and then all
the lollies fall out. Don't you just wish you reach through the screen and grab one
and eat it.
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Click here for last week's mini bakery video here for the recipe and
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This cake was requested by... Ellie Irving
Fabienne goossens Kayla Honey
Adriana Valencia Amber Crane
Zaina Rashid Aanijah Bryant
Britney Aguirre Karlie Norris
Kevin Dugan Kaelyn Ssg
Sophia Abdulkarim Afruza Quayum
Reanna and Alicia Alexandra Rayos
Liz Saraah Kalifa
Kaitlyn Gray Aloha Samson
Afzal Adam Lauren Baskey
Pedro flores Dayana Love
Ersa Soy Crafty Girl
Zahra Alii Shy Kitty Amber
Put all your requests in the comments below
Make it a great week and I'll see you Friday.
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DIY GIANT EOS LIP BALM CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon diy EOS

862 Folder Collection
VEra Chou published on April 7, 2016
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