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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!
So today is Day 15 of the Odigo 47
Where I'll be travelling to all 47 prefectures
in Japan
So I'll be vlogging every day so stay up to date
And today is Day 15, Day 3 of Trip 2
So if you guys missed Day 1 through 12 of Trip 1 please check that out!
And today we are heading to Yamagata!
Near Sendai
Sendai is in Miyagi so the prefecture to the east of Yamagata
So today we are going to Yamadera
which is one of the most famous temples
it's up in the mountains
So it's supposed to be a lot of nice views
we'll probably take a lot of pictures
And then after that we're going to the Ginzan Onsen
which is kind of a small traditional historic onsen town
The streets are so narrow that actually cars cannot go inside
So you have to park the car a little far away and walk around through that town
and I'm accompanied by .....another Chris
Superior Chris
A Superior Chris because he can speak in a British accent
Harry Potter!
And we have Kim Dao over here...AKA Pikachu
So we just made it to the Yamadera area, like the entrance
and we parked our car
as you can see!
And only in Japan so check this out!
So here is the price and it says right here
in Japanese it says
If the guy who is working here is not here
Then on this piece of paper write down your license plate
and put 500 yen inside here
and you can pay
That is only in Japan
look how trustworthy this system is
So we've started the climb
up to the top
Supposedly its supposed to take 30 minutes
We will see
And there are a lot of stairs.
So we might be a little bit winded by the end.
I'll take you on our adventure.
So we are just at the entrance. That's the entrance right there.
30 minutes climb up to the top.
And it's 300 yen per person. So very cheap.
And all of the... Wow, wow!
I'm gonna show you what I'm looking at right now.
We have made it So like 20 minute mark point, supposedly.
So we have like 10 minutes more of this up hill.
Headed to the part of the top area where the famous part is. Right here.
We just made it to one of the observation decks
And this view is absolutely gorgeous.
Okay, welcome to Showakan.
We made it to Ginzan Onsen. And now we are in ryokan, right now.
We are just chilling right there.
What up, guys. We are finally at Ginzan Onsen.
And this place is gorgeous.
You're probably seeing I'm putting a lot of inserts right now.
Look how beautiful this place is.
And there's actually a footbath you can go into.
So many ryokan, Japanese style inns around here.
And we are gonna hit up the onsen later tonight
because it's open 24 hours.
and we're gonna frolic around the night. A little surprise we'll give you guys later.
but me and Kim are gonna have some fun.
And I'll see you guys later.
There's Kim Dao.
We are here in this nice private room right now.
It's actually a course meal, I think. I think she's gonna bring many many things.
Like a... I think it's got 3 dishes, I believe.
5 dishes.
Bottoms up, baby.
Bottoms up, baby.
It's really good.
What up!
We finished the onsen today, Ginzan onsen. We finished Yamadera today here in Yamagata.
It was amazing. The view from the temple was really good.
The onsen was really relaxing.
So it has been a good day. Kind of a... more of a chill day.
We did get a lot of footage done. So it's very... how do I say?
It was very efficient. Here's the word.
And today was day 15 of the Odigo 47 where I'll be vlogging everyday
where I travel to all 47 prefectures in Japan
It is day 3 of trip 2.
So if you guys missed trip 1 which was day 1 to 12, please check that out.
And I'm accompanied by Chris over here who is editing.
And Kim is getting her beauty on.
So we are all staying in this Japanese style inn, ryokan tonight.
And tomorrow, we are going to the Mount Zaō in Yamagata to check out snow mosters.
It must be awesome.
And we are gonna stay at Yamagata city tomorrow night.
So that should be cool.
If you don't know what Odigo is, please check the link down the about section.
It's basically just a travel website to bring more tourists to Japan.
So we are trying to promote Japan in a good way, creative way,
show you guys places that normal tourists would not go to.
So I guess I see you guys tomorrow.
What up! I'm Yoshi.
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Most Traditional Onsen (Hot Spring) Town in Northern Japan! |Day 15 - Yamagata

347 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on April 7, 2016
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