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What up, today is day 19.
It's not 19. Wait, is it 19? Wait.
What up, today is day 19 or day 7 of trip 2.
If you guys missed trip1, please check that,
that was day 1 to 12.
And today we are visiting
more of Sado island.
The lovely lovey Sado island.
And we are beginning up to the north west side of it.
So that should be really fun, really cool.
It should have nice scenic views if this weather pans out. It's actually supposed to rain today.
Doesn't look like it's raining right now but it looks kinda foggy.
But we are hoping for this to clear up
so we can get nice pictures and nice videos
And this is Odigo47 where I'll be traveling all 47 prefectures of Japan
and showing you guys every single part of Japan.
So please stay up to date.
And yeah
I guess I'll see you guys in the vlog.
Light morning with some nice editing
What up. So today we are Sado ginzan,
We are at Sado Kinzan.
And this is a Sado island's gold mine.
This is actually Japan's largest gold mine. and it's actually being promoted to be a UNESCO heritage site at the moment so
It's a very historical site that is really important to this island.
It's highly promoted as definite things to see and go to.
So I highly recommend it.
We are right now outside of it.
And I'm gonna go and show you guys what it looks like inside.
So let's go ahead.
So this ticket was 1400yen.
So it's pretty good. Pretty good price.
So let's go in and take you there.
What up ! So we are walking through the gold mine right now.
There's pretty legitimate stuff here.
And ceilings get lower and lower.
So we are gonna watch our head.
So right now we just finished the cave now we are in the place where
showing all the machinery and the tool that were used
during this time to dig up all that gold and mine.
They actually dug up 15 millions tons of ore from around 1690 to 1980's. About 300 years.
15 millions tons. That's insane.
Chris Okano TV here
What up. We finished the mine.
And we ended up in Onogame
I think it's pronounced O-no-ga-me in Japanese.
And it's basically 167m tall big rock.
that supposedly looks like it's tossed out by the sea because it doesn't really fit in this kind of area.
but the views are really cool.
This is not really what it is supposed to look like.
There's supposed to be like nice, a lot of nice flowers.
We are not in the correct season for this.
It's still pretty cool so I'm gonna show you what it looks like.
Now we are here at the Futatsugame
And the name is because it's supposed to be like 2 rocks or 2 crouching turtles
That's the reason why it got the name.
During the warmer season which is not now
this place is like the most popular spot for swimming.
The water are the most clear. Most clear?
The water is clear in this area so
it supposed to be a really nice spot, kinda like a beach resort kinda feeling, I guess.
So let's go take a look around.
Wait, wait
-Wait, wait, what? what? -Same thing.
1, 2, 3
So that was really cool.
Lots of stairs.
If you wanna go to the beach, if you wanna got to this one
you have to walk up like 400 stairs.
What up. So we are one our way back t o the hotel from Futatsugame.
We hit up Onogame and Futatsugame today.
and some gold mines as well.
And it was really cool.
The only weird part is that we've been driving like what 3 hours today?
Yeah, about that
And we haven't seen really anyone.
What up. So we are in a practice hall
What up. So right now we are here at the practice of the Sado Onidaiko
which is a very famous festival here in Sagogashima.
And they are practicing right now. We got a special access
through my family friends. So we are really lucky.
So we are gonna try to see everything.
What up. Today is gonna be... That was it for today.
Today we went around Sado island
to the north western part of the area.
which was really fun.
we saw many cool places.
And the last thing we got to see was the Sado Onidaiko
which was really cool. It was the practice for the festival that's gonna be held in the mid May,
I'm sorry, mid April.
And that was very interesting.
Yeah so this is part of Odigo 47 where I'll be traveling all 47 prefectures.
So please stay up to date.
And please check the Odigo website which is linked down below.
We made this itenerary using that website it's really cool.
If you guys are interested in coming to Japan, it's definitely the best tools to use.
A lot of information on there.
It's really fun and simple tool for planning your itinerary to come to Japan,
so go ahead uses that. Check it out.
And I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Well we just finished the tug boat experience.
And it lasted all about 5 minutes of lovely fun.
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The Largest GOLD Mine in Japan|Day 19 - Niigata

473 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on April 7, 2016
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