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Hey guys, it's Day 29 or Day 6 of Trip 3 and today we are right now in Utsunomiya, and we are heading to
Koga Park
And now we are heading to a place called Wan Wan Land
that Kim really wants to take a video about
And then after that we are going to Mito...near Mito Station and stay around there
So this is the start of Ibaraki Prefecture
So that will be really really exciting
And yeah so this is Odigo47 where I'll be travelling to all 47 prefectures and vlogging everyday
so please stay up to date
And we'll see you guys in the...
...in the video?
So right now we are driving to Koga Park
And it's a little bit of a dull ride
because all we get to see is rice fields as you guys can see
And the weather is so bad
Yes, the weather's very cloudy!
Thanks Coconut
Very bloomy
And today we want to ask everyone in the car
Who their favorite human in Pokemon is
So not the Pokemon, we're asking for the Humans
You know so like: Ash Ketchum for example
So, Kim over here is an expert Pokemon person
So, I might not remember the names but she does
I think, right?
You remember the names, right?
So we'll start with Kim up here
So Kim, who is your favorite Pokemon Human?
Clair, the dragon Pokemon Gym Leader
Ooooh what??
I had forgotten about her completely
Because why? She's like a bad chick? Like a baaad..she's got Dragonite or something
Yeah she's hot and she trains dragons!
And you like that?
Yeah I like that, I like dragons
Coconut, who's your favorite?
I haven't watched this for like, so long
The first one that comes to your mind
Who's your favorite?
The guy..
Oh my gooood!!!
What's wrong with Brock?
Coz you love Brock, right?
Is Brock black or Asian?
Is Brock black or Asian?
He's Blasian
He's Blasian. He's easily Blasian
Or he's a very tanned Asian
You like Geodudes and stuff
I would say Jenny...the police woman right?
The police woman?
Yeah because I mean, she's kinda cool, she's kinda pretty, she's got blue hair, right?
She's got blue hair, right?
She's got blue hair and a blue outfit
As you guys can see we are here in Koga Park
Here in Ibaraki Prefecture
and we made it just in time for the peach blossom festival which started March 19th and ends April 5th
And these trees are absolutely gorgeous, they're not cherry blossom trees
they're peach blossom trees so a little bit different
But like..so gorgeous
We just took a lot of photos and videos here
Took a little bit more time here than we probably should've
All the flowers were so gorgeous
And now we're off to Wan Wan Land
To see some doggies
Get the pillow, get the pillow
You got him!!!
You got him!!
Beat a dog, baby!
Yeaaah you got it
This is for Kim, coz I don't like dogs
Really?? Woaaah
You don't want it?
No, here you are Kim
You sure?
Wan Wan Land
How am I gonna bring this back home
Thanks Chris!
You're welcome!!
I can't lose to dogs, man
You couldn't lose to a dog
What up so we are now in Tsukuba Wan Wan Land, it's like a dog park, there's like a bunch of games
we just played some PK Shooting over there
Basically you can run around with dogs, you can play aroung with dogs, kiss dogs, hug dogs
Do whatever you wanna do with dogs
If you like dogs, come here
Kim loves dogs
I'm not much of a dog person
Neither is she
so she's eating
But we are here to enjoy some dogs so let's go ahead!
Look at this guy, feisty little guy!
I've got four of them on me now
Oh hello
Chris is going to race a dog so he needs to warm up
Go, go, go go go
Oh a Beagle oooh
Is he fast?
He's quite fast yes
You're gonna lose
Did I win that shit?
Yeah yeah yeah
Did I win that? Did I win that?
He's having too much fun at this
I love beating dogs
You are sooo cute!
Hey guys, so today was really fun
we did a lot of contests with the dogs
Kim rented out a dog
She got to pet it, she loves dogs so that was really cool
We did PK Shooting, we did some racing with the dogs
Bingo, like bunch of games
It was actually really fun too
You know this was something that I wasn't looking forward to that much because I'm not a big dog person
but at the end..I think I do..I don't mind dogs anymore
Dogs are kinda cute
Dogs are really nice
I've had some bad experiences in the past so, you know, kind of...had some....a little bit scared
You're lying, you enjoyed it
Yeah I enjoyed it
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338 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on April 7, 2016
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