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Whatup today is Day 26, Day 3 of Trip 3
And today we are still in Gunma Prefecture, we are near Maebashi Station
And today we are doing something really really exciting!
Today we are going to the Gunma Safari Park so that's gonna be really cool
And I've never did a Safari before so that's gonna be really awesome
We can actually use our own car and drive through the safari
Instead of like taking a Safari bus
I hope they don't scratch our car
So that's awesome
Yeah I hope they don't scratch the car
I'm scared man I hope they don't scratch our car
It's 20 000 yens if they scratch the car
Yeah, I'm so scared
It's gonna be a really fun day so I guess i'll see you guys in the vlog!
So we are gonna get to the Safari!
Oh my god that's the Safari Entrance there!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, holy moly!
No we're not parking though, we are going with our car
Omg look at all these alligators, no not alligators, giraffes! No not Giraffes...Zebras!!
Zebras are everywhere!
It's 2700yens for an adult
and yeah, so we are taking our car but the thing is if you have an open car, obviously you can't take that car
or if you have a truck, you can't take a truck in
That's what the guy said
So yeah 2700 yens (27 dollars) for a nice safari that's supposed to last about an hour to an hour and a half
which is really cool
You go, tiger!
Go, dog!
So I'll count to three alright?
Ready, we're gonna roar, ready?
There's giraffes!!
Oh my god, go slowly go slowly
Okay, do not scratch my car
Do not scratch my car
There's animals right there
Maybe we should've gotten insurance for the car
I think we should've got insurance man, I'm scared
There's just like an animal right there
Oooh my god they're right here
So I guess that's how it works, this guy tells the move
Let's open the window, helicopter!
Look at these rhinos over here though
Oooh my gooosh
So we all got this device, this iPad kinda thing
That has like a GPS enabled in it
And it shows our course, so for example we are right here
by the monkey and the bear which is in this corner right here
And that's the start..that's the goal
So we are gonna see all these animals
and whenever we pass by a certain zone
or animal
it kinda describes their habitat and what animal we're looking at with the name
and everything so that's really really cool and interactive
This one was in English
So right there you can choose Language, there's English and Japanese
There's also Japanese that is for children
which is kinda cool so yeah you can learn a lot
in this Safari
And I would recommend this very highly!
Oooh they're right out there
Look at these things, what are these?
These are like sheep but like next level
It's a buffalo isn't it?
Yeah, buffalos
So now we are walking to the walking part of the safari
Perfect day for a walk in a safari! Wooohoooo
Heey! Hi, you're so cute!
Look look look she's trying to catch it
Can't catch the bunny
The bunny's over there, go lady!
Go girl!
Oooh she missed it
So we can actually get a carrot on a stick for 50 yen each
and you can feed the bunnies I'm gonna try and catch one now
It's an area for rabbits and you've got to catch them by yourself, so I'm gonna try and get one
Oh it's eating your butt Kim
It's eating your butt Kim! It's eating your butt!
Oooh he's biting!
So the bunny just bit a hole in her jeans
Oh my god
So what are you on the search for?
On a hunt for the bunny
Go, go!!
My god this is thing is huge!
It's an alpaca
Touch it touch it touch it
Oh he's so fluffy!
I think he doesn't like me
So we can actually pay 500 yen to feed the lions
and you get 5 pieces of meat
And you also get these tongs
This is the tongs you use to feed the food to the lions
So yeah we're gonna feed the lions now
He doesn't want my meat
Oh yes!
Oh my god!
You're so beautiful
Oh my god it's huge!
Oh my god so we are right next to the tiger right now
So there's lions, tigers and bears right next to us everywhere!
This is really crazy, like they say "Don't get out of the car"
"Doors locked" and everything
Obviously because this is kinda scary
Not scary, but obviously if you get out of the car that wouldn't be the smartest move
So literally, those lions right there
are like right next to the road
Sleeping literally on the road
That's crazy, look how many lions there are
It's like Simba and Mufasa
Simba and Nala!
Yeah Simba and Nala
There's a lot of omiyage or souvenir shops along this road
and Kusatsu Onsen is one of the main Onsen towns in Japan
and it's basically the number one touristic spot in Gunma Prefecture
definitely have to come here if you go to Gunma Prefecture
If you love hotsprings like I do, then you'll definitely love it
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I FED A LION! |Day 26 - Gunma

445 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on April 7, 2016
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