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It' day 25 or day 2 of trip 3.
And today we are off to Kusatsu onsen.
And we are gonna stay at Maebashi today.
We are right now in Gunma prefecture
and this is part of Odigo47 where I'll be traveling all 47 prefectures so please stay up to date.
I'll be vlogging every single day I'm out.
And right now we are still in the Minakami area.
And we are just getting ready right now.
There's Kim doing her hair
Pink hair.
And Angela is over there, somewhere.
And I guess we will see you guys in the vlog.
So right now we are at Kusatsu onsen.
And that is basically where the smelly stuff is.
hot spring
And it smells like eggs.
There's a lot of places where you can go in hot springs.
There's a lot of omiyage or souvenir shops along this road.
And Kusatsu onsen is actually one of the major onsen towns in all Japan
and it's basically no.1 most visited tourist spot here in Gunma prefecture
so you'll definitely have to go here, if you come to Gunma prefecture.
If you love hot springs like I do, then you are in heaven.
Hey guys, we are at Kusatsu onsen.
It stinks, yeah.
Rotten eggs.
So in Japan they have a lot of these tasting places where you can try what they got inside the shop,
and I'm gonna go try one.
So we are at the bottom of this area where all the water is getting let out.
and how cool is that?
Except it stinks so bad.
So now we are gonna go to onsen. And there are many around here but we chose this one.
because this one is really cool and I've been here before so
let's go check it out.
Go Kim!
It's your birthday.
We are gonna go to Onsen.
There you go Angela.
We just finished the hot spring and I feel so exhausted
in a good way like relaxed. It was so nice.
So now we are eating Agemanju.
It's a steamed bun with like red bean inside.
It's really good after you go to the hot springs.
So I highly recommend it.
The line is really long
but it's well worth it. It was so good and only 100 yen for this.
So we are actually about leave Kusatsu onsen right now.
And we are heading to Maebashi station where we will be staying for the night.
We are staying there for 2 nights.
And we will see you guys later.
All right, so we just finished dinner.
We had reimen.
And ebi chili. Ebi... what is it called? Shrimp in chili sauce.
She had shrimp in Chili sauce.
And she had a mini...
What is that? Mini pork...
No one had reimen.
And today
Ah not today, right now we are going to Seven Eleven.
There is only like one around. It's like 10 minutes away. What is this?
That's definitely one thing that Tokyo does really well.
We are in Maebashi.
It's so cold.
And also we are gonna play some cards.
Yeah, New-Zealand style!
So we are gonna have some sheeps
We're gonna beat this guy
Sike, where did...oh there she is
She is hiding!
There she is!
So we are playing "Ride the Bus" right now
I don't know this drinking game but it's all good
There's Kim D-d-d-d-d-dao
And there's Ange-e-e-la
And there's me
So, yeah, I can't explain to you guys coz it's kinda complicated but if you guys don't know
I just choked on a pop-corn
If you guys don't know just look up "Ride the Bus Drinking Game" on Youtube
and that's how we learned
So, yeah, do that!
And yeaaaah
Kim's gonna be really red
You're red already
What don't you film it?
You're not serious
You gotta start from the bottom again and go to the top
Take the taxi take the taxi
Take the taxi! I'll walk home
You're so bad at this!
Lower than Jack? Oooh it's higher
I'm on the bed
Eating sesame sticks
He thinks it tastes like chocolate
Are you Ok man?
Wait, wait
That's on the toilet seat it says
"When you sit on the seat
automatically the cold flow water
wait for OFF
the lamp to wash!"
A local game place
where you can win a bunch of prizes
Bunch of games that you might see at Japanese festivals
How cool is thaaat?
So we are at dinner right now
And we are getting..what is that, is it that Chinese kinda style?
It's like Chinese?
It's like Japanese!
It's Japanese-Chinese fusion!
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[HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Onsen Hot Spring in Japan |Day 25 - Gunma

425 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on April 7, 2016
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