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What up? Today is Day 27 or Day 4 of Trip 3, we are heading to Tochigi from..
We're in Maebashi right now in Gunma
and we're gonna head to the Nikkozan Rinnoji Temple
and the Nikko Toshogu Shrine
I hope I said that correctly
They're really close together so..but they are an hour 45 minute car ride from here so..
we're gonna make quite the distance
And after that
we are going to Utsunomiya, and we're staying at Utsunomiya so I think we're gonna explore
around that area, after the shrines and temples
So this should be really fun
So once again this is Odigo 47, where I'll be travelling to all 47 prefectures so please stay up to date
because I'll be vlogging every single day i'm out
and we'll see you in the vlooooog!!
Hello! So we made it to Nikko, it was about an hour and 4 minute car ride but Speed Race over here
is..made a lot of time
Yeah I can get there quicker
It was like an hour and a half maybe
And we're gonna see a Shrine and a Temple here in Nikko
Should be really awesome
and I'll show you guys what it looks like
So we are on the way to the first temple
in this National Heritage site
which has a lot of temples and shrines
The first one we're going to is
Rinnoji Temple
Which is Nikko's most important temple
Which is Nikko's most important temple so that's really cool
It was introduced by a guy named Shono Shonin
A Buddhist monk who introduced Buddhism to Nikko in the 8th Century
It's a pretty old temple
So let's go ahead and take a look
We are in front of the Rinnoji Temple
This is what it's supposed to look like
This lovely wallpaper! This is what it's supposed to look like but it's under construction
But it will be done in 3 years time so..
Maybe in 3 years time it'll look a lot nice than this but at the moment, yeah, it's under construction
We are outside Toshogu Shrine
And this is actually pretty cool, pretty beautiful
And there's like one of the main Pagoda Buildings
We've got the main entrance over here
And we got people all over here trying to take selfies and stuff
Oh my gooosh
We took our videos already
You're taking a selfie too
Yay Kim!!
You're taking a selfie too
Why's your colour weird
I don't know!
So right now we are inside the Nikko National Park where there's shrines and temples
and we stopped by to get some lunch
and thanks to Texan In Tokyo, I was looking at her blog and she basically mentioned that
Yuba and soba noodles
and Tofu skins are what you've gotta eat here in Nikko
So we are here eating Yuba and Udon, and Yuba with soba
So we just finished the Toshogu Shrine
and it was really beautiful
If you guys didn't know it's one of the most popular areas here in Nikko
Definitely go visit it!
The Tokugawa Shogunat, the founder of it, Tokugawa Ieyasu, its his final resting place here
so it's really popular
All the shrines...different shrines were so gorgeous
And as you guys can see
Sooo, yeah, right now I think we're heading to the waterfalls
we might be or rather than that we're going to Utsunomiya
Depending on the weather
Sooo I guess I'll see you guys soon
If you guys come to Utsunomiya, you have to get Gyoza, dumpling
because it's actually one of the foods that became really popular around here
What up so this was Day 27 or Day 4 of Trip 3
and this day was really exciting we went to...
...I don't even remember, where did we go to?
Oh, we went to a bunch of shrines and temples in Nikko
They were all very beautiful, then we stopped by Utsunomiya coz we're here
Right now, in Utsunomiya
It took like 45 minutes I think from the Nikko area to Utsunomiya so it was not that far
Here in Utsunomiya we had a lot of good gyoza
because that's what its famous for, so definitely try gyoza if you're in Utsunomiya
So yeah, tomorrow we are Strawberry Picking, yipee
I can't wait for some strawberries!
And I guess we will send it off to
What up it is Day...what day is it?
What up..oh no
How does he do it..
What up it is Day.....
What Day?
Is she drunk?
And we're gonna send it off to Kim
Whatup it's Day 69 of Trip 69 of...whatever of..69 69
and we..
What up?
And we are
Aaaand CUT
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The BEST Dumplings in Japan |Day 27 - Tochigi

392 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on April 7, 2016
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