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Yup, she's 5 years old
Yup, she's definitely 5 years old
Whatup guys, today is Day 30 or Day 7 of Trip 3
And right now we are in Kairakuen
which is actually a Top 3 landscape garden in all of Japan so it's really cool
It's here in Mito, the capital of Ibaraki Prefecture
and this garden is famous because it has over 3000 plum trees
So that is really awesome we're gonna try to find these plum trees
And once again this is Odigo47 where i'll be travelling to all 47 prefectures
and documenting every single day so please stay up to date
So I guess I will see you guys in the vlog
So we are here in Kairakuen garden
and it's pretty beautiful
really really big
lot of flowers
as you can see there's like Junior High School students running around here
There's old people going around on bicycle rides
It's really really peaceful except...
The flowers are not...alive
Not flowers...the plum trees
are not...blooming, they're actually kinda dead
I think we missed it by a week or two
coz they're supposed to be in full bloom in February or March
and right now it's late March so
we probably just missed it
but I would definitely come here
in February
when you're supposed to
And right now we're heading to Hitachi Seaside Park
where there should be a lot of beautiful flowers
so hopefully we can show you something really awesome there
so let's gooo!!
So here's the map. That's how big it is, there's a lot of stuff to do here
Not only just flowers, there's actually like games and stuff so should be exciting
So what are you gonna get?
To whack your...
So if you get 10 or more baskets you can win a Butt Smacker
Like that!
or a Rugby Ball but I chose the Butt Smacker, baby!
It doesn't hurt actually that much
Ready? Ready?
What the hell was that, mate?
You're beating Chris already
She's got a push-throw going
She got a push-throw
One more!
But you beat Chris it's okay
Oh what is that?
Look at that! That, that, that!
Climb up there and stuff
So, Hitachi Seaside Park has been quite entertaining
I think it's more for children, Junior High School students
All the rides are seem to be kinda like for children
so if you guys have a...if you're a family
and you have little small kids, it's perfect for that
if you're a grown person like we are supposed to be
it is a little bit...
No it's still good, I still rode a giraffe
She did ride a giraffe and she had a lot of fun going about 1 mile an hour
Maybe less
O.2 miles an hour
Yeah about that
Currently we are at the flower park right here in Hitachi Seaside Park
and it is gorgeous with these yellow flowers
It couldn't be any more beautiful and we are walking through this flower garden
And there's so many different types of flowers
There's actually over a million flowers
Flower buds...flower stems...I guess?
And over 550 types of flowers
and she's hitting me right now with my...thing that I won
My whipper that I won from the Basketball shot because I'm a G-Unit, you know, you know
Hey Kim!
How do you like that Whipper?
(sings: "I whip my head back & forth, I whip my head")
Hey guys, so today was Day 30 or Day 7 of Trip 3
It was really fun we went to Hitachi Seaside Park
and then we went to the Garden that was one of the Top 3 Gardens in all of Japan
and so that was really awesome
And tomorrow we are off to Chiba Prefecture so another prefecture to explore
And once again this is Odigo47 where I'll be travelling to all 47 prefectures
So please stay up to date, I'll be vlogging every single day
If you guys don't know what Odigo is, please check the website down below
If you guys want to come to Japan, Odigo is definitely the website to check it's got all the information
about all these places you can go to in Japan and you can make your own Itinerary
I mean, it's awesome so I guess I will see you guys tomorrow
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Awesome Japanese Flower Park| Day 30 - Ibaraki

315 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on April 7, 2016
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