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Hi I'm Liv and I'm here with my friend, Kei, from Asian Boss.
And today I'm asking the general public about some of these stereotypes that Western women have about Asian men.
Let's find out!
What do you think about Asian men? So what sort of stereotypes have you got associated with them?
Let's start with the positives first.
Very smart.
Very driven.
Career focused, I'd guess.
Smart, motivated to succeed in like business.
Well dressed.
They're very nice boyfriends.
And they look after the girls and shower them with gifts. So I guess that's a good thing.
Maybe a little shy, especially in the clubs and stuff.
But they're nice. They're really lovely.
I envision people in fancy cars smoking.
Asian guys in this fancy souped up car with a cigarette hanging out their mouth,
but they look really classy, still.
They all hang out in Karaoke bars and, you know, all go to Asian restaurants and things like that.
I would say they keep to themselves.
Very good with math.
I think they are quite good in science and mathematics.
I don't ever find Asian men seedy or overly flirtatious.
Always very polite and genuine.
Look actually, there are a few Asians at my gym at the moment that are really hot.
Any negative stereotypes that are surrounding Asian men?
You can be as honest as you want.
Fairly stuck in their ways. Very, sort of, traditional.
Many of them are addicted to computer games, I think.
And yeah a bit shy when it comes to talking to women.
From my perspective it's usually the height thing that people say.
I've heard that they've got small penises.
About possibly their package
So, do you think that stemmed from the media and having watched movies and that sort of thing or other?
Probably more movies and just like making a joke and then everyone just caught onto the same
joke, I guess. I'm not really sure.
Yeah most likely on movies, jokes, a lot of comedians.
In terms of Chinese or Asian actors or TV personalities, celebrities, can you think of any?
Not that I can think of at the top of my head now.
There's the guy on Hangover.
Jackie Chan.
There's another guy, Jet Li? He's hot.
Jackie Chan?
Jackie Chan.
Or Bruce Lee. Or is he a cricketer?
Yeah like the kung fu guy, what's his name again?
Jackie Chan?
Yeah, Jackie Chan. I know that one but
otherwise I don't think there are many famous Asian guys.
That Psy guy, that Korean guy.
You don't tend to see a lot of Asian actors or celebrities.
Maybe like Asian celebrities that are within Asian culture but not much in Western culture.
Thank you so much, Liv, for the interview.
What is your take on Asian stereotypes?
Obviously, Asians have a traditional stigma attached to them in a Westernised society.
I believe, you know, being traditional and you know well kept, groomed
having a great education is very important.
But I feel like Western women sort of take that for granted and they might think:
"Ok he's a little bit of an introvert" as opposed to "wow, this man is really fantastic."
I feel like maybe there should be more media attached in a positive way to the traditional Asian man.
So basically, like, by having more Asian role models that you could look up to,
would make a change then.
Liv here is an awesome fashion stylist and please follow her on Instagram and look at her YouTube channel, too.
It's in the description box below and also don't forget to subscribe to Asian Boss.
See you next time.
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Stereotypes Western Women Have About Asian Men

102535 Folder Collection
Jim published on May 27, 2016    Dennis Wang translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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