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Hey what's up, it's Steve from Asian Boss.
Today, I'm here with my friend Jesse who's going to help me out by asking this tough question:
What do Western men think about Asian women?
Because I'm Asian myself, they might be completely honest with me on this
so Jesse, you are like the whitest friend I have.
So you ready? I'm ready, let's do it.
Cool let's go.
Ok so what is your perception of Asian women?
They are beautiful.
They are pretty hot. I got yellow fever hard.
Really? Yeah.
Either they are really ugly or really hot, I reckon. There is no in between.
Short. It's a simple stereotype.
Often seem very quite.
Often come across as borderline subservient.
There is a perception of Asian women being quite raunchy behind the veneer of humility
and quietness.
But it's only for those who they choose to disclose that.
Exotic, a little bit materialistic.
Very focused on, you know, how good their bodies look. And like, you know, being skinny.
They are more conservative. I mean, you know, there are exceptions to every rule.
They are gifted with nicer skin, that's what you were saying as well.
I think they are a bit more traditional.
It's really important for them to have their men feel good.
They take care of their men maybe more than European women.
I had a friend who went to Korea quite recently and he said when he was out partying
the Asian women were very shy around, it was with his mate so two western guys, they were very shy.
But very not shy around other Korean guys.
What do you think about Korean women?
They seem to, as well as Korean men, they seem to have a very good sense of style.
They always seem to be extremely well dressed and present themselves quite well.
Probably the more fun of, or more outgoing than other Asian women.
And lastly what about Japanese women? What's your thoughts on Japanese women?
Probably top of the list.
They are pretty shmick.
I've been to Japan. Well mannered, nice, stylish, sexy.
Again, probably my personal experience but I found that Japanese women
I've encountered have been a little more assertive than say Korean or Chinese.
So was there any answers that kind of stood out in particular for you?
There was. You know, I was interviewing a lot of white guys obviously
and what I found with some of the guys was that
they seemed to believe that Asian women were submissive
even there was one guy who shared his fantasies about Asian women.
Now ironically a lot of these guys have never dated or been with Asian girls
so it seems to be mostly in their head.
What are your personal thoughts on Asian women?
I'm actually dating a Korean American girl right now and
she's absolutely stunning and wonderful.
And I can tell you, a lot of the stereotypes we heard from
guys who have never dated Asian women are just not true.
Thanks Jesse. Hope you guys found it useful.
Thanks for watching and make sure you hit that subscribe button.
See you next time.
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What Do Western Men Think Of Asian Women? | 서양남자들은 동양여자들에 대해 어떻게 생각할까? | 西洋の男性はアジア人女性についてどう思っているの?

1097 Folder Collection
Jim published on March 30, 2016
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