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Oh no, the car!
Told you somebody should have waited in the car.
Chase there's a black car three minutes away
I'm not takin' one of those
That one. Come on
Is this a Prius?
It's very spacious
Bravo, niner, in pursuit of a Toyota Prius, over
So hard it is to catch a Prius, over
This thing is actually pretty fast, over
Very funny.
Oh man, that's a lotta cops.
Oh look, a farmer's market
We should get some flowers for the car
Oh, mommy!
We take you to a police chase involving a Prius. Folks you can't make this stuff up.
And now the chase has hit the freeway.
Is that us?
On the scene with the Prius 4, authorities still in pursuit.
Unit 12, I'm out of gas on the highway
It's a chase that some are calling, 'the Chase of the Century' and is now a global phenomenon
Dos Prius cuatro! Correcto!
What are Prius owners feeling right now?
Proud. I feel proud.
Which of the four are you most attracted to?
The driver.
Dude, did you fall asleep?
No, i was meditating.
Guys, where do we go for...
Shh, slow.
They must be really tired.
Go, go, go, go.
Shut up.
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The All-New 2016 Toyota Prius | The Longest Chase #GoPriusGo | Toyota

29820 Folder Collection
Dan Waugh published on April 2, 2016    Vanessa Hsieh translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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