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ARM designs microprocessors found in all sorts of everyday objects.
Products now span the tiniest sensors to the most powerful computers. We are putting
ARM microprocessors into all sorts of invisible things
such as consumer electronic products communication infrastructure
health care products energy management products
and a huge range of different products to make everyday life better
we have employees all around the world with over 30 offices that supply to
the worlds semi conductor industries. Over 300 semiconductor companies around the world
have licensed ARM technology and build arm-based chips
ARM and its partners together are perfectly positioned
in the technology space
but the technology space is so complicated these days
that no one company do everything on its own
So it's all about collaboration and partnership
And over the last two decades this is about into one of
ARM's core competencies
we see tremendous opportunities as communications evolve
and advance over the next decade, ARM
and energy-efficient make that sort of thing, a reality.
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About ARM

294 Folder Collection
alex published on March 25, 2016
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