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Hey baby, I'm on my way.
Shall we meet directly at the restaurant?
Sanjana, I am sorry. We'll have to cancel today's dinner plan.
I have an important meeting with the client.
I can't miss it.
Baby, its my birthday.
We can at least have dinner together.
Sanjana, we can celebrate your birthday tomorrow.
This meeting is important. I need to go. I'll see you at home.
And yeah happy birthday.
Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday!
Anu! Oh my, God!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Sanjana.
Happy birthday to you! Thank you.
Thank you so much, Anu. It's so sweet of you.
Don't thank me, thank your husband.
He has organized all this.
But he's busy with some.. He knew he'll be late.
That's why he organized this party..
..and called us all here.
Come on. Cut the cake before your birthday gets over.
Cut my birthday cake without Kabir?
Sanjana it's hard to say who loves whom the most?
You both are mad.
Absolutely crazy.
Honestly you two make me really jealous.
By the way meet my cousin Chitra.
Hi. Happy birthday.
Thank you.
I am sorry for coming here uninvited.
Are you mad? You're most welcome. Thank you.
Sanju, she's an expert tarot card reader.
If there's anything you want to know anything about yourself.
Here she is.
She knows everything.
I hope you don't mind. I don't believe in these things.
Why learn about yourself from others?
And I've got everything. And I'm doing good.
Of course you are.
But don't you want to know
whether you'll always have it or not?
You always end up losing
everyone you love or is close to your heart.
Right or wrong?
A bit of both.
Have you lost something?
Strange, because
this card indicates that
you're going to find what you lost.
May be someone's coming back.
The moon's missing from the sky.
And descended in my home.
Kabir, I want some Us time.
I've told you a thousand times before.
I don't want nothing and no one between us.
Just you and me.
But you can't live with me.
There's always some surprise, or party, the people.
And then there's your career your meetings, your job.
Sanjana, you wanted to flee from Kerala, right?
You wanted to come here.
To start a new life. A better life, better lifestyle.
Isn't that what we needed to be happy, right?
But for that, one has to work, stay apart for a while.
I don't want to stay apart.
I don't want this.
I just want you.
Your time, your company.
Am I asking for too much?
Fleeing from Kerala didn't mean that we grow apart too.
What do you want me to do, Sanjana?
Quit my job and stay at home to assure you nothing has changed.
Everything! Everything is still the same.
Or let's go to Kerala? Would you like that?
The root of this problem is this place. Let's just go back.
Neither that city, nor that house.
That place is littered with Anjana's memories.
I won't go back to Kerala.
What happened?
Mom's in the hospital.
We'll have to go to Kerala.
You okay?
I cannot forgive myself.
I am selfish, Kabir.
Not at all.
Not at all.
If I hadn't insisted for an operation
then Anjana would've been.. Sanjana.
I wasn't you, it was the operation.
No one wants to be born like this.
No one wants a life like this.
It was an accident. A mishap.
Not selfishness.
Look, she suffered a serious blow to her head.
Shes paralyzed neck down.
She can't speak or walk.
Also, theres a blood clot in her brain.
We found it in her MRI scan.
We need to operate on her.
Thank you, doctor.
Come on, Leo.
Yes, I'll take that. Thank you.
Yes sir.
Shall we?
Are you Mangala?
How are you?
I'm okay. And you?
I am fine.
Its alright okay okay.
How's madam?
She's being treated.
It's serious.
She's my daughter-in-law. Hello.
My son's biggest mistake.
They got married three months ago.
So I brought her here, to work with me.
I see.
Do you know what happened that day?
That accident?
I've no clue.
But there was a big storm that night.
It was such a fierce storm..
that the outhouse ceiling collapsed.
Madam was lying outside the outhouse, unconscious.
Why do you always keep it locked? Why don't you open it?
How can we, sir?
Its been closed for 7 years.
I've been working here for only 5 years.
I asked madam once, and she said
this was Sanjana and Anjana's playroom.
After Anjana's death, Sanjana locked this place.
She said, this place is filled with Anjana's memories.
Her toys, and
And Anjana too. Mom!
What nonsense. Anjana too!
Please open it.
Sir.. Get the key, please.
Thank you. Let's go.
Who is it?
Oh Kabir!
Oh, God! You scared me.
And you amaze me. What are you doing here at 2'o clock in the night?
Kabir I heard some noises.
What noise? Are you crazy?
Really, Kabir.
I heard some noises, and came to inspect. Sanjana.
I would've heard them too, right?
You didn't hear anything? No.
Come on. Kabir, trust me.
I heard some noises.
It must be coming from some other house.
Let's go back to sleep, come on.
Mr. Kabir. Yeah.
There have been some complications. We need to operate immediately.
I think you should get her as quick as you can.
Paging for sister Parvati.
Sister Parvati please report to ward 5.
Sister Parvati please report to ward 5.
Yes, Mohit, go ahead.
No, Mohit, you can't take a leave.
Mohit, firstly I am not in the office. And now you want a leave too.
Those are very important clients.
Somebody has to be there to handle them.
Who will do it?
I don't know. I am stuck in this god damn place.
And why did all the moms have to fall sick at the same time?
I just don't ..
I'll call you back.
Sanjana, I am sorry. I didn't mean that.
I am sorry.
Actually, I am quite stressed because of the work..
Just go, Kabir.
Don't worry about me.
I'll handle everything here.
And anyway, what will you do here?
Just go.
I wanted your support, not your favor.
Come on, Sanjana, you're making a big deal out of this.
I am not going anywhere.
And I won't go until mom doesn't get well.
But I will stay distracted.
I can't help that.
I know that.
I am used to it.
Dealing with my problems alone.
Keeping my emotions to myself.
For God's sake Sanjana, all I said was
Excuse me.
The operation was successful.
But you can't meet your mom right now.
In the meantime, you can complete some hospital formalities.
Please Ok Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll take care of it.
It's alright. I'll do it.
Sanjana, I said I'll take care of it.
Namir sir? You?
It's.. I can't believe it.
How are you? Good, sir. Good.
But, sir you just disappeared for years.
No contact or anything. What are you doing here?
What are you doing here? Catch your breath first.
Well.. After seeing you, I am perfectly alright.
You haven't changed at all. Still the same.
Looks and wits.
What are you doing here at this hour?
Well, sir, my mom-in-laws been admitted in this hospital.
You don't worry, she's in safe hands.
This is a good hospital.
And then I am there.
Let me know if I can be of some help. I'll Do It.
Thank you so much, sir. I know. But first tell me what are you doing here?
I am a psychologist in this hospital.
And I also run a Healing Institute in Kottayam.
Healing Institute? Yeah!
These days I do everything.
Spiritual healing, etcetera..
I have students, I also teach.
Keep my card. Thank you, sir.
I will call you, sir.
Sure? We'll definitely meet.
Yeah! Okay. You take care.
It was nice seeing you, sir. Same here, Kabir.
Kabir. Kabir.
I saw her in the lift. Saw who?
She's there? Who?
Can I say something?
will you believe me?
What is it?
She's here, Kabir.
I can feel her.
Feel who?
Sanjana, please.
We're educated people. Don't talk like an Illiterate.
How long will it take to fix this?
Maximum 3-4 days.
Excuse me.
Maximum 3-4 days.
Oh Okay.
Please start work. Okay.
Where is he?
I am sorry to say, but your wife has had a miscarriage.
Didn't I tell you.. I told you shes in this house.
Kabir, she's trying to harm me.
Kabir, please believe me.
I saw her last night.
Last night, in the courtyard downstairs..
We've had a miscarriage!
We lost our child!
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I wanted to
but I was scared.
I didn't want nurture any deformed kids.
Like Anjana and Me.
Whether deformed or abnormal..
..but, they would've been our kids.
You hid such a big truth from me. Why?
You were drifting away from me.
After the child, you wouldve drifted further away from me.
The truth is, Kabir, I can't stay away from you.
I can't let anyone come between us.
Between us! what madness is this?
And children don't create rifts.
They fill the void, Sanjana!
You could've done it too.
You've bloody lost it, Sanjana.
And it's all in your head, not in this house.
Because it's completely empty.
It's filled with negative thoughts, fear and Illusions.
There's nothing here. Kabir.
And look at the consequences.
We've lost our baby. Kabir.
Sanjana dear
My mom once said to me..
If you keep a knife under your pI'llow..
..you won't see nightmares about ghosts and evil spirits.
will you try?
Kabir, She..
You're bleeding.
Kabir, I.. What, Sanjana?
There's no one here. You've lost your mind.
I am sorry.
I am going crazy.
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
I am crazy.
I am going crazy. Calm down, okay.
Please help me.
So Sanjana, tell me something about your childhood.
What do I say?
I have so many childhood memories.
So many untold stories.
Who were you closer to in your childhood?
Your mom or father?
My sister, Anjana.
Anjana. What?
We'll never separate.
Promise? Promise!
Just one sip.
Please, dear.
So why did you two decide to separate?
Okay, okay, okay
Enough for today.
Well continue in the next session, okay.
Now, relax.
It is a very delicate case.
We need to handle it sensitively.
Shes been through a lot.
Sister's death her miscarriage.
Mom's accident.
For sometime..
..believe what she says.
But, sir.. Listen to me, Kabir.
Just agree to what she says, what she thinks.
Don't fight with her. Even if you don't believe, understand?
Another thing.
I think she needs a break.
Take her out, in the open air.
Let's see if staying away from this home makes a difference.
Where are you taking me?
Ready? Ready.
Kabir, this
This is a dream, where there is you, me
and no one else.
This is your time.
Not even mine.
I am really sorry, Sanjana.
I didn't try to understand you
and left you alone.
Please, it was my fault too.
I wanted to impart love
instead I just became a burden.
I always thought about myself.
I should say sorry. Enough.
We're done apologizing.
Please forget everything.
Kabir, mom?
If there's an emergency, the doctors will call us.
I've taken care of it.
Trust me.
And your trip to Mumbai?
Changed your mind?
I changed my mind.
About returning to you.
What happened?
What happened? Kabir
That hand.. It was a hand.
Kabir There's nothing.
It's nothing.
It didn't make a difference, sir.
She thinks Anjana's following her everywhere.
Sir, it's said that, if one of conjoined twins die
the other doesnt live for too long. Doctor, I know
I know this is all a Hold on.
You will have to understand
that Anjana and Sanjana were connected together
even by soul, and not just physically.
Don't you see?
Although through fear, but they're stI'll together.
Sir, I admit you're right.
But Sanjana's problems started after we arrived in Kerala.
Do one thing.
Consult the doctor and see
if Sanjanas' mom can be shifted to one of Mumbais hospital?
I could do that.
All your work done? Yes.
Everything done properly? Yes Sister. All done.
Mangla. Lock the doors.
Sorry, madam. I forgot.
I'll lock the door. How could I forget?
Doc, I just want to know
if we can shift her to Mumbai?
Its important for me to go.
And she'll get treatment as well.
Mr. Kabir. Treatment is one thing.
But she is no condition to travel.
Sorry. I can't take that risk. I Understand.
When you met Kabir first time?
Thank you.
Sanjana. Anjana.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
This is for you.
Sanjana, I'm going to London for higher studies.
London? But why didn't you tell me this earlier?
And now suddenly.. After my parents divorce
dad shifted to London.
He got me admission in the Leigh University.
So I have to go. But for how long?
Won't you come to the airport, to see me off.
Of course I will. I will see you there.
Thank you, bye. Bye.
Kabir's going to London, for years.
He's called me to the airport.
I don't want to go anywhere.
Anjana, let's go please. No.
Anjana, please. No!
Anjana, let's go please. No.
After that it was difficult for us to stay in contact.
I could neither write a letter or an email.
Nor call him.
Anjana! Anjana, please give it to me.
Anjana. Even mom didn't like it.
So I would hide the letters I wrote.
Time went on.
Kabir had been away for 10 years.
And one day.
Kabir, you?
Guess what?
I am coming back.
To you.
You're coming back. When?
I can't believe this.
I am coming back soon, Sanjana.
And this time youll have to come to the airport to receive me.
I don't know how, but you will have to come. Okay?
Yes, I will come.
I definitely will. No one can stop me this time.
Okay, I'll have to go now. I'll see you soon.
Okay. Bye.
Kabir is coming back.
And he wants us to receive him. Meet him.
You can meet him, not me.
Anjana, stop being so obstinate.
We're no longer kids.
I want to meet him, Anjana.
He loves me, and I love him so much.
This time I will meet him, Anjana.
Even if it means separating from you.
And that's when you decided on separating from Anjana.
Yes, it was my decision.
And I blame myself for her death.
Yes, I killed her.
If that's true, then you stI'll have no reason to feel so guilty.
It's not wrong to think about yourself.
Sometimes it's not a crime to be selfish either.
You're human, not God.
I was trying to be God.
Made a decision about someone else's life.
She could've lived her life, still be alive..
..but I took it away.
But she's back now. She's following me.
She wants to take me with her.
Sanjana. Sanjana.
Please try and understand.
It's the effect of her death which you're still carrying along.
Your fear
is just the burden on your heart.
The day you stop blaming yourself.
You will stop seeing Anjana as well.
Sanjana, wake up.
Wake up.
Sanjana, what are you doing here?
Kabir! Why are you here?
I do'nt know, Kabir.
I don't know.
I don't know. Kabir, I am scared.
Enough. Enough. Stop Crying.
Calm down.
Enough. Enough!
What? Isn't one ghost enough in this house?
Oh mom, your records stuck to one thing.
I told you a thousand times there's no such thing as ghost. But no.
Madam said it for the sake of her child.
The sister said for the sake of her sister.
So why won't you believe it?
mom, everyone has a soul.
In their body.
Once the body perishes the soul won't come back.
You confused me now.
Inside the body or outside?
Leave this. First go make breakfast and serve it.
Body or outside?
What are you looking at? You.
Because I want to...
What else you feel now?
Im feeling affectionate.
There are so many things in my heart.
I want to say everything.
Sanjana, what's stoping you?
Stay with me forever.
Sanjana, I have to go.
..but come back soon.
I promise.
Mom. mom.
Mom. What is it? mom.
I saw Sanjana madam.
She was lying on the floor in the outhouse
clutching on to her sisters clothes and toys.
And when I went closer
she stared back at me as if she was possessed.
Enough about ghosts and spirits. Hold this.
Mom, mom believe me, Im telling you the truth.
Be quiet, keep this plate.
Mom, take a look. Please come take a look.
You dropped the plate.
Where's your mind?
Sorry, madam, I.. It's alright.
It happens sometimes.
Next time, concentrate on your job..
..not the people in this house.
No one can love you as much as I do.
And no matter how many times I say this
it's not enough.
No matter how much I express my love
its never enough.
No one will come between us now.
Only you
and Me!
What's wrong, Sanjana?
Something's different about you.
Don't know.
There's something...
but can't go away from you.
I'll go see the doctor, okay?
What happened?
I don't know. She was trying to say something.
I don't know what happened. Yes, doctor.
Yes.. Okay, doctor.
Doctor everything is ok? Yes.
I mean nothing to worry. No nothing to worry.
The good we reach on time. Otherwise...
So, how's Sanjana now? She's much better now, sir.
Meaning. I mean
the guilt about Anjana.
The nightmares, depression
It's all gone.
And I just want to thank you, sir.
You're the reason why I found my old Sanjana back.
Thank you so much.
Hi, Sanjana. Hi.
Sorry, excuse me.
Yeah, Mohit. Tell me.
Divya was speaking about you.
She was saying let's invite Kabir and Sanjana for lunch.
Well, that's not my problem.
I said Good idea, let's plan it out today.
Just send them the logistical plan
She was also planning on watching a film.
But, there must be a different way.
I am sure there's something you can do.
Your husband is a busy man.
You must feel lonely, right?
Seriously, Mohit, I can't handle it.
I know your moms sick, but until I come back.
You know this project is very important for us.
We cannot afford to make any more mistakes.
And the requirements from their company.
I am sorry.
I'll make the coffee. No. I'll make it.
And, did the Customs release the shipment?
Are you okay? Yes.
I'm absolutely fine.
After a decade I am finally happy.
Thank you.
Sorry, sir, it was an important call. Couldn't avoid it.
Leo, shut up.
Shut up!
Shut up!
I wonder what's wrong with Leo.
He suddenly got violent.
Started barking at Sanjana.
I think he needs counseling as well.
Kabir, this is serious.
Animals can see what humans can't.
It's called Extra Sensory Perception.
It's weird that he got violent like this
after seeing Sanjana.
Maybe he sees the change that you did.
Something isn't right.
Such drastic change in such a short time is not normal.
Such people hide things.
Something goes on in their mind
but, they don't reveal it.
They want people to consider them normal,
but, they are actually not.
Sir.. Sir, I don't understand.
Watch her.
Keep an eye on her.
And keep this between us.
Help. Kabir. Sanjana.
Kabir, help me!
Help me. Leo!
Leo, stop it.
Leo. No, Leo. Help me, Kabir.
No, Leo.
Mom! mom!
Mom, I. Why are you shivering in this weather?
Are you sick? I won't work in this house.
You won't work here? Why?
Mom, I am scared of Sanjana madam.
Scared of Sanjana madam? Why?
Mom, I was collecting my purse
and looked out the window.
Help. Kabir, help me!
Kabir, help me!
Kabir, help me!
Kabir. Leo.
Leo, stop it.
Leo. Leo, leave her.
Kabir, help me!
What do you think, Kabir? I don't know, sir.
I can't understand. I mean...
There's something always happening in this house.
One thing's over and another springs up.
I just don't know what to do.
Yes, Mangla.
Sir, I don't know whether you believe in these things or not.
But someone has cast an eye on this house.
With your permission I'll conduct veneration in this house.
And everything will be fine after that.
Just like here are two kinds of humans.
Similarly, there are two kinds of spirits.
Good and bad.
Bad spirits often possess weak bodies.
Trouble them.
And later kills them.
The way your wife's getting weak
she's getting seriously I'll..
it proves that her sisters spirit is possessing her.
But she won't posses her for long.
Soon she will kill her.
We have very little time.
This Bhoot Puran has been written by ascetics
thousands of years ago.
We can use the chants written in them to control the spirit.
Destroy all the belongings of her sister.
Cover every glass in this house.
Mirrors, photos everything.
Because, as soon as I start reciting
the spirit will try to hide in these things.
And this shouldnt happen.
I've bounded all the corners of this house.
We'll have to destroy this spirit right here.
Once I start reciting the chants
the spirit can lie, try to distract us.
She'll try to scare us.
But we'll have to be brave.
Cover her face.
Kabir! No
Kabir don't go!
Leave me!
Help me!
Kabir help me!
Help me!
Let her go.
You don't belong to this world.
Go back to wherever you came from.
I can't.
Leave her and go back.
Go back to your world.
I won't go untilI don't kill her.
Be quiet.
Go awayor else I'll turn you to ashes.
Find the truth.
You'll get me out of her body but, how will you get me out of this house?
She killed me! killed me!
She killed me. Took my life.
Try to find the truth. The truth.
The spirit is out of her body
but, she's not in my control.
She's still somewhere in this house.
You okay?
My head's paining.
The effect won't wear off so soon.
What happened with me, Kabir?
What happened?
Sanjana's returned to me after a long time.
Let me take her in my arms first.
Then I'll tell you what Anjana did.
She killed me. killed me.
She took my life.
Did Anjana's truth scare you, or Sanjanas lie?
What do you mean?
Whats all this?
All I got was lies, so I thought
to know the truth, I must lie too.
Stop talking in riddles.
Be specific.
Even I am trying to solve the puzzle.
Tell me what you did? Who did you kill?
What was the lie did you always tell me?
Tell me, Sanjana!
I never lied to you.
You didn't lie to me, but you didn't tell me the truth either.
Anjana's spirit is still in this house.
And she won't leave you alone until you don't speak the truth.
Sanjana, I don't want to argue with you
or, raise my voice.
It's even your responsibility to keep this relation intact.
Now the choice is over.
The truth might not keep us together
but, a lie will definitely shatter it.
Okay, Sanjana.
Your silence has conveyed your decision.
But Sanjana, everyone has to pay for their deeds.
You'll have to pay for yours.
But I still love you.
Kabir, stop.
Please don't go.
I love you very much.
Please don't leave me.
I will tell you the truth.
I will tell you everything. Please don't leave me.
Please don't leave me.
I will tell you everything. Please.
Kabir is coming back, and he wants us to receive him.
Meet him.
You can go, not me.
This time I will meet him, Anjana.
Even if I have to separate from you.
Kabir doesn't love you.
He just wants to separate us.
So he's pretending to love you.
Otherwise, what else could be the reason
that he loves you instead of me.
What's wrong with you, Aanjana?
Have you lost your mind?
He only loves me.
He only considers you as a good friend.
You snatched Kabir from me.
You came between us.
Because I know he loves me.
And I love him.
That's not true.
Kabir only loves me, not you.
No, then I'll make sure that he only loves me.
Save my child. I beg you.
That day mom saved me
because it was an accident.
I didnt want to kill her.
I was only trying to save my life.
Sanjana, why didn't you tell me this before?
Because I didn't want to lose you.
So sorry, Sanjana.
I didn't know that my love for one..
..would be the cause of death for another.
Remember one thing.
Anjana really loved you.
And I love you.
So sorry, Sanjana.
This means Anjana's spirit is here to take revenge
and, she won't leave without it.
Theres something Anjana's spirit is tethered to.
Before she attacks Sanjana again
you'll have to find that thing and burn it.
What happened?
Sanjana, he's saying there's..
It's coming from here.
We'll have to burn this body right now.
Go, get the kerosene.
Walk faster.
Come on, mom.
Come on, mom.
Jaya! Jaya!
Mom! mom!
Why are they taking so long?
I'll take a look.
Thank God you're here, sir.
We found Anjana's dead body.
We just need kerosene.. Kerosene.
You have the kerosene?
I found this when I went in the house. I
You should never try to fool your kin.
Sanjana! Burn her body.
Move! Go!
Kabir, are you okay?
What do I call you?
Sanjana or Anjana?
Kabir what are you saying?
What do I call you?
That's Sanjana's body, isn't it?
No, Kabir.
I am Sanjana.
How many times are you going to lie?
Please tell me the truth now.
Tell me the truth.
Kabir.. Tell me the truth.
Tell me the truth.
No, then I'll make sure that he only loves me.
Mom, please. From now, I am Sanjana.
I could not help it, Kabir.
I loved you like crazy.
I wanted you.
I couldn't live without you.
You couldn't live without me
but, you could kill your sister. No.
Our relation, our marriage it's all a fake. No.
All these years I was deceived
because, it was all a lie. No.
Your whole existence.
It's nothing but a lie. No Kabir.
Please don't say that.
What's the difference between me and her?
We were both the same.
Then why didn't you love me?
Having the same face doesn't make you the same person.
People are always different.
And like you said
no one can replace anyone.
That moment, that day that year.
All the time that we spent together.
don't they have any importance?
Every time you said you love me
.sn't that worth anything?
Say it, Kabir. No.
It's worth nothing.
Because I always loved Sanjana.
Even when I was close to you, I wasn't with you. And you knew it.
That you had taken Sanjana's place.
Not yours.
Fine, then give me my place.
Forget her, and accept me.
This locket.
Adorn this locket to me, like you did to Sanjana.
Do it. Anjana.
Do it, please. Anjana.
There's place for only one person in the heart.
And no one else can take it.
Nor the moments together or the nuptial rounds.
Please Kabir.
Just let it go.
Because this and me
belong to someone else.
You can't leave. You can't leave.
I won't let you go. I won't let you go.
Say you love me. Say you love me.
Say you love me!
Say you love me!
Say you love me, Kabir.
Say you love me!
Sanjana! Sanjana.
You never knew how much I loved you.
If you can't be mine..
..then, you can be no ones.
You can't be anybody elses!
Kabir! Sanjana!
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Alone Full Movie 2015 | HD | Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover | Latest Bollywood Hindi Movie

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Yong Li published on March 25, 2016
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