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  • So there's this guy. Yeah - this guy. And this guy decides to make a better deck shoe.

  • This better deck shoe. With a rubber sole that looked like waffles and stuck like syrup.

  • And a custom upper made up of whatever fabric you were feeling.

  • And surfers dug that.

  • So pretty soon these shoes started popping up all along the coastline.

  • Including a little surf shop in Santa Monica.

  • Where some hood-rat kids had started surfing asphalt.

  • Carving banks, hijacking pools and reinventing skateboarding in the process.

  • So by the time they showed up to Del Mar in matching blue '44s,

  • these shoes were as essential as the boards themselves.

  • Then the guys were like "Hey can you make 'em like this?"

  • So we did. Which lead to this shoe. Which lead to this shoe. Which lead to a stripe down the side.

  • And kids sketching up the uppers.

  • Then this guy took over and got these shoes traveling off the wall and into the ruckus.

  • Sticking to the floor and bouncing around pits before ending up in Hollywood. And blowing up

  • in a movie the lawyers say we can't mention. Whatever. You know the one. From there we took it international. While

  • uniting kids from Sao Paulo to Shanghai under a checkerboard flag. And bringing the

  • underground to the main stage one show at a time. Creating the House of Vans to give

  • a nation of millions a place to come up. Just like those that came before them.

  • So while groupies line up to chase the next fad, we'll keep rocking our vans.

  • Just like we have for the last 50 years.

  • Same as it ever was, only sometimes a little different. This is our story and

  • we're sticking to it because we're the Van Doren Rubber Company but you can call

  • us Vans.

  • these shoes were inspired by surfing

So there's this guy. Yeah - this guy. And this guy decides to make a better deck shoe.

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The Story of Vans

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