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Now, I know sometimes picnic baskets go wrong.
So I wanted to show you a few little tips
on how to pack the perfect picnic basket.
What I've got is a bunch of different storage containers.
In here I've got a prawn salad with asparagus and orzo
and it's all packed into a nice little container, as is my fruit.
Now, you'll see the fruit I've packed with some ice.
Alright, so we've got that ready, we've got that ready.
I've made a brownie.
I've just measured this and it's not quite big enough.
So what I'm going to do is just give myself a little treat
by just taking off the side there
and I'm going to pack it into one of these.
Right, so make something that is going to fit
into the container that you've got, like this one,
and then...
..it's not going to go anywhere.
OK, so...that can't get squashed. My fruit's gonna be nice and cold.
Oh! Deli meats. I've got just a little container here.
Start off with the firmer ones like the salami.
The mortadellas and the fresh hams that are thinly sliced,
we're going to put on top of those
because the salamis aren't going to get squashed underneath.
If you're going to take some waters, freeze it.
So I popped these in the night before.
They're frozen solid which means they'll act as little ice blocks
in my picnic basket.
I found this handy little container.
I've made a prawn salad
and I've got some shredded lettuce and some radishes.
Now, this has got a little compartment
so I can go ahead and clip that in there
and then pop it over the top there, so that's great.
I've got some bread, I'm going to just get some paper,
roll these guys up.
I've got these little containers here.
Some sundried tomatoes, some olives, some little goodies.
So what I do with these is I bring them over to my picnic basket
and I put them in lengthways so they all stack up
so your basket will still close, right?
But you do want it to pack firmly.
If it's too loose and there's things bouncing around in there,
that's not good.
So we've got our brownies and our fruit already packed in there.
I'm going to put some of these other deli items.
So we've got the olives and the sundried tomatoes and the fetta.
And then I also have one of these handy insulated bags
which I'm going to take with me.
So that's why I've got the ice in the fruit in this one.
So that's going to keep this one cold.
And then some of the frozen bottles of water
are going to keep this one cold.
So I'm going to put my prawn salad
with the lettuce and the radishes in here.
My other prawn salad with the asparagus and tomatoes
can go in there as well.
The ham can go on top.
I love have these meats come.
I don't even open them up and transport them into anything
'cause they're so perfect for a picnic, so they can slide in there.
My lettuce I'm going to put right at the back there
because it won't get squashed.
I've got a couple of apples.
Always put your fruit on the top of the picnic basket.
I've got my bread rolls.
I'm going to sit those on top,
because, again, you don't want to squash those guys.
Then this is a good way to transport a little bit of dressing.
I've got a couple of little vinaigrettes and dressings.
Just stick them into a little jar. Put those in there.
And I'll put that jar in the top there.
If you've got some little nuts, you want to take those,
you can pop those in too, and there you go.
So I'm going to zip this one up.
And that's going to stay nice and cool.
And this one we can squash right down.
So I'm all set.
I don't know about you, but I'm going to enjoy a nice picnic. See ya later.
PEOPLE: Ta-da!
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How to pack a picnic basket with Curtis Stone - Coles

17071 Folder Collection
Regina Chen published on April 24, 2016    ohyawow translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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