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If you're given a billion dollars, If you're the king of the world,
would you be doing what you are doing tomorrow?
Hey guys. That is Japanese for I am the king of the slob.
I posted something on Facebook the other day to my facebook page and also on my personal timeline.
It got 50 likes from people I knew.
And the topic was definition of success.
So I wanted to make a video shortly today
talking about my definition of success.
I haven't made a lot of videos recently about my life.
Probably not the last year.
It is something that I think is important for me to talk to the other people about.
So my definition of success is
something I picked up on YouTube or somewhere. I can't remember but it's always stuck with me.
Definition of success for me as well is the person who is doing what it is they are chosen to do deliberately
Couple of years ago, I used to think that success was all about your status in society
while you sit next to the other people where you have whether it's money, a job, your material possessions.
And currently I am 26.
I dropped out of university 3 times.
The 1st time was when I think was 19.
I've never worked a full time job. I only work 25 hours a week.
I don't have many material possessions.
I have enough money but I don't have excess of money
I have a cavernous angioma which is a weak blood vessel in my head
which limits me from doing a lot of physical things that I enjoy doing.
And although I don't have a lot of things in society eyes which consider me a great success.
At 26 years of age, I can safely say that I'm the happiest that I've ever been in my entire life.
And most valuable commodity that I have to myself is my time
And it wasn't always like this. So 4 years ago, I was, I dropped out of university for the 2nd time.
I didn't know what I wanted to do.
But I felt I had a great pressure on myself to know what I wanted to do in life.
I remember one point I was on Google searching for
I think I even typed in respectable jobs that didn't need degrees
So i put it in Google.
I was only working casually at a job that I really enjoyed but i didn't have any, I suppose, a carrier perspective.
I was a fitness instructor.
And everybody always sort of asked me, you know, You can't do that forever. you can't do that when you are 60 or 70.
"What's your plan? What're you studying at university?"
And I suppose, when I dropped out of university, everybody started asking me,
what I was gonna do for carrier, what I was gonna do for future.
And I didn't have any answer for that.
And I felt I needed one.
And so they were only the trigger but it was actually me that put a lot of pressure on myself to know what I wanted to do
or to have this expectation that I have to be successful externally and the way other people saw me.
And it caused a lot of stress for me and caused a lot of anxiety as well
I remember having anxiety attacks over.
And it wasn't very fun time in my life.
I remember I got so stressed and so anxious that I was feeling depressed for a long period time.
Probably between 2 and 4 years
And I was so determined not to take pharmaceutical drugs as a cure for this.
I knew it was something that wasn't natural, I suppose.
I shouldn't have been feeling that way.
I was more focused on wanting to fix the problem than rather than bandate the symptons.
So I started getting into meditations probably 5 years, 6 years ago now.
And it was one of the best things I've ever done. It allowed me to reflect.
Meditation, how I explained to people is being able to watch your own thoughts and reflect what you are thinking.
And for me I really needed that because
I needed to hear that what I wanted internally wasn't what I though I wanted externally.
So even though everyone around me were saying "what do you wanna do in the future? What's the job you wanna do?"
Internally, I realized that what I was doing was what I wanted to do.
So this job that I had, I still do.
I've been working at the same gym and another gym.
I have been in a fitness industry for about 6 years.
I only work casually.
And that's all I wanna work.
And it's interesting because it changed my perspective on what success was.
Nothing about my life style changed.
I had the same job. I had the same hobby.
I was doing everything the same. The only thing that changed was my perspective.
Here I was working 25 hours a week for this job.
I really enjoyed it. I really loved it.
But I was so worried about thinking what the future was gonna bring.
and how it looked to the other people.
I was embarrassed originally to say, you know, people would ask me,
I wasn't even part time I was casual.
And people would ask me, "what do you do?"
You know, you always get asked that question.
And I was so embarrassed to answer that I was only casual.
I would say to people. I would say,
"I am between part time and full time."
because it sounded more respectable.
Or that I was self employed or something. cuz I was invoicing for fitness classes and things like that.
and then my perspective changed and I started embracing the fact that I was doing exactly what I wanted to do
To the outside world, maybe it didn't look so great
but I looked at my job and I realised, I'd always said that about my work
if I got paid a billion dollars, I would still show up to work the next day
and a lot of people can't say that about what they do
and something interesting happened after that realization that I was happy doing what I wanted to do
what I'd chosen to do
When people ask me: what do you do? What are you going to do? What's your future plan ?
And I would answer to them: "I'm casual, I only work 25 hours a week, I earn enough money to get by"
"And my biggest commodity is time that I spend for myself"
"in doing things that I like to do"
And actually two things happened
When my perspective changed I realise that I was loving the life that I already had
and interesting enough, when I spoke about it with such passion and telling people that I was doing exactly what I wanted to do
that I loved the life I was living
I realised that there were a lot of people out there that were envious of that
that even though I didn't have a fancy car
or the latest iPhone
I had an unbelievable amount of time, I could choose myself what I wanted to do
and that was about three and a half years ago
and so what I chose to do with that, I started learning a language
So instead of worrying about keeping up with the Joneses in terms of material things, wealth, job status
I decided to focus on just things that I wanted to do
and that led me to language learning, I was learning Japanese, that rollercoasterd into doing a homestay for 3 months
Then I lived over there for a year teaching English
I've been back in Australia now
I've been working over here for a year
Same job, same work
Absolutely love it, 25 hours a week
it's the limit that I've put on myself
And my next adventure is that now I've become completely nomadic
I decided that I didn't wanna live in a house anymore
I wanted to spend more time in nature, more time at the coast
And even though in society's idles I probably would not be considered successful on paper
It's like I said, I'm 26 and I'm the happiest I've ever been
I wake up in this van each morning
I spend probably 2 and a half hours to myself
I meditate, I exercise
I do weights and I do yoga every morning
I wake up close to the beach
I have more time for my family and friends
I'm in the best health, the best shape I've ever been in
And I literally spend hours a day just laying on a yoga mat by the water
And so I guess the reason I'm making this video
is just because four years ago, this is the type of video that I wish I had seen
And I'm hoping that there's someone out there who is in the same situation as I was
who is internally happy with what they're doing but feels like they're not measuring up to what they think other people want them to do
In the end, everybody's just worried about themselves I think
But since that time over the past 4 years
I haven't made videos about it yet but it's always been an intrinsic drive for me to spend time with people
and helping them figure out what it is they want
And how they can fit into their own definition of success
And so if there's anyone else who thinks that they're in this same situation where they love what they're doing
but they don't feel like they're measuring up
I really encourage you to take so time out for yourself
Ask yourself:
What it is that you really want
and if that's happiness
over money, power, success
material posessions
Then allow yourself
to be responsible for that
because at the end of the day
one thing that I've realised is we only get one shot at this life
We don't come back, we don't redo, we don't take our money with us
And I never hear of anyone at 80's year of age waking up and saying:
Jeez, I'm glad I didn't take the risk to do what I wanted to do, I'm so glad that I measured up compared to everybody else
In the short years that I've been talking to people
who have gone and done their own thing
travel, spending time focusing on what they wanted to do
Even if they're not materially wealthy
They never have regret
They're always glad that they did it
So I guess if anyone's out there and they're not feeling successful
in other people's eyes I challenge you to
take this definition of success
The definition of success is that you are someone who is doing what they're doing specifically because
they decided to
what they wanna do
And the way I sell it to other people
in personal conversations is "if you were given a billion dollars, you were the king of the world...
...would you be doing what you're doing tomorrow?"
Thanks for watching guys!
Hopefully this helps someone
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What is Success? (A video to my younger self)

1973 Folder Collection
Kurumi Tsujimura published on March 14, 2016
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