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Hi, Jim Thompson from the Furniture Workshop. Today I'd like to talk about setting-up
your first woodworking shop.
Now if you're thinking about getting into woodworking but aren't sure where to start.
I've got some tips on low-cost gear to get your workshop up and running. You might think
that woodworking is an expensive hobby but it really doesn't have to be. Years ago,
I wanted to get back into woodworking but I didn't because I thought I couldn't
afford the gear. But I discovered you really don't need a garage full of tools to have
a productive workshop.
Now this is a topic I've spoken about before. Today I'm going to cover just the bare essentials,
so you can get rolling, even if you have limited funds. I've picked a dozen or so tools that�ll
help you build a wide range of woodworking projects with a budget of five hundred dollars.
In this video, I'll go over your biggest purchase - a table saw. Now this is one tool
that I recommend you pick-up used. You may only need to buy a couple of your first tools
second hand. The rest you can get new and with some luck, stick to our five hundred
dollar budget. So, here's a quick overview of my top tools
for a brand new workshop. You're going to need a table saw as well
as a dado blade set. A plunge router and small set of router bits. Some used pipe clamps
for all your assembly work. And you'll also want a general purpose sander, a combination
square and good pair of safety glasses. Now there are a few other small hand tools
that you'll also want to have. I'll cover those items in part two of this video series.
But right now, let's get into the table saw details. I recommend a budget of a hundred
fifty dollars for your first table saw. You should have good luck finding a decent used
table saw on Craigslist. Now to get a quick look at the saws on Craigslist in my area,
I type-in "table saw" in quotes, set my price range to one to two hundred dollars,
then select "pic" and "gallery" and start hunting.
Here are the features I recommend you look for when searching for your table saw. Get
a standard-sized, ten-inch blade saw that includes a rip fence and a miter gauge. I
recommend you avoid the bench top models as they tend to get beat up moving from one jobsite
to the next. Plus, if you get a bench top model, you're going to need to find or build
yourself a bench for the saw. Now a cast iron table is a plus as it adds
stability to the saw compared to steel or aluminum tops. And if you find a saw with
cast iron top, don't be afraid of a little surface rust, it's easy to get that cleaned-off.
Bring a short length of one by eight pine stock to test the cutting action. A couple
test cuts will give you a chance to see if the current blade is in decent shape and try
out the saw's miter gauge and rip fence. I recommend you make ninety as well as forty-five
degree cross cuts to insure the saw blade can tilt properly. And when you're checking
out a saw, ask if the seller has any other accessories that come along. The seller may
throw-in spare blades, push sticks and any blade guards or safety gear that may have
been removed when it was initially purchased. In addition to the typical eighth-inch cuts
you'll make, you'll also want to cut dado joints on your saw, so ask if the seller's
willing to part with dado blades. A new set of dado blades will run you around fifty dollars,
so a used set may save you a few bucks. I'll cover some more details on dado blades in
a bit. As far as manufacturers are concerned, Delta
and Craftsman are two of the most post popular brands in this price range but you may get
lucky and find a Jet saw in this range. The used Jet saws aren't as common as the others
but tend to have less wear and tear for your money. That's what makes them one of my
favorites. One final thought on table saws. As you look
over the available choices, you'll realize that the saw's may not be much to look at.
But don't worry - you'll definitely be able to get a saw that will perform well for the
first couple of years. Now next-up on the tool list are dado blades.
Now if dado blades don't come with your table saw, here are some tips on buying a
new set. If you're not familiar with them, dado blades
are a versatile accessory for your table saw. They let you quickly create dado and rabbit
joints for a wide range of projects. The joints on fixed shelving units are a great example
of a common dado joint. Now Milbro makes a popular 8" dado set,
similar to this one. It has carbide tipped blades and sells for about forty-two dollars
on Amazon right now. The eight inch diameter of this Milbro model is a good size as you
don't need the cut depth on dado blades as you would on a regular saw blade. Now you'll
want to get the correct arbor size for your table saw. The most common size arbor is five
eighth inches. And to go along with your dado blades, I recommend
you get a dado insert like this one. A dado insert provides a safer and more stable environment
to work on. Decent-quality dado inserts are typically available for fifteen to twenty-five
dollars online. The only catch is you have to shop around to find an insert to fit your
saw, so be sure to ask the seller if he or she has one for you when you pick out your
saw. So, that covers my table saw recommendations.
In part two of this video, I'll go over my tactics for low-cost clamps, routers and
sanders. In the meantime, if you'd like more woodworking tool tips, projects and plans,
visit our website at HomegrownFurniture.com. And to get notified for part two of this series,
you can subscribe to the Furniture Workshop Channel right over here.
And thanks for stopping by.
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Setting-up Your First Woodworking Shop Pt. 1

1102 Folder Collection
kit0317 published on March 9, 2016
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