B2 High-Intermediate US 2009 Folder Collection
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hi, i’m a slut. what? you can’t be surprised when you’ve spent my entire life deciding
woman equals sexualize, in ninth grade a man told me i have good blow
job eyes hi, i’m a slut. but what does that mean
i’m unclean, i’m less pure, i sleep around, sure
but isn’t that what you were begging for? hi, i’m a slut. and science disagrees
but let’s ignore anatomy and joke that my vagina is wide enough to fit
an entire football team or, even, your narcissism
but no one’s is big enough for that
you think an orgasm for you is like oxygen for me
like when i am going down on you i’m actually sucking up life
retrieving my very soul from inside your stomach and an orgasm for me is like—well, maybe.
if you have time and since you can’t see it it probably doesn’t
exist anyway i was probably faking it anyway, women don’t
like sex anyway you’re pretty sure the clitoris is just
a myth so when it comes to my pleasure no one really
gives a shit unless i can come like a man because then
i’m a fetish
or if i’m a virgin. that makes me a fetish too
but doesn’t that also mean i’m a prude everything i do is an invitation for your
condemnation regardless of the angle of the delicate arch
in my back marked down on your scale from zero to loose
and if i had learned anything that didn’t have to do with
how to make my hair fall daintily over my breasts
or how to make my lips softer and more like a graveyard
untouched and where grown men go when they feel dead inside
or how to make my aura more alluring, but not too alluring
that’s something a skank would do i’d tell you that when two opposing forces
meet they cancel so it sounds to me like you just don’t want
me to exist.
i am raw meat in a slaughterhouse packaged according to what you are hungry
for that day i am identified by my thighs and my moans
and my sighs even though you keep telling me i shouldn’t
be making noise in the first place keep your mouth shut unless i’m the one
putting something in it it’s funny, the same ones who cry whore
the loudest are the ones who are thirstiest for my blood
and my love only starts to matter and stops being make-believe, a fantasy when you’re
watching lesbian porn but they quickly discover that actually
what they’ve been missing this whole time is your cock
you're looking to “experiment” in the same way i must be “experimenting”
like a science fair where the prize for equating my entire personhood to your dick
is that you get two women who are disgusted by how your
breath reeks of desperation instead of just one
you’re damn right my body is a temple i am the god it was built for
i am the landlord and i can let whoever i want live inside it
hi, i’m a slut and no, that doesn’t mean i am nothing but flesh to grab
with your red stained hands that you’ve sterilized with excuses in case
i shout so when i do you can tell everyone that
hi, i’m a slut and no and that doesn’t mean i am nothing
but sweat and blow job eyes hi, i’m a slut
and no that doesn’t mean i am nothing but the girl who was asking for it
hi, i’m a slut and no, and that doesn’t mean i am nothing
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Hi, I'm a Slut - A Slam Poem

2009 Folder Collection
Kitty Su published on February 29, 2016
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