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Hey, everybody! Welcome back to my channel!
It's a little bit empty here but
I will explain why in an another video.
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for new information and updates on my life.
Also I'm going to link a subscribe button down below.
So if you want more of Japan, life-style, music, all sort of things that protein to my life.
Please subscribe and click this button right here in the box.
So today I just wanted to let you guys know.
For all of my viewers who are non-native speakers of English
I have a great website for you. It's called VoiceTube.
And VoiceTube is a kind of like YouTube but you can study English with it.
So it's pretty cool.
So if you go on to the website, you can sign in with Facebook,
Or you can sign up with your own logging information: your e-mail and password
And you can basically look up a video on YouTube and use it to study.
If you click on a video, on a right hand side,
There are bunch of dialogs from the video.
So you can basically skim through the sentence and look up the word and see what it means.
And study the language by slowing it down just a little bit.
And you can listen to the words
and read the dialogue.
And it really helps you understand the English language.
So all of the viewers who are not native speakers, this is a great website.
I recommended it to 2 professors of mine that are teaching in Japan now.
And they needed something for their students who are studying English
that is a little bit more effective and they really really like it.
So if you guys are interested, I will put the link down below.
You can also save videos to playlists.
And watch later and all sort of things.
If you are interested in checking it out, I definitely recommend it.
It's an amazing website.
They also have an English website and Chinese website as well.
It's a pretty simple website.
So this video is little bit shorter than most my other videos.
but I thought that would be really cool to share because I share a lot of things.
Like italkie and Cafe talk for people that wanna learn other languages.
Of course Cafe talk and Italkie are great for non native speakers of English as well.
but this one is kind of directed towards specifically non native speakers of English.
This website also has other features such as TOEIC and TOEFL
So if you are interested in studying for both of those tests, you can navigate through the levels
and practice for those specific exams.
So that's about it. Thanks for watching.
If you want more videos like this, please get this a thumbs up
And I will see you guys next time. Bye!
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Learn English with Voicetube//英語教師がお勧めする英語学習サイト

24313 Folder Collection
Chamber published on March 15, 2016    Sh, Gang (Aaron) translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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